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Review #1, by Siriusly21 Punishment and Revenge Part 2

7th September 2015:
I like it so far. I like her inner voice and Sirius's. I wish the POV'S were just a bit longer though, and I'm not sure in necessary to have all the other POV's. I think it would clean the story up to have it just be Sirius and Abby's. Keep going!

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Review #2, by Lottie Punishment and Revenge Part 1

19th September 2010:
Wow some serious laugh out loud moments (no pun intended) especially in chapter two - that was funny xx

Author's Response:
Thanks, glad you liked it!

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Review #3, by bbsloveX Punishment and Revenge Part 2

31st August 2010:
I loved this chapter! so funny! Abby and her friends are so mad, but it makes me laugh! please, please update soon! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll try! :)

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Review #4, by inspiredl Punishment and Revenge Part 2

24th August 2010:
Hey :) well i cant decide whether her leading sirius on was funny or mean- no, wait, it was awesome! You have created a really interesting character in abby and i cant wait to see where it goes :) also, Arctic Monkeys, love em! Cant wait for next chappie, update soon please :) lily xx

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, I just had to put an Arctic Monkeys quote in there! Hopefully make people curious enough to go 'ave a listen! Glad you like the story! :)

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Review #5, by inspiredl Punishment and Revenge Part 1

24th August 2010:
Helloo, liked this chapter muchly :) it was funny. Some of the stuff i said last time still applies though, i think it would really improve if you mixed a bit of description in between all the action. Lily xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your reviews! All really good pointers, so I'll definately use them! Ta! :)

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Review #6, by inspiredl The Feast...And other interesting events

24th August 2010:
Hey again, it was an interesting chapter. The way you kept changing characters was good though maybe you should try and write them a bit more differently if you understand what i mean. So that every character has a distinctive 'voice' :) also some of the time your writing seems a bit rushed, this is probably because you're showing the characters but try some changes in pace.LoveItSoFarTho:) Lxx

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, I don't really have much time to write with school ssignments and such, so chapters have been a bit of a rush job. No assignments left though, so hopefully they'll get better! :)

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Review #7, by inspiredl Yet Another Year at Hogwarts

21st August 2010:
Hey :) i like it so far! Seems like it could be am interesting story. You write well and put across the 'mental voice' of the character (as i like to call it) well. Will read on later and review again. Lily xx

Author's Response: Thanks! I've had mixed reviews about the whole 'mental voice' thing, but I'm glad you feel it works! :)

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Review #8, by dramione_ftw_4ever Punishment and Revenge Part 1

3rd August 2010:
ahaha... nice. Zoom! ZOOM ZOOM! ZOM! I like it! ^^ Serenade Abby?? nice. Get her to make a joke of it!! AHA!! That would be funny to see! ^^

Author's Response: Hmm... That would actually... Perhaps they could pull a prank on the Marauders? Good idea. I shall keep it in mind.

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Review #9, by dramione_ftw_4ever The Feast...And other interesting events

3rd August 2010:
aha. Has someone read the confessions of Georgia Nicolson??? Because Abby sounds a whole lot like Georgia, Rosie like, who else? Rosie, Lily like Jas... ish, just stricter, and Grace like Ellen, just not so dithery. I must say, it's amazing!! ^^

Author's Response: Maybe... :3 Ha haha! Yep, one of my fav series. I was wondering if anyone would notice! Glad you like the story! :)

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Review #10, by katie The Feast...And other interesting events

14th July 2010:
Loved this story post the next chapter up as soon as possible

Author's Response: The next chapter is being validated. :)

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Review #11, by abbymalfoy The Feast...And other interesting events

14th July 2010:
BAHAHHAHAHAHA! I LOVE IT! THAT IS SO FUNNY! my favorite is james pov!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad to know I'm making people laugh! :)

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Review #12, by LOUISE Yet Another Year at Hogwarts

25th June 2010:
That was a wonderful first chapter which means you should update soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks :) A chapter is being validated at the moment!

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Review #13, by Beccaboozle Yet Another Year at Hogwarts

16th June 2010:
This is brilliant. I ,for some insane reason *Cough* i know the writer *cough* that you nemed the cats after your own. I think this is a really good story and keep on writing it. Can't wait for the nwxt chapter. Good job.

Author's Response: Yes.Perhaps I did name the cats after my own...Is that such a crime? I think not! I only wanted to have a world where they actually are in love, instead of the Love/Hate relationship they've got going on here! Go write SWAC fanfiction Beccaboozle! :)

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Review #14, by Jenny Yet Another Year at Hogwarts

6th June 2010:
Haha! I love stories like this. It's one of those kinds of stories where Sirius is being such a dick and does whatever he can to try to get with the girl(which is usually annoying her to no end) who isn't affected by his charm. And to make it even better, this just drives him crazy and makes him even more focused on getting her attention. You gotta love it along with all the sexual tension it causes. ;) Can't wait for the next chapter. Update soon! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! It makes me smile! :) I am working on a chapter at the moment, so I will try and finish it as quickly as possible!

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