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Review #1, by angeless7fallenstarsong Prologue

27th November 2010:
Again, cute :)

I'm kind of wondering why Rory would have pointed out Dominique to Lysander if she knows he's gay...?

Typo - you're missing a space between "any" and "more."

Also, you might want to be careful. With the whole tomboy/rare-name/unique eye-color-yet-still-manages-to-be-pretty thing has Rory bordering on Mary Sue territory.

It always makes me smile when James II is like a replica of James I. I totally picture him like that. :)

All of your stories so far are characterized by really unique pairings and plots. So props, and keep at it! :)

Author's Response: Thank you :)

She likes to poke fun at the fact that Dominique likes Lysander, it amuses her.

Oops, I'll go back and fix that, thanks!

I hope to add more depth to her character as the story progresses so that she doesn't come across as a Mary Sue-type.

Me too! I've always pictured him like James Potter I after the Epilogue in DH.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing everything and giving me some constructive criticism! :)

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Review #2, by Emily Prologue

29th August 2010:
Picture yourself in a boat on the river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, a girl with kaleidoscope eyes. I LOVE this song :) Wanna know something else I love? Your story! Even if I can't pronounce the title. Pleeaassee update soon? :D :D 10/10!

Author's Response: Cellophane flowers of yellow and green, Towering over your head. Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes, And she's gone. Me too! Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is hands down my favourite Beatles song. Aw, I'm so glad that you like the story! :)

Well, I guess it's hard if you don't know French. It's pronounced like this (m-euh-nah-ahge ah trwa) if that helps! I will try!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #3, by flying_rabbit Prologue

26th August 2010:
Hm, nice beginning :) I'm not usually a big slash fan, but this sounds interesting. Rory and Lysander seem like great friends - are they each other's only friends? And, because for some reason, I always want to know this, which year (and/or House) are they in? I'm guessing Lysander and Lorcan don't have the twin bond like Fred and George, then?
I like your portrayal of Dominique as well, even though (or perhaps because) she comes across as rather oblivious. It's funny how she keeps flirting with Lysander; a normal person would've given up by now, I guess.
Rory has one blue and one brown eye? Is that possible? I take it her father is the Slytherin Quidditch team member Warrington? Who's her mother?
And does Zonko's sell sweets? I thought it was just a joke shop... :S
Where did that book come from? Did those boys throw it their way, or was it some sort of accident? Was it the fact that James was intrigued by Rory that they stopped by? I can't imagine why else they would do so, if they're really as arrogant as Rory claims. Lysander seems too observant for his own good... poor bloke. And is it me, or wouldn't he get anything if he wins the bet? They didn't set a time span either, did they? (later, when they're 80 or 90 years old and James dies, Rory would still want her 26 packages of gum... theoretically?) It will certainly be interesting to see what James will do.
Hehe, French titles sound a little more... mysterious, or sophisticated, perhaps? :) I say the song is Lucy in the sky with diamonds... and the Beatles? That's really old in their time, no? ;) Anyway, sorry for all the questions, and I can't wait to see what'll happen next :)

Author's Response: Thank you :)

Me neither, but this isn't going to be an intense slash story at all.

So many questions! No, but you'll see that they're very close knit and only trust each other. Well, I mentioned in the chapter that Rory was loosening her Ravenclaw tie but, I guess I wasn't specific enough. They're both in Ravenclaw, seventh year. All these details come later in the story I just didn't want to stuff it all into the Prologue. No, not at all. They're complete opposites and don't get along, as you'll see.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. It's always tricky to write a canon character that everyone has their own idea of. It's true, but she's a Veela and doesn't believe that anyone wouldn't like her. Yeah, she does and it's very possible for people to have different coloured eyes. Yes, good spot - all those details will come later, I promise.

It is a joke shop, but I just added that they sell candy.

It was a textbook that one of the boys threw. It was an accident. More or less, yeah. Oh, Lysander, he's so innocent. It's not just you; he doesn't get anything in the bet. But, that's a really important part of the story in the future. No time span, either. Yeah, all eyes are on him now.

Because the translation for the title was really awkward in English and didn't quite have the same meaning, I just stuck with the French. You're right! Yeah, it is, but the Beatles songs never die. No problem! I loved all your observant questions!

Thank you for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #4, by soliloquy Prologue

20th August 2010:
Why must you keep writing such amazing stuff? I'm intrigued and caught and in love with it already! Like, seriously.

Though, you might think I'm a freak since I stalk all your stories so much @_@.

Lysander is so dreamy. And really, due to the title of the story, I'm starting to imagine what this story is going to be about. ;)


Author's Response: Why are you so nice? Ah, I love that you love this :)

Haha, I don't think you're a freak

I love writing Lysander because he's so innocent. The title pretty much summarizes the whole plot ;)

I really really love getting your reviews because they're always so nice! Thank you so much for being the first to review this and for giving this story a chance. I'm so so happy that you like this because it hasn't really gotten a response but, I loved writing it - so thanks for liking it! Really, your reviews make me smile, so thank you thank you thank you! :)


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