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Review #1, by Neha The Potter's New Year Ball

8th November 2013:
finish the story...its great..

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Review #2, by MissMoneypenny The Potter's New Year Ball

2nd March 2013:
Aargh! Nooo! It was all going so well... Kind of.
Well done on a really addictive and clever story. You've obviously done lots of research and the story feels really authentic.
I think the plot is really clever (albeit a bit cliched- not that that's a bad thing!!!) and I love the way you gave Hermione the name Emma Watson.
Please update soon, great story!
P.S My only only complaint is that we could have seen a little more friendship-y stuff between the Marauders and Emma before she and Padfoot got together. Hence the 9. But still brilliant!

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Review #3, by i freakin love malfoy The Potter's New Year Ball

1st March 2012:
Wow! Fantabulous story so far! I can't wait for the next chapter!:)

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Review #4, by KiraPotter16 The Potter's New Year Ball

14th February 2012:
That was just evil. And so sad! Keep writing please, I'm almost literally pulled into this story! :) x

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Review #5, by Green Nite Dragon The Potter's New Year Ball

2nd January 2012:
What I think? Well I think you're a bloody good writer, with a wonderfully original plotline. In every other "Hermione goes back in time and meets the Marauders (and surreptitiously falls for one)" she's always "Can't do anything. Must not break laws." I love that you are actually deliberately changing the "future". And the flashes of changed memories? Brilliant!
Can not wait for the next installment.

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Review #6, by weaselredhair The Seer Overlooked

15th October 2011:
I like the banner! :)

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Review #7, by Dragoness101 The Potter's New Year Ball

27th September 2011:
This made me cry. It was so sad

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Review #8, by Rexy The Potter's New Year Ball

23rd September 2011:
It's true , I truly hate you ah why, why would you do this ? I sound hysterical but still awesome work keep it up

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Review #9, by RachelleSnape The Potter's New Year Ball

22nd September 2011:
I still really like this and I don't mind that Sirius and Hermione slept together, but we have been waiting a REALLY long time for an update! i hope you haven't abandoned!

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Review #10, by maskedmuggle The Seer Overlooked

8th August 2011:
Yes, a little cliche. But also very interesting. I stay clear of time travel stories, so I actually don't read them.. but since it's Gryffindor Monday and the story summary was actually quite tempting, I decided to read it! I'm not disappointed, your writing is actually very good, making it an enjoyable read. I liked how Hermione thought the letter was for Harry. I also liked Hermione's characterisation throughout the chapter.

Dumbledore's instructions to Hermione are very vague, so it leaves me wondering what exactly she's going to do. I'm not sure why, maybe because it really gave me the sense of the time travel, but I liked this line: "Hermione was overcome by the experience of being pulled, irresistibly, backwards." Great writing!

- maskedmuggle, Ravenclaw :)

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Review #11, by Kittenshift17 The Potter's New Year Ball

24th July 2011:
You rrally need to keep writing a cliffhanger like this is jsut too cruel! You rock tho,.

Author's Response: Sorry, the House Cup, plus real life, have completely got in the way of my writing. I will complete this story eventually (even if not the way a lot of readers want me too!) but it may be a while. Sorry to keep you waiting, but if I tried to force it, it wouldn't be worth the wait you've already put up with!

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Review #12, by Kittenshift17 The Potter's New Year Ball

21st June 2011:
ARRRGGH! That is me yelling in despair. I liked the chapter and am definetely all for them being together and sleeping together. I think from here you should have it so that Hermione tells Sirius the truth. Only Sirius. So what if she makes it back and they see each other again in the future? Pretty please.

Author's Response: WARNING! This story may not have a happy ending. I am debating putting this warning at the start of the story, as a lot of people have suggested similar things, and my concept of time travel just wouldn't allow it. Hope what does happen instead doesn't disappoint too much. Will be taking a break from this for a while, for the house cup, but it is not abandoned, I promise!

Thanks for reviewing so passionately!

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Review #13, by Kittenshift17 Keeping Things Simple

21st June 2011:
Loved this chapter, especially Sirius being semi naked =) also i like the way you have constructed his personality. Well done you!

Author's Response: Aww, that's so sweet! I love it when I catch a new reader, and they take the time to tell me what they're enjoying! Hope Sirius' personality lives up to your opinions so far!

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Review #14, by Mrs Felton The Potter's New Year Ball

4th May 2011:
PS : when do you think the next chapter will come up? O_o

Author's Response: Honestly, I'm not sure. RL is complicated right now, which is slowing things down. Still, with support like yours I'm definitely motivated to get it done!

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Review #15, by Anneleen The Potter's New Year Ball

4th May 2011:
So I actually made this account just to review on your story! I love how the characters are so real! It's really addictive! I've read this story when I actually needed to study, when I was in my bed,... All the time! It's the best fanfic I've read so far! Well, it's only the fourth, but still, it's way better than the other ones!

This chapter is great! I actually laughed out loud at Hermione's reaction when she woke up :D I kinda hate you because she left, but I'm willing to forgive you if you post your next chapter soon :D 10/10!

Author's Response: Wow - I am so flattered! I'm glad you enjoyed Hermione's reaction first thing - I've had that bit written almost since I started this story, and so it's good to know it's still funny!

Yeah, her leaving was beyond harsh, but there's just so much more road for these two to travel, and a happy ending at this point wouldn't have made sense. Give me time, and hopefully it won't disappoint (though the hatred may remain!)

Thanks so much for all your kind words of support!

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Review #16, by Mrs Felton The Potter's New Year Ball

3rd May 2011:
Yes, i think i'm starting to hate you...but I'm not sure! >.<
I literlally jumped in my chair when i saw that you posted-so happy!-and im absolutly loving this chapter!!! Can't wait to see more! Ha, I also love how Remus is helping out everyone, being such a good friend and such. Love how you made Sirius's personality ;) and poor Hermione!! :( Tough, but interesting!
Post as soon as you can please!!

