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Review #1, by Nysha Chapter One

5th January 2014:
More please!!! Been looking for harry opens orphanage stories and this is the only one so far.

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Review #2, by lilypotterfan123 Chapter One

19th September 2010:
This plot sounds really good so far and I can't wait for the
next chapter!

LpF123 xx

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Review #3, by Michaela Chapter One

27th August 2010:
Hmm I like it and then I found some part to be a little...useless, the little fact about not wanting the books covered in dust is a little unnecessary. However, over all i would love to read newer chapters.

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Review #4, by HG_HP_fan Chapter One

26th August 2010:
You have a nice start to what could be a great story. I hope that you continue.

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Review #5, by harrylilyjames Chapter One

20th July 2010:
Here with your requested review :) [a bit on the late side, I know, sorry!!]

I'm not really a Harry/Hermione fan, I'm warming up to the couple though and I was really looking forward to reading this.

The first thing that I noticed was that when you were talking about the media liking to talk about Harry's and Hermione's relationship, then you wrote about their love affair to be supposedly over, I didn't know what it meant and who it was talking about. Might just want to re-check it to see if you can make it a bit more simpler to follow.

When Hermione says that she's late for work, after this you might want to add "she exclaimed/shouted/barked etc"- just so it flows better and makes the sentence after a bit less forced-sounding.

I notice that some of your wording choice makes it a bit choppy, like here "so as Hermione walked"- you could swap the 'so' with 'and'.

Overall this chapter seems a bit rushed, like you were skimming over all the scenes- go into more detail of their morning, or a bit more facial and body actions. Also, try and make the other two scenes a bit longer, more detail and slow down the pace.

Like the part where Harry says his idea, write more on Hermione's reaction of it, because it's the main point of the story. Just put more emphasis on it.

I know I'm not saying a lot of positive stuff, but it's a small chapter, and I thought it's super cute that Harry wants to start an orphanage, I really do hope you continue with it, it's just an adorable idea.

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Review #6, by Vil89Six Chapter One

9th June 2010:
Nice. I loved everything about the story.

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Review #7, by Aidenk77 Chapter One

8th June 2010:
I eagerly await the next chapter!

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Review #8, by grangergal101 Chapter One

8th June 2010:
Good start and interesting idea. Shall be looking out for your next chapter. Please update soon XDXDXXDXDXDXD

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Review #9, by hogwart_lady Chapter One

7th June 2010:
wow i like it its a great start right into the plot and im glad and its a great beginning keep me updated please

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