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Review #1, by Julia Brave Face, Kid

5th June 2017:
Hey, it's been about a year since I last left a review/ check in. Still in love with this story. I think about it every so often, as one of my favorite fan fictions. I reread it again, and cried again, haha. Great content, still very heart-wrenching.

Author's Response: You blow me away.

I swear I've not given up on this. Chapter seven is so close. As in the first half - the flashback scene - is 100% finished, and the second half - the present day scene - just needs touch ups. And it's so funny that you commented today, because I swear I think about you almost every time I write/edit lately, and just wonder if my terribly long updates have run you off for good. I write chapter seven and think "I hope Julia will still be around when I finally get this posted!" ^.^

Honestly, you're just wonderful, and this was so nice to read today. I have tomorrow off and I promise I'll be spending it on chapter seven. And I will see you again VERY SOON! I SWEAR! :')

You're the best. Thank you for everything. This review has made my day so much brighter. ♥

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Review #2, by puff-eyes Breakable Girls and Boys

30th May 2017:
Your writing is amazing.

Author's Response: Your review is amazing. Thank you so much for leaving this. You've really made my day. ♥

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Review #3, by StarFeather Brave Face, Kid

16th April 2017:
Jailbreak for Sian

I forgot to tell you, Tanya, the previous CI and this CI are so fantastic, which suit your fabulous story so well! And this chapter is so heartrending. They were going to close the shop!
The dark time was coming to twins’ joke shop. You cut the very right dramatic scene, Tanya. I spotted this:
he begins again, voice softer and gentler than it's been all day. I brace myself for impact.
I was very impressed by the sentence. ^
“our big ol' family of blood-traitorous gingers... ...putting you all in danger, having you work here so openly... ...have to board the place up, make it look like we've shut down for good... ...want to continue undercover... ...anyone willing to help out” So severe facts!

Oh, Tanya, I am so lucky to be back to this story, ‘cause I’m struggling with one story challenge where I have to write the mind movement between one female character and one male character.
I spotted this: A dance around each other. He steps right, so I step left. I step forward, so he steps back. We move away together, skirting around each other in perfect unison; a poorly choreographed duet of solos. And in retrospect, it shouldn't feel so strange, so foreign.” I love these expressions very much. How could you think of this?

Wow, I was so amazed by the next movement including “"Fred always sent them?" These expressed everything around George and Josephine. They lost Fred and they were forced to notice how big his existence had been and once again lamented for him… I understand George couldn’t stop repeating to get fury and be sad. And then I’m relieved George said “Sorry” to her.

I like your story line, Josephine took a role to comfort George who missed his brother Fred. You really did a great job to analyze George’s mind from Josephine's POV.

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Review #4, by nott theodore Brave Face, Kid

16th April 2017:
CTF Review

Tanya, my love! I'm so excited that I'm getting to continue with this story, although I'm sorry that it's meant that I've skipped a chapter out to get here - but when Gryffindor needs me, what else can I do?

You know what always strikes me with this story? It's the pure amount of emotion that you manage to pack into every chapter. Honestly, this was so full of raw emotion and pain here that I almost started crying when I read this chapter. Especially the final scene, when George was getting so angry with Josephine over Fred and Fred's death. It was so raw, and so believable to see him lashing out in that way, because I feel like it fits in so well with what happens when people are grieving. I felt really sorry for the both of them as they were having that discussion and I hope that in the future it's going to bring them closer together, as they share their grief.

The other thing that struck me here were all the details that you managed to include in this chapter. Things like the fact that the shop was closing and they had to switch to a mail order service because the Weasleys were going into hiding. I'd actually forgotten about that, but it shows how much thought you've put into this story and it's so believable.

The opening with Fred, and seeing how sweet he is with Josephine, made me miss him even more. You need to stop breaking my heart!

Sian :)

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Review #5, by StarFeather Eye of the Storm

16th April 2017:
Jailbreak for Abbie!

Hi, Tanya. It’s great to be back to your Josephine! I missed her and Fred. Oh, it’s fresh since I stopped by in the previous review posting, the Ministry where John Lupin worked for Fenrir Greyback and then went back to Weasley’s joke shop ! I was amazed by your writing talent. You description about inside the shop is great! I wish I could write like you.

And Josephine’s insight about Fred Weasley is well written. We could sense how Fred existed there (sadly, yeah, we know it’s the past memory told by Josephine).
Yeah, yeah yeah, your Josephine is so shy and cute so I can understand how Fred wanted to make fun of her and now she thought of him as a friend! Great!
Once again your description about Fred is super! I spotted this: rocking back onto his heels and looking a tiny bit anxious. "Well, er, thing is..." he begins, now rocking up onto his toes.
It’s really Fred Weasley!

