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Reading Reviews for L'Accademia Dei Vampiri
5 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Yorkgal The True King

22nd July 2011:
Omg! This was the first ever story I read on HPFF and i still remember it- pls keep writing!!

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Review #2, by x0xShattered_Dreamsx0x Prologue

9th November 2010:
Hello. I saw your story and couldn't resist giving it a go round. Well, I'm not usually a stickler for word count but this chapter is a little on the short side. You are introducing two male characters who might very well be main characters and I assume Lily being turned is a major theme for the story. You could have added so much more description to the setting, the male characters, and even the change itself. It would help fluff out the chapter a little bit. And even the bit with Harry could have been dolled up a little more.

Okay, that aside, it was a pretty good start and I can't wait to see what happens next.


Author's Response: Yes the word count of the prologue is very short, even for a prologue. I can't now remember why I posted such a short chapter, because it was a bit of a waste of a validation but I completely agree with you about the word count.
I hope you continue to read even though it was short. Thanks for your review!

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Review #3, by spreaddapoo93 Prologue

17th September 2010:
Hello! I'm thinking good idea, and flawless writing, but I wish this was longer with a little more detail! love spreaddapoo

Author's Response: Yes, the prologue is quite short, but I hope the other chapters make up for it. Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by Eleanor Prologue

10th June 2010:
Why is this chapter so short? Aaaahhh! This is such a good idea, I want to keep reading. I hope this doesn't offend you, but I'm kind of sensing you're going down a bit of a twilight route with the Vampirism? not totally, just a few certain things? (which if you are is a good idea, if not then i'm enjoying the way you're writing vampires anyway)
Please, please keep writing if this story, even if its just because you enjoy it, and I'm completely and utterly ready to spend my next few weeks waiting for chapter updates :)

Thanks for writing,
Ellie xxx

Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed that chapter. There could be some Twilight in it, but I'm not sure I've never read them. I found a book called Vampire Academy and sort of got some inspiration from that, though I only read the back. I hope you like the next few chapters. I am going to be posting faster now because I was away for a bit. Thank you for the review!

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Review #5, by PotterBlack7201 Prologue

8th June 2010:
Very interesting start to this story.Though it is pretty short you sure have the makings of a great read.I can not wait until the next chapter comes out I look forward to reading it.

Author's Response: I just wanted to make sure people enjoyed it before I wrote anymore, but I am very glad you enjoyed it and hope you enjoy the next few chapters.

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