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Review #1, by Lee Cassidy Wednesdays....

27th March 2011:
Write another chapter!! This is so steamy haha, seriously girl Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl and I like it" was playing in my head the whole time.

Author's Response: hahaha. i was blushing like mad the entire time i wrote this. i might combust if i wrote more lol. glad you like it tho, and welcome to the site of awesomeness. :D

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Review #2, by LovlyRita Wednesdays....

19th August 2010:
Well this was interesting! I've never ever read nor considered a Ginny/Luna fic, so this was really cool!
The kiss! whoo!! That was something else, huh? I liked how you kept highlighting Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw and the way you described them like that.

Slash has always been difficult for me for the sole reason that I'm such a canon shipper! So the whole time I'm reading I'm going but...but...Harry!! lol. Things like Remus and Sirius could have been plausible I think, but the ones that are really not canon I have a difficult time getting through.

that being said, I thought this was cute and very well written! I liked the way you portrayed Luna, she's so airy, and I think you did Ginny welll too. So even though I've got my whole canon bias thing, I really thought you did a magnificent job, and the kiss scene was hot! haha :)

Author's Response: Thanks! and neither did I until I picked a number and chose to take the challenge lol. And that kiss was rather difficult to write, I was blushing the whole way through! haha. It's the first intense kiss scene I've ever written, so I'm glad it worked and that you liked it.

I'm still going strong on a never changing my challenge number streak and before I got this pairing I never even thought about writing slash because I too enjoy my canon ships the way they are, but I'm happy you like it despite your bias! :D

Thanks for the review :)

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Review #3, by Ronsgirl29 Wednesdays....

19th August 2010:
I've never read a story about Ginny/Luna, but it was an interesting read! The kiss seemed a bit out of nowhere, but that's Luna's style I guess. She's always doing random things.

I thought it was cute how at the end she said "Maybe Wednesdays aren't so bad after all." haha it made me smile (:

Nice oneshot!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it.

Yeah I thought having Luna start the kiss out quickly would suit her random nature. And I'm pretty sure that line is my favorite lol. Thanks again!


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Review #4, by littlemissmb Wednesdays....

12th July 2010:
Im reviewing this Oneshot as part of the challenge.

Although i enjoyed it i thought that it was a little too short. you could have extended this a little more by maybe making the Luna/Ginny scene a little longer or going into more detail. i liked your use of language and detail within the story itself though. i enjoyed reading this but as i said. could have been a little longer.


Author's Response: Writing this was really hard especially the kiss, as it was the first big kiss scene that I've ever done but I'm happy you liked it even if it could have been longer.


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