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Review #1, by Narissa Malfoy Wedding

14th August 2016:
ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FANFIC OF ALL TIME!! I've read this about 10 times and i still love it more and more every time!! pease make more! x

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Review #2, by Ramsey Scott Dueling

24th January 2016:
( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

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Review #3, by Ramsey Scott Admiring

24th January 2016:
This is what death feels like. I know it. But I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER HOLY NUGGETS GOD BLESS YOU. I'd rate this a 20/10, but sadly it only goes up to 10 :(

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Review #4, by Emma Wedding

11th November 2015:
Just finished. I loved this. Couldnt stop reading. ☺

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Review #5, by Frankie05 Partying

31st August 2015:
I like how you started this off. With him finishing up touches in her room and then him going to pick her up. I find it very kind that he wanted to protect her parents even more therefore set up protective wards around her house. And then whisked her away to the apartment. I would have been in awe too if I went to the penthouse and had a beautiful view and a house elf and everything was perfect. Draco must be extremely talented to perform some of the magic you talk about. I enjoy reading your thoughts on the magic. It's extremely well done.

Blaise is so funny- popping in and ruining moments. It's so realistic it's hilarious. But I'm glad that you wrote the party the way you did. I loved seeing this through your eyes and watching Hermione beginning to move. And I know Malfoys throw fantastic parties!

The last scene was so steamy! Well done.


Author's Response: Draco is an incredibly skilled wizard! It's one of the reasons I like him with Hermione! I think they are similarly matched in skill/intelligence. And he's got all that Malfoy money. Might as well spend it on a swanky new place!

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Review #6, by Frankie05 Graduating

30th August 2015:
I'm so excited about this chapter. It's short and sweet but filled with a lot of information.
I can't believe he asked her to live with him! And she thought that it was going to be at the manor. But I am so glad that she said yes! There is definitely some things that they need to work on if they are to live together but I like that they are moving forward with their relationship.
Graduation Day-Hermiones speech was filled with so much emotion. I think I would have been rather awkward had at my graduation some chick got up and talked only about her boyfriend. (And the mention of only Gryffindor is Dumbledores speech was a little bit favored). But poor Draco- never experiencing a family like this. But the Grangers welcomed him with open arms! And there's a party. Wahoo. I love parties.

Great job describing the situation at the Granger house. And the wag Draco handled himself was very mature. But they have their blessings! Wahoo!

Author's Response: Lol I think Dumbledore has pretty heavily and obviously favored Gryffindor throughout most of the HP series. I don't feel that bad about that. lol

And I literally don't even remember what Hermione said during her speech. Whoops... Completely forgotten my own story.

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Review #7, by Frankie05 N.E.W.T.-ing

30th August 2015:
NEWTS must be stressful. Of courseHermione is stressing out the way she is. Avoiding Draco and her friends. Ron is still being a turd I see but is back with Lavender. I would bet you are spot on about needing to kiss and be with Draco and she is avoiding him like the plague. But clearly she needs some Draco loving.

You did a fantastic job describing the tests and the anxiety between each of the tests and how they were feeling. I've noticed that throughout the story you've switched from Astronomy and Astrology. But each of the tests were adequately described. Well done :)

I can only imagine the stress of receiving the final scores and how sweet that Draco and Hermione decide to do it together! And little sneaky Hermione trying to play a prank on them.

And he botched potions for her to win? That seems silly. And oh snap he's meeting her parents!! Yah!

Author's Response: Lol, as a pre-med in undergrad when I was writing this, I knew all about test anxiety! Now that I'm in medical school I know even more! lol.

I knew I would mess up somewhere! At least it was minor!

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Review #8, by Frankie05 Revealing

30th August 2015:
Yes yes yes. Finally. He finally broke up with Pansy. And I knew that painting was good for nothing except to give Pansy the upper hand. What a little tart. Trying to weasel her way into the Malfoy name. And the. Blackmailing them. Humph. I don't like it one bit. And he couldn't figure out a way to make it so that they would be able to keep it secret (but did they want to keep it secret?!)

