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Review #1, by apollo Nine

27th May 2012:
This was one of one my favorite stories of all time: the angst, the sadness, the way it moves you; you are truly an amazing and gifted writer. I am really excited about the different perspective thingy you are doing 'bout this story. Do you know when the first chap. is coming out?

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Review #2, by strahovi Four

8th January 2012:
Emotional origami. This is gorgeous. Amazing story, you write so well.
But I still think Ryan and Hestia are more suited for each other :c

Author's Response: They are definitely more suited for each other, and it's sad that they didn't see it earlier :c

Thanks for your review and i'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #3, by Carolina One

5th September 2011:
Before I read this, I feel compelled to review simply because you used Pablo Neruda. He writes the loveliest poetry and I love that someone has tied it with Harry Potter. If you speak any Spanish, you should read it in its original language because it is so much more beautiful in it. I'll probably come back and review the actual story later. :)

Author's Response: I wish I could read his poetry in the original Spanish, because I know it must be ten times more beautiful, but I've never learned (I took French in high school instead). This is one of my favorite love poems ever and I was so glad to be able to use it.

I glad you like it too!


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Review #4, by Toujours Padfoot Nine

5th July 2011:

This chapter was really poignant, especially the part where she smells Demeter and she smells like flowers and her mother and a miracle. It's so sad to think that the flowery soap on Demeter's head was from her mother giving her daughter a bath, oblivious of what was to happen. To think that Hera must have cherished her daughter more than ever, was closer to her than anyone else in the world, because of the affair. She would have held tight to this little girl, Hera and Demeter against the world. Even if Ryan was still with them, and they were trying to patch things up, Hera would have valued Demeter far more than her husband. The simple act of Hestia smelling the flowery soap, and what is evoked in the reader's mind - Hera caring for her child, smiling with her child, this child she has always wanted and loved even before she was born - it's just so heartbreaking. As a mother myself, the thought of dying young and not being able to watch my little one grow up, to not always be there to protect her and support her in everything she does, really does bring tears to my eyes. So your story did touch a nerve with me.

The way that you ended it was also powerful and poetic -

The house seems to know that she is leaving.

Going, going.

And then, in an instant of white blankness, it is gone.

Perfect ending. You have such a way with words, and you spin them just right. You easily manipulate the reader's emotions, twisting us this way and that. We feel all of the confusion, the resentment, the grief, the guilty happiness. To think that the beginning of a story such as this contained nothing but a bright, innocence expanse of something new and exciting. To be working at the Ministry, looking around for a library. For a ladder. One minute, you're new to the place and curious and wondering, staring at this spindly ladder. The next minute, you're rolling around with your sister's husband by the light of a halo-ringed moon. It's so easy to lose sight of everything, of your own control, and for everything to just spiral. And even though Hestia knew it was wrong, she was so powerless to do anything about it because those stolen nights with Ryan were worth it. Worth all of the grief, the heartbreak, the anger and bitterness and going home to an empty flat while her lover went back to his wife.

You really have a gift, Annie. This was beautiful writing. I'm glad that I decided to lurk on your author page today. :)

Author's Response: Sarah, I just got chills rereading this, seriously. Reactions like this, THIS is why I write. lkajhdfglkajdhgf I can't even really articulate how it made me feel, but thank you so much.

The one thing that comforts me when I think about this, is that however this story turned out, Demeter was going to be so loved. Her mother loved her more than anything, and her father did the same, and now that they are both gone, Hestia is going to love her that way too, for so many reasons. That little baby is all the family she had left and is a constant remind her of what this affair had cost her, and how Ryan had still known he could trust her to come back after everything.

I struggled with the ending for a long time. How does one end something like this? I wanted for Ryan and Hera to be able to say goodbye, but by then they are long gone, and the only way I could figure this out was that the house seemed to stand in their stead for the second half of the story, so it should be the one to bid her farewell.

Seriously Sarah, I have goosebumps right now, I dont' even know what to say except thank you so so much, and I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Sorry I took ages to tell you so.