Wa…is it tongue tweisters? “I'm seeing someone. Sometimes. I'm sometimes seeing someone. Yeah, that's about right, I reckon. Sometimes seeing someone. Been sometimes seeing someone. Someone crazy." I tried reading aloud. ;)

Yeah, you captured Angelina’s character so well, I agree with Fred, “Bloody sadist” I like your description from Fred’s POV. Ha ha ha “My jaw is on the floor.” A nice expression!

This is also so much Fred! : he practically shouts, arms flailing about theatrically. "You women are impossible!"

So they are good friends. Talkative Fred told shy Josephine how much he loved Angelina… I’m very impressed.

Oh, the latter half of the story was June 10, 1998… Verity and Josephine talked about broken George? So sad.
“The words he doesn't say hang heavily between us.

Fred's job. I know.” Really sad after we read the bright conversation of the first half of this chapter…

“We work together wordlessly. It is absolutely deafening. Even in silence he is impossible to ignore.” So heavy to keep reading through…
“the Fart-Attack, Deja-Poo, Poo-tion, Poo d'Etat, U-No-Poo, Faecal Treacle, the Bowel Towel... the Bowel Trowel...” Those must be fun if Fred was alive…

Oh, Tanya! You are so fantastic, I spotted this: his voice and hollow laugh against his lips, "not as much as I miss my left ear." It’s so George!

The last episode was your original, Tanya? I enjoyed the story that Josephine followed George to protect him after she was told from Fred and she saved him!
What a cool idea! It’s sad George thought that he should be dead instead of Fred thought…

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Review #6, by crimson quill Eye of the Storm

16th April 2017:
Capture the flag...

So this chapter had a lot of information in it. I'm reviewing out of order so sorry for that but I'm reviewing on what I know from this chapter.

so, the first half was so really nice to see some interaction between fred and Jo. especially them having a bit of friendship moment together. you use a lot of words to set the scene but it's enough to be engaging but not enough to too boring. I really enjoyed how fred was talking about his relationship with Angelina, we don't know too much about her from canon but I totally imagine her to be like you've described. I'm not sure if it was a call back to when fred and george pranked ron as a young child with the teddy changing into a spider but I thought that was a neat little reference. they have form for doing the same thing!!

at first, I didn't realise that it was a time split so I was pretty confused to why that it such a change in pace but it makes sense when I saw the time jump haha. So their conversation was super sad really when they talked about fred, all the little things. I think it's emotional when george saying how alone he was but trying to make jokes but Jo made so through them. peoples expections of him to be a certain way in grief is tough too. you played his grief well. It was a difficult revelation that she knew about fred's girlfriend and other bombshell but she was protecting george instead of fred. that's so tough, you've got all the emotions so right for this chapter. great job ox

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Review #7, by crimson quill Introduction: Boxes

14th April 2017:
Capture the Flag - Jailbreak!

So this chapter was so short but you packed quite a bit in here. I guess it's a set up chapter for what to come. I really like the storytelling you've started with the present is being told and the past is where the story is! it really sparked my interest about what as gone on the past. I really want to find out why she is in such a state! I like the characters honesty when she says she did it for herself and admits she's selfish. it's a hard to thing to do admit that, I guess you've portrayed her at rock bottom. it's a credit to you as a writer than you can do so much with so few words but I love it.

Another thing which I really liked from the first half is the way you're describing her tears. it really created some good imagery to set the scene and show emotion.

So, the second half is again really quite emotional. you think after the war people would be so happy but that's not realistic for those people who have lose loved ones. 'my best friend is lying in a box'- it's hits home quite a lot like it's so blunt.

"I believe it is that reason alone that makes crying such an act of courage." - i lovelove this quote. it's so perfect!


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Review #8, by krazyboutharryginny Introduction: Boxes

14th April 2017:
Hiya Tanya, I'm here for CTF.

I can't believe I've never checked out this story. It's kind of your masterwork, right? It's about dang time I finally got here!

This introduction is everything I've come to expect from you - in other words, it's awesome and you're awesome! You're seriously such a good writer! How do you put words together and make them sound so good?! Teach me! The descriptions of her tears were especially effective; both scenes were very different from each other even though she was crying in both. In the first scene it's this helpless sobbing that happens when everything finally becomes too much, and in the second scene it's the sort of shocked tears that often seem to come with recent grief and not want to stop.

Okay, moving on to the actual contents of the chapter:

This is super effective as an introduction. I like the way the first scene is set several months after the second scene because that really adds to the mystery and intrigue of the first section. What could possibly happened between Fred's death and December to make her feel so horrible, and not only that but to feel like she deserved it?! Must. Read. More. ASAP!

The funeral scene was also extremely well done. Josephine's grief was palpable, and even though she's an OC, someone we've never heard of before, that single scene managed to convince me that she and Fred were very close, which I think is a pretty great accomplishment.

