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Review #1, by Anon A Steel Trap

23rd November 2016:
I'm fine with whatever amount of Lily/James you put in - this is one of those fanfics that I read more for the story, since so many stories seem too enamored with the characters to create a good plot, let alone interesting subplots. That said, I always want to see Lily interact with Sirius in fanfictions, but they never seem to without a romantic plot to it, so I'm secretly hoping for a subplot that involves them interacting more.

Once Defied and this story are definitely the best canon Lily/James I've read, probably the best canon Marauder Era fic as well. I hope you don't leave this sitting, it is too good to drop off. I'm hoping you continue and do a third, too, to cover up until their deaths.

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Review #2, by Serena A Steel Trap

10th October 2016:
Hi! Your story is wonderful, why haven't you update anymore? It's a shame :( I hope you'll find a way to complete this fiction.

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Review #3, by Gryffinwitch A Steel Trap

27th August 2015:
It is a great story and I love your writing style! Its definitely the best Marauders Era fanfic I have read. You have perfectly captured the characters and they all seem so real(especially Peter!) Also I love that the story is free of the typical teenage over the top romance drama that is present in most of the Lily/James stories, and instead focuses on the war and the Marauder friendship.

I really hope that you get back to finishing this story some time. It will be amazing to read it till the very end.

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Review #4, by Zsaz Dead Ends

9th July 2015:
I always line the teasing between the Marauders :)

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Review #5, by HPlover A Steel Trap

25th June 2015:
I really hope you continue with this story. You are a fantastic writer!

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Review #6, by claira A Steel Trap

3rd December 2014:
I'm so in love with the whole story and the way you write the characters and everything!
In terms of this chapter specifically, I liked the increase of James/Lily, but still felt like the chapter was a bit short...
I'm so so sad that I got to the end of what you've written and that it didn't have a proper conclusion! (I'm literally so sad, you have no idea...)
Please you can't just leave us hanging :'( You're an excellent writer so don't give up on this story, you write it so well!!
come back?!

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Review #7, by claira A Steel Trap

3rd December 2014:
I've put off reading this for almost an hour because I was just not ready to finish!

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Review #8, by claira Peeled Grapes & Monogrammed Towels

3rd December 2014:
Absolutely in love with this story - I know I'm a bit late as you probably wrote this some time last year, but I just wanted to give a review and ask you to keep it up!! Really nice character building with Petunia and Lily's relationship (despite the difficulties with the Pottermore stories you mentioned) and I'm seriously excited to continue reading and find out what happens next...
Good work x

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Review #9, by RedHairGinny A Steel Trap

28th November 2014:
This is really good. I don't like Lily and Sirius' relationship though. They're supposed to be pretty close a/c to canon, since she writes him that letter and what not. Still, wonderful story.

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Review #10, by Rainpixie Stop Motion

28th September 2014:
Hi!!! I happened to check out this site (after a hiatus of my own) and saw that you have been answering reviews! Ahh!! I don't have a specific review for this chapter-sorry! I just wanted to say that I'm glad you're back! Even if you don't update. But I hope that you will! I don't know when you answered my review about bouncing ideas...but the offer stands! I don't know if there is a way to privately give you my email address? I'm not sure if it's allowed on the website rules...but maybe in the forum? Either way, it's just good to see old hats active again :)

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Review #11, by Dobby101 A Steel Trap

7th June 2014:

I know you haven't updated this story in a long time, and, after checking your page, it doesn't seem as if you've been on HPFF in awhile, but I just wanted to drop you a review telling you that I just spent the last week devouring both your stories, Once Defied and Twice Defied.

You are an incredibly talented writer and I love that you stick to canon so make me want to write a story like yours! You have definitely sucked me into your plot and your characterizations and I must admit that I'm a little upset that I may not get to read anymore of your amazing writing.

Since you have asked for constructive criticism in almost every author's note I've read, I will say that I wish that James and Sirius had a closer relationship. At times, it seems like James and Remus are closer. However, I do like how you make Sirius and Peter so makes it more realistic that Sirius would want to switch Peter to secret keeper for the Potters.

(I also love how Peter is an actual full-fledged character and not just some wimp who follows the others around)

Well, that's all I've got to say for now. Thanks for writing such an amazing story and if you ever do venture back to this page, I hope this review encourages you to keep writing. You should not let a talent like this go!

Wonderful job,

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Review #12, by Harris A Steel Trap

21st April 2014:
I have never reviewed before but this story is amazing!!! I hope you decide to continue!! I'm just a bit worried by the long time gap. I hope you are OK, and I hope you decide to write again soon.

Much Love

Harris x

Author's Response: Thank you! I am okay, other than losing the motivation to write for a while. I'm still trying to decide if I have it in me to pick this back up again. I can't promise anything, but I would love more than anything to finish this story! I really appreciate the review--gives me one more reason to try and get back in the swing of things!