Anyway. They ran out of time and Draco does it in the biggest way possible. And that shows Pansy that he has the upper hand. I love the dead silence from the crowd. What good friends do they have that they will stand up and clap in acceptance.

And whoosh. You definitely know how to startle people with a good fight scene. Ron crushed his cheek bone. Ouch. And poor Harry. His feelings probably were so hurt by Hermione and his girlfriend- but it's to be expected.

And Dumbledore- the match maker of the school. Hilarious. Well done.

I love Blaise's reaction to the Gryffindor food. You do a very good job of staying consistent throughout the novel by hanks for the brilliant story

Author's Response: I didn't re-read it at all, so I'm glad you think I'm consistent. I think I mess up a few times later! Uh oh!

A few people thought I should end up putting Ginny and Blaise together, but I'd never break up her and Harry!

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Review #9, by Frankie05 Quidditching

30th August 2015:
Quidditch. It's a hard sport to write but I think you did a great job! A few of the scenes in this chapter seemed a bit forced a bit cliche but that's okay because I'm loving where this is going.

I like what you did there with Gryffindor winning but Draco catching the Snitch. It appeased Hermione in every way. You did a fantastic job showing how Draco has matured this year- sending his top chaser off the field for misconduct. I was very impressed! But no one cheered when they realized Gryffindor won. They were honoring Malfoy I think. But there were a lot of injuries here!

Hermione is so stealthy. Sneaky around. Body binding Mrs. Norris. And sneaking into the Hospital Wing. Before confessions are made. And Blaise listens in. Great job. This story is appeasing my fluffy heart. And then Blaise brings up a fantasic point about still being with pansy :| is how I feel.

Hermione is going to get herself in trouble with trying that ring in her left hand. I can't believe it. He was just okay with it. Whoosh.

Author's Response: I can't believe you're still reviewing! And that they're still so long! Quidditch is so hard, so I was hesitant to write it! I'm glad you think I did well!

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Review #10, by Frankie05 Valentining

30th August 2015:
Oh man. Valentine's Day is full of intense feelings. Whoosh. Hermione is extremely brave bringing herself into Draco's room with breakfast and dressed pretty scantily. That takes some serious nerve. And I loved it. But the day must go on. And their secret love life must be kept secret.

And Ron is a bit of a jerk. Making insinuations like that (which j didn't get until you further explained it. ) (also his cheating on her is a bit of a jerk move. I don't like it). Clearly Malfoy can see something is up because she is distraught in her charms class. I'm so glad that they both got out of there and got to spend some time together and were very forthcoming about their emotions and their past.

But now it's night time on Valentine's Day and she is all alone. That makes me so sad. And Malfoy isn't very nice to Pansy. And I can feel Hermiones insecurities. Mostly I'm thinking what if he is still sleeping with Pansy and doesn't want to cheat on her. And I would not be happy knowing my boyfriend was kissing someone else. I just am not a fan of this situation.

But he is so sneaky and gets out of the date. Ha he must thank the twins for that later. But Pansy is so conceited with her gift. Mercy. It's ridiculous.

And finally some action. Boy o boy. Finally.

Author's Response: I couldn't hold out much longer on the action! Glad you think it was time!

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Review #11, by Frankie05 Dueling

30th August 2015:
Okay so both of their friends know now which I think it's fantastic. I can only ever hold out for so long before I'm upset at the fact that I am keeping a secret all to myself.

I like how Blaise found out. He probably could have guessed but he was sneaky about it in DADA. Asking Hermione to go to Hogsmeade with him and then Draco finding out about it. Love it. And then the duel. Poor Harry doesn't want to fight. So they pick Hermione and then it's Draco and her fighting.

(You were right about not having people die that died in the books ;)

Of course he let her win. But I can imagine the complete silence. I don't think, however, that she would have been as nervous about the duel as you let on. She is extremely powerful.