Again, I really must come back and read more of this ASAP!


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Review #9, by happyanon Brave Face, Kid

22nd March 2017:
I dont even know why I'm crying. And that's all I have right now. Im just crying. Im reading this at my office and I dont know how to tell my team why a fully grown 23 year old woman is sobbing because of a Harry Potter fanfic. I love how you wrote this. Almost hate you with how good it is actually. But IM CRYING.

Author's Response: Gah! This review is so incredible. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave it! It always amazes me to know when people are having such an emotional response to my story and writing! Thank you for sharing that with me! You're so beyond lovely! Honestly, this review has stayed with me for the last few days; that's how much it meant to me. Thank you again. *hugs*

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Review #10, by Cie Brave Face, Kid

20th March 2017:
Absolutely love this story so far. Its really moving.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm beyond thrilled to hear that! ^.^

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Review #11, by Viie Brave Face, Kid

24th November 2016:
Your story is beautiful and made me cry. I hope you continue it

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Viie! I'm a slow updater in general, but I'm really hoping to get the next chapter posted within the next week or two! Either way, thank you so much for your kind words! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to leave this review. It's beyond lovely, and I'm so please to hear you had such an emotional reaction to it. ^.^

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Review #12, by StarFeather Breakable Girls and Boys

21st September 2016:
Hi, I came back to your story, grabbing a chance at Gryffindor Tower, CTF game.

Since I hadn't been aware of romance of twins until I read your story, I enjoy your ship with Josephine. Your Fred is lively and unforgettable through your author's mirror. Each move, each word spoken by him are all energetic.

You captured his characteristics. He never gave up until Josephine glances back to him. Both of them are very impatient. Most of the boys give up when the girl does not pay attention or most of the girls stop ignoring when the boy pestered her.

Oh, it's "break the ice" moment. Josephine would help Fred with choosing the gift.

Ah, the object, your choice is nice, Josephine (Tanya)! I remembered my child was happy to see a small replica of New York City, sadly, it was confiscated by the officer due to the strict management of terrorism at the airport.

Agh! It’s a quiz time. No, I'm not good at, but Josephine is very good at response.
Well, she loves George, but as I read, it seems Josephine is getting fond more of Fred.

Oh, the story on June 10, 1998, is so heartbreaking. I understand why your story was chosen for Dobbys. Everyone can't stop grieving Fred's death and feeling sorry for George after reading this. Imagining so broken George and Fred's voice let us feel strongly sad. Oh, Josephine determined to say goodbye to him?


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Review #13, by looneylizzie Introduction: Boxes

21st September 2016:

So, I've read this story before - how could I not? - but obviously I'm extremely lame and never reviewed (Shameful, I know). It's been a while since I read it, so it's nice to come back and reread the awesomeness that is Jo's story. :D

Anyway, let me just start by saying that your writing style is fantastic! You've painted such a vivid image of not what Jo is seeing, so much as what she's feeling, and it does an incredible job of bringing all of those emotions to the surface for the reader.

And then there's Jo's voice - I knew from the first time I read this chapter that I'd like her. Despite all of the general suckiness that she's feeling in this chapter, you can tell that there's clearly a lot of depth to her personality - she's clearly devastated and heartbroken, yet there's anger, bitterness and guilt lingering underneath it all - and how she will react to these emotions later in the story are what will really drive her character.

My favorite part is what she says about crying being a sign of strength. I've always been someone who cries over almost anything (I tear up every single time I watch one of those ASPCA animal cruelty commercials...), so I really like the idea of expressing one's emotions being something courageous - there definitely truth to that.

Wonderful start to a wonderful story, Tanya! Keep writing!

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Review #14, by victoria_anne Promises, Promises

12th September 2016:
Hey Tanya!

I have no idea why it's only taken me until now to read this story *hides* But I'm here now! :D

So the prologue was a great introduction (clearly - I'm here because I couldn't resist clicking on the next chapter). Starting at the end of this story is heartbreaking, but leaves me wanting to know how Jo ends up like that, and what she thinks she deserves. It's also so sad to see how much Fred is like family to her, when we know she eventually attends his funeral. Wah. I hope we see more flashbacks of them.

I love how already there's a running theme about lying, like in the "conversation" between Jo and Fred (I also love how Jo never talks, but Fred is totes adorbs trying to help her, and carrying on conversations by himself *heart eyes*)

I love this: How could such a big head fit in such a small box? Especially since all the thoughts about Fred being in a box were so sad, and then that made me laugh ♥

Josephine is quite interesting, because she's incredibly quiet and shy, a little bit flaky at times (I mean, the title) but I'm still pulled in by wanting to know more about her life and why she is the way she is. She's quite the outsider.

Awesome story so far, I can't wait to find out what happens to Jo, and how things between her and George develop, as well as life without Fred after the war!