Author's Response: Well, so long as you're not sure, I guess I'm safe! So glad you liked the chapter - I think you're the first person to be purely positive about it, and I had started to panic.

I love Remus generally, and so wanted him to be a bit more involved in this chapter. Also, if any of the Marauders were going to knock some sense into Sirius, it was going to be him! Look out for more Remus-awesomeness in the next few chapters.

Thanks again for the kind words - I hope you like where I take it!

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Review #17, by Argus MacGonagall The Potter's New Year Ball

2nd May 2011:
So she just left right there? I hope you have better plans for this story. Still enjoyed the humor.

Author's Response: Yes, she just left. She is a freaked out individual who is in an impossible situation. Also, I have all sorts of plot for her to get engaged with, so it was kinda necessary. Glad you enjoyed the humour - I was aiming to at least slightly break the tension here.

Thanks for reviewing and letting me know what you think - the story's not even half way done so far, so lots more to come!

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Review #18, by Emmera Malfoy The Potter's New Year Ball

30th April 2011:
What?! WHAT?! I could have sworn this thing had more chapters to it...argh! I stumbled upon this fic today, and have spent the last so many hours reading it. I absolutely love it and demand more. I also demand that Hermione use the superior brain that I just *know* she possesses and figure out a way to MAKE THIS LOVE WORK!!! Really, that's all there is to it.

(I rated this wonderful fic at a meager 9 only because I'm a grammar freak and have noticed a few small things here and there, thus cruelly stealing from your grasp the perfect 10 this story deserves. Sneaky grammar ninjas >_< And yeah, I'm sure my grammar pretty much sucked just then; please forgive me!)

Author's Response: Hi, and thanks for reviewing! The bad news is that no, at the moment there are no more chapters. The good news is that I have got an entire week off work, so new updates should happen faster than they have in the past.

The even worse news is that it took Hermione seven years to make things work with Ron, and there was nothing standing in their way - she may have an awesome brain, but I don't see that helping her in the romance department any time soon!

Thanks so much for your support with this. I'll have a look through for the grammar errors - thanks for the heads up!

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Review #19, by Diamond Destiny Christmas, With Love

23rd April 2011:
OMG!!! This is such a beautiful story!!! I never really entertained the thought of Hermione and Sirius but I must say it is AMAZING!!! I cannot wait for the next chapter.. BTW when are you updating? Do you have an approximate date? Thank you!!

Author's Response: Hiya,

Glad you're liking it so far. I'd never really thought of Sirius and Hermione together myself, hence why I'm working so hard to explain the attraction!

Sorry for the big wait between chapters, but all the exciting plot twists are about to start happening, so I've been giving it some extra time to get them right. Next chapter will be up by this time next week at the latest, and further chapters are in the pipeline!

Thanks for reading and reviewing this - hope you like where I take it!

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Review #20, by Ballet Dancer Christmas, With Love

14th April 2011:
ahhh. Please please update.

Such a good chapter. I love your characterisation of Sirius and the development of Jame and Lily's relationship!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much! I'm glad you like my Sirius and Jily, and I just hope that what I have planned for them doesn't disappoint! As for updating, the next chapter should be up really soon!

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Review #21, by Scoot Christmas, With Love

13th April 2011:
I love this! I just read through the whole thing and I'm so disappointed that it stopped here! I know its so hard for Hermione and could screw everything up, but I want her and Sirius together!

Please update soon, I feel so bad for Sirius because he hasn't done anything wrong and they just work so well together. I really wanted to hug him and smack her at the end of this chapter. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

(And a side note- yay Lily and James! finally!)

Author's Response: Hmmm, well if you found her smackable in this chapter, I dread to think...!

Thanks so much for reviewing this story - the next chapter, with yet more of Hermione and Sirius, and of course Lily and James, will hopefully be coming soon (with the beta right now!) Hope it doesn't disappoint, and that you can forgive her any continued idiocy...

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Review #22, by ericajen Christmas, With Love

28th March 2011:
Noo! I don't like that. Hermione needs to just admit that her and Sirius are meant to be. Duh. :P Hahahah. Your brilliant use of cliches never ceases to amaze me, Cappie. Sirius is incredibly sweet. (: -swoon- Oh and James and Lily! Too cute for words. The two of them are so adorable to read. Great chapter!!

Author's Response: Heya, glad this chapter continued to please! And sorry, but I wouldn't count on Hermione realising anything anytime soon - she's pretty much Egypt girl at this point!

And I'm glad you're liking James and Lily - they're definitely a supporting pair rather than the main pairing, but it's nice to know that the interactions they are having are enjoyable!

Thanks for all the support!

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Review #23, by littlestbirdy Christmas, With Love

26th March 2011:
Please update soon :) x this story is so good. Oh I feel sorry for Sirius D:

Author's Response: Poor Sirius - he has no idea why she is so strange! Thanks for reading, and taking the time to review - the next chapter is written, but it has some potentially iffy material, so it may be a while before it's posted - sorry!

Thanks again for the support!

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Review #24, by Tazzi_Jade_Black Christmas, With Love

26th March 2011:
EEk!!! I hope sirius and hermione (emma) make out in the next chapter. AHHH I LOVE this story> No really this is ma fave of all faves! :) LOVE YOU!!!

Author's Response: Hmmm, I'll see what I can do ;-) I'm so glad you're enjoying this, and I hope the coming twists don't make you hate me too much! Thanks for the support!

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Review #25, by Rachelle Snape Christmas, With Love

26th March 2011:
I love it! I love it! I love it!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! I'm glad you love it so far, and will try and get my next chapter up as soon as possible!

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