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Review #5, by Toujours Padfoot Eight

5th July 2011:
Even though it IS cowardly, I'm with Hestia on this one. I would have been on the first Floo to Cairo. As for was just a little bit too little, too late. If he had really wanted her to stay, I believe he would have gone after her, stopped her, or done something more than just stand there with a pleading look in his eyes. Ryan, at this point, is very much a broken man. He looks kind of pathetic, really, and the way he's dealing with this mess is kind of delusional, and he's a bit of a jerk for actually considering leaving it all behind. I mean hello, Ryan, you are a father. It is called responsibility. COME TO YOUR SENSES, RYAN.

He loves Hera, but not enough to be satisfied with her and suppress any other thoughts of other women. He loves Hestia, but not enough to have let Hera go before she got the chance to find out about their affair. He's weak, and wanted the best of both. I mean, sleeping with both sisters simultaneously! I would smack that man in the mouth!

How did Hera find out about the affair? And what happened afterward? Who killed Hera and Ryan, and why? GAH SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Author's Response: Ryan is just so lost, I think. He doesn't know what he wants, and so he's desperately grasping at straws for a good outcome, and the only way Hestia can think to escape the whole thing is to remove herself as an option. I think she would have regretted having him leave his wife and child for her for forever, and he would have regretted it too. So in the end, this was really the only choice.


I've never actually thought about how Hera found out about the affair, but in the back of my mind, she was kind of able to put two and two together and maybe she asked Ryan and he just couldn't lie anymore? idk

IT WAS THE VOLDEMORTS SARAH JSYK. As for why, ask me sometime and I'll tell you about it. Too involved for a review response that is like 9 months too late :3

You leave the best reviews ever.


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Review #6, by Toujours Padfoot Seven

5th July 2011:
Another amazing chapter, as expected. I liked the touch of Ryan protecting his child, perhaps using his last seconds before torture to put the charm on her. It speaks a lot about his character, and makes me like him more. It's heartbreaking that his life and Hera's were cut off. Even though Hera is so different from Hestia, and Hestia is somewhat easier to relate to, Hera really is just a victim. I think I actually like her character the best in this story, because of how impressed I am that you managed to take someone with Hera's personality, who is more of a background character, and shape her so well. She is incredibly real and well-rounded, just from the glimpses we've seen.

I feel awful for Hestia. It comes across almost as if she feels that she doesn't deserve to mourn Ryan, because of how she stole him from Hera. And now Hestia will be a mother, and will be able to see Demeter off to Hogwarts every year and she'll be the one who sings Demeter to sleep and all of that - the life that Hera had always wanted, had painstakingly striven for - and Hera is dead. She gets none of it, and Hestia, who hadn't wanted it, gets it. The irony is

Author's Response: The part about the protection charm was very important to me. It was a bit of trust that Ryan had in Hestia, knowing that even though they had ended things, he could always trust her to return and take care of his child, because in my mind, Ryan loved his daughter more than anything else in the whole world.

Hera honestly just wanted to have the perfect family, because she thought maybe then she would be happy, but she could never quite make it work and that makes me sad for her.

Hestia will probably continue to torture herself for everything that has happened for a long time. I'm glad that Demeter is going to be around, because then she has something to live for, but all the things you listed, things that Hera had always wanted and ended up loosing out on, will probably end up being a million times harder to carry out because of everything Hestia lost in this.

You read everything so deeply and perfectly that reading these again is such a pleasure, I can't even tell you.


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Review #7, by Toujours Padfoot Six: Part Two

5th July 2011:
This was a really heavy chapter. All of the tension and sadness and anger was tangible, and I felt it most of all in this line:

Hera had put a shaking hand over her eyes and the afternoon shadows had pooled in her collarbones like a sort of deep sadness. She had said, “Get out.”

Right there, it felt like something definitely split between the two sisters, something irreparable. I wonder what will happen next.

Author's Response: I still have hard time reading this chapter, and it always surprises me that people find it so heavy, because it is the shortest chapter of the bunch (I think...). But it is the culmination of a lot of things in this story, so it makes sense that it would hit really hard.