But then she goes to Hogsmeade with Blaise and I bet they actually get along and then they play along when they run into Ginny. And she is so perceptive. I love it. And she Weasels it out of her when she figures it out.

I'm curious about Hermiones plan for Valentines a Day and I wish that Draco would just dump Pansy already. :/

Author's Response: I wasn't about to leave some of my favorite characters dead! Thanks for the feedback about Hermione's character!

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Review #12, by Frankie05 Admiring

30th August 2015:
Oh man this chapter is SPICY! Holy cow. I love it. Admiring is a great name for the chapter because that is exactly what they have been doing the whole time. She made up the excuse about having a secret admirer. Ginny is definitely going to find out soon I bet.

The tub scene was extremely steamy. If anything ever moves forward with them, it's going to be hot

This whole thing where Malfoy still needs to see Pansy- I don't like it one bit. Mercy on my soul that's annoying. She's annoying. But Blaise seems to have more insight than Draco gives him credit for. He is a smart guy and can probably piece together that he is hiding something that probably has to do with Granger.

Ron is kind of a jerk. Making it seem like not many people could like Hermione and it seems out of the question that Someone might actually like her. And draco in his anger shows her how much he is into her. (Stupid pansy is in the way). The girls are all over it at lunch. I can't believe he bought her an owl. Things are getting interesting!!

Next chapter please :)

Author's Response: Hahaha, sorry for leaving you wanting more!

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Review #13, by Frankie05 Giving

30th August 2015:
This review is going to be different. I'm going to write as I read. They are definitely sexual tense and I hate the sting of rejection is a prevalent thought in their mind. And they are terrified of what the world says before their own happiness which makes me pretty sad :(

When Hermione asked Draco if they could go flying he was a bit serious with his no. Like she was a child- even though she isn't. That seemed a bit strange but he gives in because she's all suggestive and flirty. I love it.

This next section started out innocently enough. She got on the back of the broom with him and showed a decent amount of trust as they flew over the lake! And then they were snuggling which made my heart so happy. Gah they are precious. But in an instant he turned to ice which made me sad. Seriously my heart is hurting now. And she has no idea. And he just decided to give up which is. So. Sad. :( no Draco. You both are perfect for each other. Why come to this decision. ( I know why. You adequately explained it- just my heart can't take it).

Draco why?( also great writing to be breaking my heart like you are doing). But seriously. What a git.

"Draco had done what the Dark Lord had been unable to do. He broke Hermione Granger". Pure. Gold. Writing.

Okay that section was sad and intense. They were both miserable. Wanting company. And of course Hermione figured it out. That brilliant witch. And Draco is so happy that she wants to remain friends. But seriously. There is something deeper there. AND HE GOT HER JEWELRY. FOR THE LOVE.

And they are practically a couple so why the hesitation. And I would be all hot and bothered line Hermione if some Hot blonde was touching me the way he was touching her. Sheesh. But they are willing to give it a try. It was weird that they seemed to go from having to deal with the pansy charade to actual kissing. And secret lovers. This could end badly. But onward!

Author's Response: Awww, you're so nice! Thanks! Keep going!

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Review #14, by Frankie05 Kissing

30th August 2015:
Ooh yes! Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day. This chapter was wonderfully done :) and I thought it was fantastic.

The laughter from the paintings made me giggle. Both are so tired and it's funny and awkward under the mistletoe. Of course they both want to kiss each other- Malfoy is just was more forthcoming about it then Hermione. I actually love her insecurity about it and his awkwardness about explaining and then BAM. They are kissing and it's magical because. They. Can't. Get. Enough. Of. Each. Other. Gah my heart was beating so wildly. And I bet they still wanted to kiss each other.

Christmas morning was so cute. That he was excited to see her open gifts and spend time with her. And she waited for him. There seemed to be a theme for Hermiones gifts which were to make her feel sexy. And Ginny's gift made me blush! Hkw crazy is that girl. And Malfoy- tackling her to see it and you know now he's got the hots for her.

His gifts were more candy oriented which I thought you did a great job showing that their friends care about them. Did they get gifts for each other? Probably not.

