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Review #1, by lunarocks14 Wouldn't That Be Something?

13th October 2010:
That's not awful, it's really sad though. :( I love it, Scorpius/Al is one of my fave Next Gen couples. I'm writing one at the moment. I also like Rose/Scorpius and have two songfics on them, because I can't really decide...

Anyway, I love this. It is amazing. 10/10!!

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Review #2, by Potter_Princessx3 Wouldn't That Be Something?

2nd October 2010:
Hello, Autumn here from the forums with your review!

I really really dont like SLASH pairings but this wasn't so in depth with that sorta thing so this is actually not half bad! (:

I love the relationship between Al and Rose.

Will you be writing more to this fanfiction? Or is this it?

I also really like the quote you used at then end.

Well, thanks for requesting! :D

Feel free to request again in the future!


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Review #3, by Ginny45 Wouldn't That Be Something?

30th September 2010:
Hey RandomRed here with you review.
Ok first thing is first I love Finger Eleven!
Ok to the story, I think the idea of Rose and Albus liking the same person really great. I can't even really explain why but it is so sweet. The other thing is that neither couple is too far fetched they both fit together and fit into the stiuation very well.
Your flow and punctuation were really good there was nothing I was struggling to read.
However you kind of leave a lot hanging, you have a good ending, maybe just adding in a extra few sentences.
Overall the story reads very well and I'm glad you asked me to review it :)

Author's Response: :)
thank for the wonderful review - all the praise AND CC! :D

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Review #4, by RonNiffler Wouldn't That Be Something?

17th August 2010:
*Wild round of applause!* I loved it! There was so much emotion in this piece, I absolutely loved it!

The dialog between Rose and Albus was great!
I know youre not a hotshot lawyer, but I seriously doubt youre not a female. A pink shirt, really?
I love how they can joke around with each other, it just makes the situation all the worse that theyre so closer and they both love the same guy. Im not sure which person Id prefer Scorp to be with, I guess Id say who ever makes him happier, but he never really got a chance to see if Albus made him happy.

I really wants to know what happens! Does Albus ever tell Scorpius? Does he ever tell Rose? What happens if he ever tells them? It would tear Rose and him apart! Poor Albus he has such a hard decision! Does he follow his heart, or let Rose have him?

Ah so many questions! Do you think that if he cant have Scorp hed find another guy to love? I hope he would!

I cant believe he broke off the wedding, but I think he made the right choice!

Well wonderful job!

Author's Response: When I first read this review my expression was something like this: 0.o

Wow, thanks so much for the great review! :D I'm like really flattered! :P I'm going to embarrass myself and be honest with you about the questions you asked, I really haven't thought about it. *sheepish*
Glad you liked it! :D

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Review #5, by baletgir Wouldn't That Be Something?

15th June 2010:
I am so glad I stumbled across this and now all the challenge entries are in! First, thanks for entering my challenge, it was so exciting to see people interested in my challenge and I loved reading every single entry!

Now on to this, do not say its awful, because it was far from it. I loved it! Great job, and you had some really nice little touches through out. For example, Rose not liking her full name really made me smile at the similarity.

I do have a bit of a problem with how you decided to end it. I know I shouldn't be talking because I am awful with endings and this wasn't all that bad, I just wish for a bit more of a resolution and a solid ending. I feel kind of confused and wanting more information. I think you could have added more in terms of details to this.

I love how you interpreted the song and it fit really well, but a the same time I think you could have fit it into the body of the fic and it would have been even greater.

I enjoyed your style of writing very much and thankfully your grammar was beyond acceptable. I had no problem reading this and wanted to continue on. I couldn't stop, though it was very short, so there wasn't much time to want to stop. I think with a little more time and details this could be really wonderful, but for now it was great!

P.S. expect a PM on the forums with the challenge results in about 5 minutes!

Author's Response: Yes, I'm not a big fan of this one-shot. It's too hurried for my liking. :/
But, I'm glad you kinda liked it. :D
thanks for issuing such a great prompt.

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