I honestly don't think that if Hera and Ryan had lived, Hestia would ever have been able to reconcile with her sister. Hera is not one to let things go easily, and a breach of trust this size, I don't think their relationship would ever recover. Completely irreparable.


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Review #8, by Toujours Padfoot Six: Part 1

5th July 2011:
"Then he lifted his head and traced her face with his eyes, a look that felt like a touch, and to Hestia had been like each glance left a burning trail on her skin."

I just love that - "a look that felt like a touch." Little details you add, like that, really blow me out of the water. They say so much.

This chapter had a lot of emotion in it, a lot of passion and fire and resentment. I really don't think that any of the characters could be blamed. Their situation is the product of blindness and want for what you can't have; and love, whether it was hurried or rose-colored or shameful, and the devotion between sisters and between husband and wife that can trump everything else. All three of them are miserable, at least in a small way, but content to pretend and imagine and that gets them through the day. I feel sorriest for Ryan, amazingly enough, because he's pitiful. He's being pulled back and forth between two sisters. He fell in love with the idea of one sister and with the reality of the other, and the conflict is just whoa.

Author's Response: Ryan is honestly so pitiful, I don't like him and yet I do feel sorry for him. The reality of his situation is really messed up and honestly, this is what happens when you don't get what you want.

They are all miserable and can't decide what they want, so they keep digging the hole even deeper :(

Your reviews put things so much better than I ever could and I seriously appreciate them so much. Thank you :'(


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Review #9, by Toujours Padfoot Five

5th July 2011:


So Ryan is dead. And Hera is dead. And I really do not know how to respond to this chapter, as I am pretty much speechless right now. But I can say that it was very, very powerful. You painted this vivid, horrible picture and I could just about smell the burning odor, could feel Hestia's flush and panic like I was in her situation.


Author's Response: Seriously, I completely forget that people don't know that this happens when they read the story. I remember the first time Gubby read it and I thought she was going to strangle me for not saying something. I am very glad you didn't try to strangle me. To this day, the description of the burnt smell makes my skin crawl. I think I would have had the same reaction as Hestia in that situation.

No. You're brilliant (h)


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Review #10, by Toujours Padfoot Four

5th July 2011:
I no longer like Ryan. If he didn't prefer Hestia to Hera right off the bat, and wasn't immediately enamored by her wit and intellect and unconventional beauty, then he doesn't deserve her. He DOES deserve someone like Hera - shallow and void.

After much internal conflict as to the redhead man's identity, I am going to hazard a guess at either Fabian or Gideon Prewett. I am going to lock in that answer! Let the chips fall where they may.

Author's Response: yeahhh, I'm not a huge fan of Ryan, to be completely honest. Pretty much for the reasons you listed. It always seemed pretty apparent to me that Hera was rather shallow, and that any man that picked her for the long term was blind, but it's sooo good to hear someone else say that.

LOL you're still thinking about redhead man?!? Now I really am sad that I didn't put him in more of this story. Though YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK GOODBYE because it was Charlie lol.

You're awesome.


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Review #11, by Toujours Padfoot Three

5th July 2011:
I...I...I have no idea who the redheaded man is! People seem to write Hestia into different eras all the time - sometimes she's Sirius's age, sometimes she's Charlie's age. My first thought was Bill, because he worked for Gringotts in Egypt. Bill or Charlie, maybe?

I just love how this story is unfolding. The small details, like in this paragraph here: Sekhmet’s seems to dim for a moment and Hestia can almost feel Ryan’s arms around her again, can almost smell the rain in the dirt of the park, can hear the words he had kissed into her hair that were such painfully pure poetry. I love you in this way because I don’t know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you…

-very strong, very powerful. And vivid. I want to root for Ryan, but I am fascinated by Mr. Redhead and I'm hoping something happens with him.

I see so much of your personality in Hestia - with the snarkiness especially.

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: lol, i never realized how up in the air the time period for this was until people started saying so! Good one with your guess! It was Charlie.