But I'm willing to bet they say something in the next chapter about it.

You did a great job expressing their jealousy. Even though they might not know they are jealous. It's wonderful

Author's Response: Glad you're still going! Goodness! Thank you so much! Your feedback is so great for future reference!

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Review #15, by Frankie05 Falling

30th August 2015:
Oh cliffhanger!!

This story is making me happy. Pretty fluffy and I love it :).. Back in their common room was a fun sight to read about. The way you wrote mistake 1, mistake 2, and mistake 3 had me laughing and then referencing them again when she was confused about how they ended up a certain way was the best. And the electricity between them is so intense- gah I was freaking out with how excited I was about it.

The conversations at dinner were a bit revealing even though it seems like she had some issues trusting him. So interesting to me. And I love that they only eat at the Gryffindor table. She's so stubborn it's hilarious. You are clever with infusing your own thoughts into the story. And I am constantly amazed by your work!

He got her to agree to go flying - which is something Ron and Harry didn't even get to do. How wonderful. I love what Harry and Ginny had to say in their letters (are Harry and Ginny together?) but I can't help but notice that there isn't a letter from Ron. Hmmm. Anywho. Why wouldn't Hermione tell them about her newfound friendship between her and Malfoy. (Maybe she's nervous it won't be as steady as it is right now).

But then Malfoy scares her and gets her to go out onto the pitch! Yes! I'm so so so excited about what is happening right now. And gah I love this ship and you are making me love it even more! It's amazing what someone can do when someone else believes in you.

Except you left it with a cliff hanger and I hope she's alright!! And that he catches her!!

I'm so looking forward to what happens next. You are keeping me on my toes


Author's Response: I had to write at least one chapter with a cliff hanger! It's fun!

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Review #16, by Frankie05 Snowing

30th August 2015:
Roller coaster of emotions was right on this one. Hermione is actually very kind and compassionate and I think you did an excellent job describing that in this chapter as she heals Malfoy. And it must be hard for Draco to accept help from her but he does. Which I think is a sign of what is to come. You must be an excellent foreshadower. But he is kind of an idiot and not very tactful and those things he said to her were pretty harsh. I would have locked myself in my room for days too. I like how they don't just immediately get over things. But I like how he is checking up on her and making sure that she is still eating.

What a sight to see, Malfoy laying down his pride to go sit at the Gryffindor table and apologize. I like that you have shown the sensitive side to him. And his apology did sort of melt my heart. One thing I enjoyed from you was his own confusion. And his own resolve. I definitely think Malfoy sticks to whatever is on his mind.

Hermione is so innocently beautiful. She doesn't try- which I think is one reason why he takes to her over Pansy. The snow part is adorable- how excited she gets over it. That fight looked like serious fun before things got heated and I got excited. Whoop! Maybe there will be more action in the next chapter.

Well done :)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh you're really going to review every chapter! I love it!

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Review #17, by Frankie05 Sneezing

30th August 2015:
This chapter was pretty precious :) it is so very Hermione and Draco to ignore each other for days being complete stubborn and not giving in to being friends and making it easier on both of them for just a few weeks while they sre alone. It makes me want to shake my head. Crazy people.

Man it's so infuriating how stubborn they are, sneaking glances the whole time they are in the great hall. And Draco was stinking adorable when he finally got his broom back. And he asked her?! Why didn't she say yes? Oh that's right. Because they are stubborn (well done on not making this cliche and keeping them in character. I am extremely impressed!)

This next part though, with his sneezing and freezing and dripping wet and having to take his clothes off. Whoosh. I was blushing a bit- so very interesting and Hermione is getting pretty hot for him. I sniggered when she told him to take his pants off- clearly pure intentions but what can I say - sometimes I'm an immature teenager trapped in an adult body. :)

So I'm going to keep reading. The story flows so smoothly and you are doing a great job keeping me entertained. (And I'm glad I don't remember much - it's seriously been a long time- so that tbis story is fresh to me!)

