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Review #1, by spam_up_sam Ironic

11th June 2010:
I have this secret love for Draco/Hermione that I like to indulge now and again, even though I know deep down any relationship from a 'love' angle would probably never ever happen with the pair which is why I enjoyed this so much.
It's nice to think that someday, there would be a working relationship between the two and the way you wrote them was brilliant. Your Draco was perfect, at least in my eyes anyway.
Love the idea of this, it was a lovely read =]
Thank you for writing it!

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Review #2, by Elena Ironic

10th June 2010:
I liked this, but there were parts that were slightly off mark.

The hardest part about writing young characters 'older' is making them be 'older'. The characters already have a certain maturity about them in the books, even Draco, although they are more of the snobbery side. So what you need to do is run with that maturity and see what they'd be like in 10 years.

I think Draco was fabulously Draco in this line: "Donít flatter yourself Granger. I donít give you that much thought."

Hermione's response was somewhat immature though: "I have never forgotten the fact that you called me a mudblood or that you teased me about my hair"

Although this conversation is supposed to be light hearted, Hermione has more to say about Draco than just being called a name and having bushy hair. Draco is being a snob again, even if friendly, so she could remind him of her being tortured in his parents house, or how he put Dumbledore in a position to be killed. When older and looking back, the little petty stuff that one mistakes as a big thing when younger, are things to laugh about.

Apart from that though, I liked the scenario you gave them Two enemies working side by side. They may never be best friends or even romantically linked - but they can, for now, put aside the past and look towards the future. The ending was my favourite part, with Draco cutting her off - I thought that was a very Draco thing to do, too :)

Overall, it wasn't a bad read. It put a smile on my face a couple of times, and I could picture just two work colleagues out on a quick break, having a chat.

Author's Response: Hey Elena! Thank you so much for reading, after all, twas made for your amusement :)

I was a cliche Draco/Hermione writer when I first started writing and this is my first foray back into their characters. Admittedly, I am certainly not without fault here. I completely see the legitimacy of your criticism and am very grateful that you pointed them out :) I think that's what makes Dramione so hard to write in the first place. Because you're trying to imagine them in an environment without hostility and without the immaturity that comes with youth.

Glad you liked Draco's line. I didn't originally write it like that. His answer was supposed to be along the vein of Hermione's response, but I decided that all he went though in life after the war was hard. And hardships like that build character, even if it doesn't completely change your personality.

As for Hermione's response, my only defense in that is that...well they've reached this level of comfort, Draco and she, and it's a level of comfort she really doesn't want to break with a comment like that. Bringing up the torture and Dumbledore. They weren't really Draco's fault. The torture was the DE's fault and Dumbledore was the fault of intimidation. I think it is Hermione's maturity speaking here when she choses to let that one pass aside because 1.) she knows that he's not the same person as he once was and, 2.) because she doesn't really want to ruin the most crucial days of Theo's campaign by putting animosity into her and Draco's working relationship.

Besides, as you said, it is something to laugh about. Maybe I should have made that clearer with a 'she laughed' dialogue tag. But I do totally see your point, however, think that it is matters for a different type of discussion.

I'm glad I made you smile at least XD Thanks so much for reviewing and I really appreciate the constructive criticism :)

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