In some ways, I am sad that I didn't include more of him, but perhaps there will be time for that later. I think what I wanted to convey was that what Hestia felt for Ryan was very real, and the reality of it haunted her even when she left.

Haha! Thank you? I guess? Hestia is definitely snarky here, so that makes sense.


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Review #12, by Toujours Padfoot Two

5th July 2011:
Another impressive chapter. You're setting the stage very well, and I like how you're not telling it in chronological order - every moment is more singular, more important and poignant, when told in this fashion. I feel as a reader that there will undoubtedly be many, many moments in Hestia's life that will be skimmed over or skipped altogether, but that this is a story that genuinely happened, and that you as the narrator are simply feeding us the standout bits. It's only the beginning of the story, and yet it feels quite real.

I like Hestia's personality and the way she met Ryan - so coincidental, so innocent. And might I add that Ryan looks like some seriously luxurious man candy?

You write remarkably well; when Hestia felt herself slipping into contentedness, familiarity, and relief that deciphering hieroglyphs seemed to give her, it really translated across the computer screen and I found myself feeling more comfortable as well. That's the mark of a really good writer, that you can manipulate our feelings and state of mind while we read.

Author's Response: There is definitely a lot more to Hestia's life that I have left out, but those are for another story, in another time. I feel like the way this story happened is that this was a big turning point in her life, and she just keeps going over and over the main points in her head, trying to figure out how things ended up this way.

RYAN IS A HOT MAN O K. Hestia just seems like that sort of unassuming girl that guys are friends with but never seem to see romantically.

:3 I don't even know what to say! Seriously Sarah I am so flattered and flustered and a;lkdfhjglakdjhfg Thank youuu!


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Review #13, by Toujours Padfoot One

5th July 2011:

Here I am to read your much-renowned Hestia fic. Based on the above chapter, I am very excited to continue. It's written extremely well, and I loved the imagery you used. My favorite bit:

On days like this, when the heat presses in from all sides and the shimmering light that reflects off the sand turns the sky white, she doesn’t think so.

That kind of imagery is really valuable in a story. It makes it instantly believable, and transports me there, and I could almost feel the heat myself, and could easily imagine staring up at a blinding white sky.

Excellent start.

Author's Response: Sarah! I have no excuse as to why I never replied to these reviews you left me except that I am an awful person. So. I'm terribly, terribly sorry.

I always hoped that this chapter made people feel as though they were in somewhere that was that hot and desolate, because it's such a blank landscape that you can't help but start to think about things.

Thanks dear!


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Review #14, by Aiedail Seven

20th June 2011:

i have been rereading this today and i had to stop and comment on this chapter because even like--the third, maybe, time around--it still makes me cry as much as the first time. i forget how effortlessly you make us care about hestia and ryan and hera. you love all of them even though they're all flawed in their different ways, even though they each have their weaknesses.

the simple beauty, though, i think, is the protection charm. that's what gets me because it's just--it's just love. in a tiny little package of a baby. it's the end and the beginning and the horribly unfinished--but reconciliation. all at once. reading again i still don't know how you did it. i look for secrets in your chapters but am glad with equal determination that they don't give themselves up, because it's magical, every time.

your writing is lovely--your angst is the only angst for me :).


Author's Response: l'asihtklajdhgf;akdht;aihdfgj;oaidh;idthgs;lihgj


I read the bit about the protection charm and I just... whaaa, because that is EXACTLY IT. Demeter is this last chance that Hestia has been given to love both Ryan and her sister in the best possible way.

I admire you so much, so all of this praise has left me a little flustered and now i seriously remember why i never replied to this, because I couldn't think of what to say.

Thank you so much darling (H)


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Review #15, by Phoenix_Flames One

5th May 2011:
Hey there, Annie! I'm finally here with your review. First I must apologize for taking so long, but this is brilliant. Gorgeous and absolutely wonderful.

I have never read a story where Hestia Jones is the main character, but I like it when I read fanfiction about a minor character of the series nit allows the author room to develop their around in general, and you also get to make them have whatever personality you wish. Which can sometimes get difficult but in this case you have nailed it. Absolutely nailed it. Hestia had been characterized in such an awesome way. She is so unique and brilliant. I like that sh has flaws. Too often you find an OC or minor character who is just too perfect. But not here.

