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Review #1, by LittleLionGirl Just Catch Me

20th January 2014:
Ello TTW! I normally don't read song fics but this one was really great. I enjoy that you just focused on characters and even though people tend to claim "That isn't writing about anything", really though, you are writing about one of the most important things. This really was a great story dear. Keep on writing genius things!

Author's Response: Hello!
Aw thank you, I'm so glad I managed to write something you enjoyed and saw something worthy in; it was definitely my intention!

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Review #2, by angelicdemon1209 Just Catch Me

1st February 2012:
Yes! This was a lot more intense than Breathe Slow, and I really have to say I like this one better, but you know, I am a plot person.. So I keep wondering what must have happened before this and all.. But really, nice for a one shot, its a good read. Definitely.

Author's Response: I like this one better too. I think I'm better at writing more melancholic stories, and I believe this one had a small hint of sadness in it.
Thank you so much!

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Review #3, by Meliah Just Catch Me

5th January 2011:
I thought this story was very well written. Passionate and intense, not too short and not too long.
Perfect. (:

Author's Response: Oh now, don't say perfect. My ego = WHOOSH, out of the room.
Thanks so much x3

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Review #4, by zomgs i love this. Just Catch Me

22nd December 2010:
er.i dont even know anymore.
I just love them so much.
I realy love your One-Shots. They're all short and concise and cute and stuff. So write more, yo.

Author's Response: This seriously means a lot to me, especially that you want me to write more. Really, thank you.

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Review #5, by Ginny2951 Just Catch Me

25th August 2010:
I was so happy when I saw that someone made a fanfic with this song :D It's a short but sweet fanfic. Good job :D

Author's Response: It is a lovely song, and the one stuck in my head the whole time I wrote this (which is basically why I wrote it).
Thanks xx

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Review #6, by quibblerfan135 Just Catch Me

25th June 2010:
well i think a certain amount of cheese and cliche is good for the world :) loved it! what was the song?? :)

Author's Response: It's called Catch Me by Demi Lovato (:
Thank you for the review! x

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