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Review #1, by Kirten McCormack News From All Over at Hogwarts

30th July 2010:
I think this is a very interesting idea about how to continue the story after the war. I also think that you display an excellent ability for description of the scenes which makes the story more real. This chapter showed an improvement in unusual or incorrect English usage, so I think you are doing an admirable job considering English is not your first language.

I have always been anti-Dramione because it seems to me to require a complete change in the personality of one or both of two of the major characters. Given the trauma of the war, I think you had a real opportunity to justify a Draco that suddenly decides to be less confrontational and arrogant and more accepting of anybody who is willing to not crucify him for past actions. Your choice to have him continue his use of "Mudblood" and his ways of acting superior to others will make it interesting to see how you convert him into a person that Hermione can think of as anything better than intolerable.

I saw another story once where Draco and Hermione were put together in a Head Boy/Girl suite. Is there any basis in the books for this? I was always under the impression that Percy was still in Gryffindor when he was Head Boy. It seems implausible that, while it was always rendered impossible for boys to enter the girls dorms, the Head Boy and Head Girl would be forced to live together and away from their own Houses with no chaperone.

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Review #2, by LadyBellaVoldyLoo Prologue

15th June 2010:
Wicked, you know a tremendous amount about Egyptian culture and history. A subject I love, I have studied a lot of their mythology and like you I have become fascinated by it. The golden age especially mesmerized me, and my favorite tale is when Isis {I do not know if I spelt that right} poisoned her father only to save him so she could be seen as an exceptionally powerful goddess. Your story line looks great, and I think the fact that you took the time to write an outline on the story and post it is brilliant, it really gives people an outlook on what the future chapters are going to be like. I can tell that your plot is not generic mummy story, and will be intricate like a woven basket or a French braid. {So shoot me I like metaphors} I am excited to read the rest of this, and I am glad that you have kept it historically accurate.
Yours Sincerely

Author's Response: Hi, LadyBellaVoldyLoo,

thank you so much for your nice and long review. I so do love to learn about the thoughts and reactions of my readers. Yeah, I know the legend of Isis and her father, and also how she created out of sand the first cobra - the reason, why this snake is her symbol, too.
Metaphors - yeah, they are my favourites. The title of my story is one, too, and does not only refer to the motto of Hogwarts, but to very much more and a special person (just guess to whom).

I've posted the first real chapter yesterday evening concerning the present (Hogwarts, three months after the war's end) but it seems to not be shown in public until now. I'm new on this page, so I would it really appreciate if you could answer two questions I have: 1.) How long does it last until a new-posted chapter is readable for the others and 2.) when I post an addition there is always the hint that I have to put 2 blank lines between the paragraphs for the better reading, but I copy them from my PC in the field with already two blank-lines, and have to reduce them afterwards. Where lays my mistake?

I would be so happy, if you could help me and to read from you again (not only concerning my questions).

Have a nice evening (in Germany it's almost 10 o'clock pm),

best regards,

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