Also I LOVE the initial set up you have made for this story. That she went to Egypt to escape her affair with her brother-in-law is just gripping and compelling.

Not only is all that brilliant, but everything flows together so nicely and there is just the perfect contrast between actions and feelings and the dialogue. Wonderful!

I'm going to try to empty out the rest if my queue, and as soon as I have done so, I will be back for the next chapter. If not then come back and request!!



Author's Response: Sorry it's taken me a bit to reply to this! My account was freaking out and wouldn't let me reply to any reviews for a couple weeks.

I was actually assigned Hestia Jones for the TGS Order of the Phoenix challenge and at first, I didn't know where to start, so I started link surfing on Wikipedia with her name, and slowly her character began to emerge. It's a bit odd, because I never really intended for her to be especially likable, but people (including myself) have really ended up falling in love with her.

As for the set up: she certainly has herself in a mess. I kind of wanted to start in the middle and work my way outward, showing how she got there, and also where she went from that point, so the affair may turn out a little differently that you think.

Thanks so much for your review and I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #16, by ericajen Nine

6th March 2011:

I really loved this story, Annie. I'm so glad I read it. It was all so beautiful and lovely and envy-inducing. Really. I am incredibly jealous of you and your writing prowess.

I think the end was really fitting, as well. I liked that. Dumbledore is always good for some wise words and I thought it was great how this was what sparked Hestia's decision to join the Order. It just makes sense.

Anyway, great story, Annie. I officially fangirl for you.


Author's Response: Baaawww, you're really being too nice *blushes* Also, lol, ~writing prowess~ I don't think I've heard that before.

I had the end in mind from the moment I started. There really was no other way for things to come to a close really and Hestia joining the Order at least made everything not quite so dismal and pointless. Dumbledore was the biggest pain to write, haha, but in the end, I think it was worth it.

Thanks so much for your glowing review Erica! I really appreciate it!


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Review #17, by ericajen Eight

6th March 2011:
I think Hestia was right to leave town. She kind of deserves to. I mean, yes, she's running away and running away is bad and you're supposed to face your mistakes and yadda yadda yadda. But, that's whatever. Because I think what's important, and Hestia realizes this, is that Ryan and Hera fix their family.

I have no idea what will happen in the next chapter. Maybe the redhead who may or may not be Bill Weasley will show up? Hahah. I don't know.


Author's Response: Yeah, I really think that she did a brave thing by giving up Ryan for the sake of her sister and her sister's family, because with her gone, there might be a chance at fixing things

I think its so funny that everyone loves the redhead that isn't Bill Weasley so much when he's mentioned for like half a chapter.

Anywho. I saw that I had responded to your last review a long time ago for some reason, so thank you so much for all your reviews and again, so sorry it took forever for me to respond! All the (h)


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Review #18, by ericajen Seven

6th March 2011:

I was kind of terrified that it was something bad; something I didn't want to know about. But thankfully, it's not so bad. I mean, she's an orphan. But the alternative is even worse than that.

It was a really touching moment when Hestia lifted her up from her crib. I liked that(:


Author's Response: Okay so, confession: I am constantly forgetting about Demeter. lol. I was writing this and then suddenly "omg the baby!" So it really could have been so much worse haha.

I think the end of this chapter is actually really one of my favorites, because it's like Hestia finally realizes how much she has lost and there is nothing left for her to do but hold her niece and just cry.



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Review #19, by ericajen Six: Part Two

6th March 2011:

I'm mad at Hera because it sounded like she isn't blaming Ryan at all for this. Which just seems so, rawr, I can't even think of the right words. But I hate that when only one person gets blamed. Everyone should be blamed, really. Hera, too, because she, however unwittingly, gave Ryan the impression of someone who was impassioned by her job and such but really just wanted to be a housewife. And therefore Ryan fell in love with someone who never really existed.

