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Review #1, by RockChickaLuv Young Love

20th August 2010:
i know many 11yr olds who have already kissed and talked about love. coz my classmates do that already. imagine that, 11 and already kissing and dating. but its a good story anywayz. OBEY ME! bye.

Author's Response: thanks! And thanks even more for reviewing ;)

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Review #2, by HogwartsAngel1224 Young Love

18th July 2010:
so are they going to end up at hogwarts together And not know that the other will be there?

Author's Response: yes, but I haven't figured it all out yet, so it might take a while to update.

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Review #3, by xxRedheadramioneloverxx Young Love

10th July 2010:
awww the kiss was cute! But if they're still friends now when they're eleven, then why do they become enemies in Hogwarts later?

Author's Response: Well, Draco has to pretend he doesn't know Hermione. Hermione doesn't know why he's acting that way especially when he calls her mudblood. This story is actually going to be about them in their seventh year after the war, but I wanted to put in these memories so the story would make sense.

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Review #4, by xxRedheadramioneloverxx Childhood Friends

22nd June 2010:
this is so cute. The one question I have is, how old are they now and why don't draco and hermione remember this friendship if it lasted for 2 years? Oh wait... that's two questions. but not the point! Anyway, please update soon!

Author's Response: well they met when they were 4 so now they are 6 well actually it was Draco's 7th b-day and Hermione's 3 months older. And they do remember, Draco just has to pretend that he doesn't know her because she is muggleborn which he didn't know before because he thought she was a muggle until they met at Hogwarts which you will find out about later. Don't want to give away too much:)

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Review #5, by bwdancer5678 Childhood Friends

22nd June 2010:
its so adorable
and hopefully you go into what its like for them in the future
that should be interesting lol
hope you post more and soon

Author's Response: yeah I will, Their childhood is actually just gonna be a few more chapters, then I may write some about the 6 years at Hogwarts maybe I haven't decided yet, but after that I will go right into after the seventh book.

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Review #6, by Rosiebutterfly Childhood Friends

22nd June 2010:
aw cute I can't wait for more honestly. please update soon so I can read more

Author's Response: I'm trying to update fast because this is probably going to be a really long story. I'm waiting for the next chapter to be validated

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Review #7, by xxRedheadramioneloverxx Collection of Memories

11th June 2010:
aww! this is so cute! Please update it soon!

Author's Response: i will! in fact im going to right now.

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Review #8, by babyim_badnews Collection of Memories

7th June 2010:
Aw I think that is so sweet! Cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks sooo much. I'm really excited. You were the first person to review!

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