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Review #1, by Rose Ravenclaw How Time Flies

23rd July 2013:
Buteyful just buteyful

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #2, by Resa_Aureus How Time Flies

11th April 2012:
I read both magnitized and this sequel and i swear, you did a FANTASTIC job, i literally cried like three times. thank you so much for writing these!

Author's Response: aww thank you so much ^^ I hope you liked the outcome!!

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Review #3, by sam How Time Flies

21st March 2012:
aww this is amazing story, im so sad this is the end tho. Please write more about their future, them having another child, ron finding love etc...
I would love to see how it would work in the future a year on with rose and her 'dads'.

great story, very well written

Author's Response: that's not a bad idea, I have been meaning to do more. Super busy with university at the moment but look out this summer, i will be writing again soon hopefully :)

thanks a lot for the review

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Review #4, by More of a Reader than a Writer Flaring Tempers

9th December 2011:
Oooh dear me!!

This is certainly going to be a messy situation that Hermione and Fred will both struggle to come out of without a huge amount of annimosity towards them.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: It gets messier and messier :)

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Review #5, by More of a Reader than a Writer Eavesdropping

9th December 2011:

Is the baby going to be Fred's?! This is getting very very dramatic for a HP fic. Fred/Hermione are usually quite light and fluffy, with a little bit of sibling drama!

Very different to any other FW/HG fic I've read on here but I'm certainly gonna give it a good read!

Author's Response: haha yeah I did notice mine was a little darker, I read a few after I finished and was quite surprised :P

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Review #6, by More of a Reader than a Writer A Violent Outburst

9th December 2011:
Ooh dear me.

It's all heating up! I'd be wary of any man that is willing to cheat, whether they are invested int heir relationship or not.

BUt then any man that si willing to get into a fight with his family over a girl is a worthy one!

I like the way you've developed the characters and although they're not totally cannon in thier behaviours and attitudes they are still believable.

. now on I go to the next chapter!

Author's Response: thank you, I wanted to keep the characters realistic while also changing them to fit my story. I'm glad you think it was successful :)

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Review #7, by Rilee Amylia Dementia How Time Flies

21st November 2011:
Grr I love it so much!

Author's Response: thanks, glad you enjoyed it :D

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Review #8, by grednforge217 How Time Flies

28th November 2010:
This was so great! I read both of your stories, and I thought they wsere fantastic! I did feel sorry for poor Ron, though Fred/Hermione are my favorite pairing! :)

Author's Response: Thanks I'm glad you liked it. I know what you mean about Ron, whenever I reread the books I feel really bad lol

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Review #9, by Mandy Riter How Time Flies

12th October 2010:
I previously read the first story and I wasn't sure about reading this one. I am glad that I did. Only one word can describe this story:

Author's Response: Thanks very much, glad it didn't disappoint :)

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Review #10, by AMP-otter How Time Flies

24th September 2010:
Ack! I was laughin the whole time... god its so late! tho even wih my crappy responce im sure ull appreciate the reviews (im on fanfiction. net) as we all do.

Author's Response: I'm not sure if it's a positive or a negative thing if you were laughing...

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Review #11, by couldyoureallyknow How Time Flies

14th September 2010:
awuh cute ending :) great story!!

Author's Response: thanks very much :)

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Review #12, by qtbaby88 How Time Flies

7th September 2010:
aw my fav story comes 2 an end tear

Author's Response: :( I miss writing it. Thanks for your reviews, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #13, by Kalena How Time Flies

6th September 2010:
are we getting near the end? :( well this was an awesome chapter!

Author's Response: I'm afraid that was the end :( Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by lilgnome3 How Time Flies

5th September 2010:
Aw wedding time! Good for Hermione and Fred! And cute little Rose being the flower girl!
Love the story, can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much!! But I'm afraid that was the last chapter :'(

I don't know what to write now, I was thinking about one with Tedy and Victoire but I just loved Fred and Hermione so much... *sigh*

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Review #15, by lilypotterfan123 How Time Flies

4th September 2010:
That was so cute, I loved this chapter from start to finish!
LpF123 xx

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it thanks for keeping with both stories :)

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Review #16, by Sarah How Time Flies

4th September 2010:
Does it make me a huge sap because I cried?? It was beautiful. Really.

Author's Response: Awh no it doesn't :)Thank you very much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing it and I'm so sad it's finished :(

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Review #17, by Kalena Fixing Broken Pieces

31st August 2010:
is this the end? i dont want it to be, but is it?
i loved Magnetized and i love this story! Please update soon!

Author's Response: No there is chapter left, it's waiting in validation at the moment. Thanks very much for the review I'm really glad you've enjoyed them :)

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Review #18, by lilgnome3 Fixing Broken Pieces

31st August 2010:
Yay! It all worked out in the end! I didn't think it would, I got really worried!
Great chapters, can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thanks very much :) Last chapter will be up in a day or 2!

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Review #19, by lilypotterfan123 Fixing Broken Pieces

29th August 2010:
I read this over my holiday but couldn't review! So here I am! I loved that cute little ending! Is there more conflict from here? Or all sweetness? Either way this is one of my absolute faves right now! Can't wait for more chapters, more stories or whatever you come up with!

LpF123 xx

Author's Response: Thank you :) I won't ruin the ending for you but I'm afraid it is nearly finished!

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Review #20, by RoonilWazlib17 Fixing Broken Pieces

27th August 2010:
That was really sweet! i loved it.
I can't wait to
Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you're enjoying it- almost finished now.

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Review #21, by qtbaby88 Fixing Broken Pieces

27th August 2010:
aw tear im glad everything is ok amazing job

Author's Response: thanks very much :)

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Review #22, by RoonilWazlib17 Everything Has A Price

25th August 2010:
That chapter was brilliant :)
Well done. i can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks very much :) Only 2 chapters left I'm afraid! Next one should be up in a day or 2.

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Review #23, by Sarah Everything Has A Price

23rd August 2010:
This was a wonderful chapter. Your first story, "Magnetized" was just incredible, and now it's just getting better and better with every chapter. I sincerely cannot wait for the next one. Just amazing :)

Author's Response: Wow thank you very much :)

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Review #24, by deltazeta0953 Facing the Truth

22nd August 2010:
i absolutely love this chapter, and more importantly the whole story! please keep it up, this is one of my favorite fan fics to read! can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: thank you! The next chapter is up and I'm about to submit another :)

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Review #25, by Dark Crys Happy Moments

13th August 2010:
another chapter yay... I reallywant to know what happens next can't wait to read more

Author's Response: Thank you! It all comes out soon :)

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