ANYWAY. Moving onto the next chapter because I have to know what happens next.



Hera has been a bit hard for me to get my head around, because she is a very strong personality but also very closed off in a lot of ways. I really do think that she put up a pretense in a lot of ways and should be more angry at herself than anything for not being clear about what she wanted in the first place. Ryan fell in love with the pretense and that is so so sad.

lol you're awesome (h)


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Review #20, by ericajen Six: Part 1

6th March 2011:
I think Ryan is the root of all trouble here. I mean, Hestia isn't exactly innocent, either, but I blame Ryan most. Hestia was in love with Ryan, or at least really attracted to him, even before she introduced him to Hera. So to me it seems like something she just couldn't help. So I blame Ryan.

I'm over halfway done with this. Sadness.


Author's Response: That is certainly one way to look at it. Hestia did love him before Hera got to him, but she never acted on it. It was only when he made a move that she did anything, which, who can really blame her for that?

Blaming Ryan sounds pretty sensible ;)


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Review #21, by ericajen Five

6th March 2011:
Yes, Annie. You are absolutely horrible. But STILL, it's all in the name of god storytelling, so who can blame you? :D

Still, though, it's quite heartbreaking and a little gruesome as well. I really wasn't expecting this to happen at all. But it kind of fits. I don't know. It works with the story. I like it in a completely non-sadist way.


Author's Response: I always forget that people don't know that this happens and that it's kind of a surprise. But, as you said, all in the name of good story-telling haha. I can't really see how things could have worked out in any other way really, so, there it is.

You sadist you, lol.


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Review #22, by ericajen Four

6th March 2011:
I DON'T LIKE RYAN. I just decided this approximately two seconds ago. I mean, Hestia certainly made mistakes, as well, but I just don't like Ryan. Rawr.

Another really great chapter(: This story really has me hooked. I'm glad it's completed so that I won't have to be all angsty and waiting for updates.


Author's Response: Ryan.he has his priorities out of order, I think. A nice guy that makes semi-bad choices. Rawr.

You are such a doll and I can't believe you reviewed every single chapter. I love you.



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Review #23, by ericajen Three

6th March 2011:
Ooh. Harsh, Hestia. Very harsh. But I might be a bit bitter, too. Can't really blame her.

By the way, I really like the format of this story. I think the switching between kind of the past and present works really well.

AND AND AND. Was it Bill? I guess I'll find out (if he makes another appearance, and I kind of hope he does).

Author's Response: Hestia is more bitter than a bag of lemons, poor girl, lol.

And YES! I'm so glad you like the format! I am forever nervous about it.

IT WAS CHARLIE FOOL. He doesn't make another appearance in this story, but the sequel, if I ever write it, he is in quite a bit.



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Review #24, by ericajen Two

6th March 2011:
Annie, why so amazing? The way you described Ryan was completely drool-worthy without being ridiculous and over the top. If that makes sense. Anyway, I really liked it. And I loved how easy it was to see that Ryan and Hestia work well together; how at ease they are while they're doing things together.

(I'd leave better reviews but that puts off my reading of the next chapter.)

Author's Response: No, YOU'RE amazing. Ryan is a hottie, btw. Like, in that academic hot bookish kind of way. He and Hestia fit so well together I just want them to be together forever ;___;

'Ta darling (h)(h)(h)


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Review #25, by ericajen One

6th March 2011:

I'm here. Remember when I said I would be here? That's happening right now.

I really like this beginning. Minor characters have always been something I love to read about. I like how undeveloped they are, because then lovely writers like you can develop them and make them great. But anyway, just from this small chapter, I already have an idea of Hestia in my mind. I like all of her flaws, which are pronounced but not unnatural and also just the fact that she has flaws in the first place.

Great work, Annie!



Minor characters are a love of mine to :3 They are like lost puppies that just need a home. Also LOL it will never stop being funny that people love Hestia. I will never understand how I thought I was going to make her unlikable.

Love you dear, so sorry its taken me forever to reply, but I promise I appreciated this more than I can tell you. (h)(h)(h)


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