♥ Bianca

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Review #15, by HPFT Nice to Meet You

2nd June 2016:
omg, so amazing and sad, O~O

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Review #16, by HPFT Promises, Promises

2nd June 2016:
awww, so sad! this is like the best.

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Review #17, by Julia Brave Face, Kid

22nd May 2016:
Ngl, that response made me super excited, and I've been checking in basically every day in hopes you've updated. I just don't review every time bc that's pretty creepy. But I can't wait! (:

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Review #18, by Julia Brave Face, Kid

28th April 2016:
Just checking in (:
Still in love with the story!

Author's Response: You truly are the loveliest. And I'm working hard on chapter seven. Soon, I promise! Thank you for everything. ♥

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Review #19, by Kendra Brave Face, Kid

24th April 2016:
I'm really loving this story. The characterization is really good. Had to hold myself back from crying a few times. Not really good with words, but I can't wait from more from you.

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Review #20, by StarFeather Promises, Promises

6th March 2016:
Dear Tanya

I've been waiting for the chance to be back to your Dobby's story, then TreacleTart set Review-a-Thon.
So I thought of reading this chapter.

As CI showed us, I could imagine how Fred acted in front of Jo like seeing the movie.

You described how Fred cared Jo and held his helping hand to her. You portrayed how shy she was to be pointed out that she should tell her feeling towards George.

The description about Fred in a casket is so sad. I could even feel music which should be played in minor tune, of course. You have knack of writing about inner sad feeling and mental suffering of the character.

The more we read the cheerful description about Fred, the deeper the memory of the story remains in our heart.

Did I say that I felt music and the clear vision in your story before? It's a beautiful piece of work.


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Review #21, by HufflePuff_Blitz Introduction: Boxes

5th March 2016:
For The HPFF Review-A-Thon!
Tanya! My love! It is finally time for this wonderful moment. And a fine moment it is.

Your introduction was incredibly marvelous! It gave pretty much a basic synopsis of the story and revealed a marvelous insight to our main character. You have done a wonderful job at letting the readers know what the character has done and how she feels but you left it open for multiple interpretations later down the road so I, as a reader am intrigued at what will happen in this story.

I do enjoy the date stamps on these also, as it gives a good sense of time. Because sometimes an author will use the "it has been several months" but it appears as if years had transpired. So giving the date really helps to understand when everything is happening.

The second half of this chapter is really well done also Tanya! It re-established how the character feels, and starts to reveal more information. But you still left just enough details for me to crave a lot more!

I keep asking questions, like: "Fred had a best friend other than George!? How did that happen?" and it's the questions like that (trust me I have many many more) that are prompting me to continue onto the next chapter.

On thing I did have a question about, and it might just be my abysmol grammar skills at work, but we had this sentence: "I stand at his funeral, encased by a sea of mourning friends and family, all dressed in black. Yet, despite the crowds of mourners, I am still alone." and to me it seemed like a change in the tense for the story. because before it was like "I never did celebrate" which sounds like past tense but the sentence I pointed out was in present tense, and it stayed that way. I'm thinking It is just me because looking back now the rest of it is in present tense and it is probably some rule I don't understand. lol.

But overall A+++ Tanta Great first chapter! I really enjoyed it! Cannot wait to continue!

Hugs and Hufflepuffs!

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Review #22, by alicethedownworlder Brave Face, Kid

1st March 2016:
this story breaks my emotions in the best way possible. To many feels! Please update!

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Review #23, by Julia Brave Face, Kid

27th February 2016:
I am so happy. So, I check in every two weeks or so on this story (sometimes more frequently tbh (I'm kinda in love with this story)) but I usually only leave reviews on a new chapter, except once in November during a rountine check in. Idk why, but I felt like it was a good thing to do. And for some reason, during this regular check-in, I decided to go through the reviews. And you answered me with the coolest and most heart warming reply! I'm so happy that my comment made you happy!! I think I may leave reviews a lot more frequently now. You totally deserve to be told not only how great this story is, but how great you are. Really, we're only 6 chapters in, and this has honest to god made me actually cry in the middle of class and then laugh and then try to not to cry again, and the affection I feel for you and this story is insane. Please know how much I value all of this, including you.
Also, if you ever need anyone to talk to, just let me know. I'm sure we could easily get in contact some way.

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Review #24, by Thea Brave Face, Kid

16th February 2016:
I love Fred and George but this is the first F&G story I've really enjoyed you write them terrifically and unbeatable, Jo is also amazing and manages to convey an awful lot whilst saying very little not easy to do, absolutely cracking can't wait for a update!

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Review #25, by Onediedforlove Brave Face, Kid

8th February 2016:
Oh, my gosh. I love this story already. Please update!! Your writing style is fantastic. Good work so far.

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