Author's Response: Lol I ended up re-reading it recently too! I was pleased that it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. I'm glad you're enjoying your second pass!

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Review #18, by Frankie05 And So it Begins...

30th August 2015:
Hey there :)

I've read this before but it's been a while after your Bill/Hermione story I clicked on your profile and decided to reread this again!

I like the AU of this- Dumbledore is still alive really. Harry and Ron are back in school. And you've made it possible for Hermione to interact with Malfoy. Now they are alone and it's going to get good (I don't remember exactly what all has happened so I'm double glad I'm reading again!)

You've set up the background to the story really nicely in this chapter. The reader is aware of the feelings both Malfoy and Hermione have for each other and the lonely situation both of them are in.

Malfoys intentions are anything but honorable and I love that she sees straight through his lies (but maybe the apology was truthful). It definitely makes for an interesting story.

You have a magical way of writing magic. The magic of the Head Dorms is so crazy cool. You are extremely creative :)

Author's Response: Have fun re-reading!

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Review #19, by ScarlettTulips Wedding

21st April 2015:
This was beautifully written. There are a few mistakes, but the story is so wonderfully exquisite. Thank you xoxo

Author's Response: Yeah, that's what happens when it takes you two years to write the story and you never go back and read what you wrote before. Whoops.

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Review #20, by Luna lovegood Wedding

21st February 2015:
😍😍😍😍😍😍that was amazing !!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you think so!

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Review #21, by Alexandra Wedding

11th January 2015:
This was an absolutely brilliant piece of writing, in fact the best fan fiction i've read. :)

Author's Response: Holy cow it's 2015 and people are still reading this??

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Review #22, by Dramoine_3 Wedding

16th December 2014:
aw I'm crying! That's was the best fan fic I have ever read oh my word you're so talented. Can't. Stop. Crying!

Author's Response: Why does it cry, smeagol?

but omg I don't believe it is the best one you have ever read. Go read more!

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Review #23, by AlainaRoseMalfoy Wedding

26th October 2014:
Loved this story. But pansy parkinsons fathers name at first was philip and then it was peter.

Author's Response: Yeah there was 0 proofreading and rereading when I took 2 years to write this so I definitely forgot stuff. That's my bad.

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Review #24, by Bookcrazysongbird Wedding

31st August 2014:
Wow! This is a great story! It's sweet and romantic with just the right touch of drama. I love it!

Author's Response: I'm all about the drama!

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Review #25, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Wedding

2nd August 2014:
I don't know how you did it, but this story was so beautiful my eyes were tearing up because I had finally finished it.

First, thank you for completing it! Some writers start their stories years ago and never finish it, so thank you, thank you, thank you for completing it!

Second, I am really surprised by how well, in my personal opinion, you kept them to character. I feel like if they would have gotten together just like this, then it would just make so much sense, all the pieces just fit so perfect together. Really well done!

Thirdly, there were minor errors, but I was so involved in this story I forgot about them by the next chapter! I just could not stop reading. Even if I pulled away for a few minutes to take a break, I would always go back, I just had to know what was going to happen next!!

This story is definitely one of my new favorites. I laughed a lot, I was sad when the characters were sad, my heart was all over the place when she was kidnapped. I just fell into the story, which doesn't happen often so thank you for that!

You have given me a new reason to ship Dramione, and this story is why! They just seem so right together.

Sorry if I seemed to ramble in this review, but this story is so worth it! I basically smiled huge when Draco said those last words, it was absolutely the best ending ever. There could not have been a better one then that. The way your writing just kept improving with each new chapter left me in awe.

This story is amazing, you did a fantastic job with it! Bravo!!! :)

Author's Response: I hate it when stories are abandoned!! So I didn't want to do that to you guys!

I'm glad you think they were kept in character! I felt they were getting a little OOC (mainly Draco) sometimes, so I'm glad it's still believable.

The errors are because I don't proofread or reread my stories. I'm too lazy. Sorry!

Thank you for reviewing!

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