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Review #13, by Torrey A Steel Trap

18th July 2013:
I love the route your taking with the story! Personally, I feel like there is no such thing as too much James/Lily...please update soon! :0)

Author's Response: Thanks, Torrey! I know it's been ages since you reviewed and since I updated last, but I really appreciate hearing that you enjoyed it.

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Review #14, by Torrey Dead Ends

17th July 2013:
I just wanted too let you know that I LOVE the story! I think you're doing an excellent job making the plot as well as the character interactions believable and highly interesting!

Author's Response: Thank you! I never, ever get tired of hearing from readers that they think what I've written is believable. That's always what I strive for!

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Review #15, by Elizabeth A Steel Trap

15th July 2013:
I love the amount of James/Lilly! Hopefully you'll update soon, since I'm hooked

Author's Response: Thank you, Elizabeth! I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long. I hope you're doing well, and if I do update one day, you'll find your way back. :)

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Review #16, by g A Steel Trap

1st July 2013:
I'm really loving it!! when are you publishing the next chapter? I think there should be more James/Lily! You wright really well!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so flattered by your compliments. Unfortunately, I can't say when or if I'll post the next chapter, but I expect it's been so long that you've forgotten all about me anyway!

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Review #17, by Kaitie A Steel Trap

27th April 2013:
I really love this story :) you've got me hooked with the plot and the characterization and everything! Keep on updating please please please please please :D

Author's Response: Thanks, Kaitie! I'm sorry that I never posted another chapter. I really appreciate hearing that you enjoyed my writing, and I hope to be able to have more for you one day!

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Review #18, by Rainpixie Exodus

14th April 2013:
I love your long chapters! I get so lost in the story I don't even realize they are over until they are over. Please add more chapters! I'm nervous that you have abandoned the story and it is just too good to be abandoned.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like the long chapters! I always personally feel like chapters of stories that I love that are less than 4000 words are just too short.

If there was a "Begrudgingly Abandoned" status, I probably would have assigned it to this story. Because, to be quite honest, there was a long time where I didn't foresee returning to finish it. (I'm a bad author.) However, I never really WANTED to leave it unfinished, and still don't.

We'll see what the future brings! In the meantime, I've really enjoyed reading your reviews. Thanks for leaving them.

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Review #19, by Rainpixie The Night of the Second Day

14th April 2013:
I think your version of James's dad's disease is creative. It's magical without being too ridiculous. It is troubling that both of his parents die of a disease, but his mother has yet to be affected (that we as of yet know of course). This really is a destined tragedy, isn't it? Sigh. I also thought Alice's speech was rather poignant. It does put perspective on why the order members are so distant to the marauders doesn't it? In a separate semi related thought I am hoping for some kind of reconciliation between lily and Sirius. So far it seems like the marauders have accepted lily as James's girlfriend, but not as their friend.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm really happy to hear you found the disease believable.

I've always envisioned (in a vague sense) how things would improve for the relationships between the Order and the Marauders/Lily, and between Lily and James' friends. I figured things would be a bit boring if it was all perfect from the start! ;) I would love to get the motivation together to actually write it.

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Review #20, by Rainpixie Grown Up

14th April 2013:
Are you writing a book in real life? You should.

Author's Response: Well, it's kind of funny that you ask that--I haven't written a book (unless you count a really flimsy first draft), but that was part of the reason I've been away for so long. I was trying to focus on original fiction writing more. But fan fiction always has this lure for me!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by Rainpixie All Right

14th April 2013:
OK it's like I'm watching a movie in my head while I'm reading and I just don't know if I can sing your praises loudly enough. I'm curious though-i had expected an appearance from Mary.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I really appreciate all the words of encouragement. :)

No Mary in action as a Hit Wizard. Yet. ;)

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Review #22, by Rainpixie Vernon Dursley

14th April 2013:
I'm nervous and excited that things are picking up with the order!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like the building of action in the story. :)

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Review #23, by Rainpixie Peeled Grapes & Monogrammed Towels

14th April 2013:
Petunia is such a boar. Sometimes I do wish that lily was more passionate about her relationship with James though. However as per usual I am completely enamored with your writing! You are quite possibly the most talented writer I have yet had the pleasure to read on here! Please please update! If you are feeling stuck (I read something of the sort in an answer to another review) I'm sure any one of your readers would be thrilled to help bounce ideas! This one would in particular :)

Author's Response: Petunia is very frustrating. It's hard to believe that she cut her sister off so cruelly!

Other people have made the same point as you about the passion in Lily and James' relationship, and I do notice it myself when I re-read this story. On the one hand, I have to stand by the way that Lily sees their relationship overall--I've always believed that James would have been the one who is more in love in their relationship. (There's always someone who's more in love.) But it's not wrong for you to wish for it to be different! And on a related note, I feel weird writing those "passionate" scenes--strangely voyeuristic, even though they're fictional characters.

I have no idea if you're still around (I see you haven't posted any reviews since last August), but I have to say, I wouldn't be opposed to bouncing ideas off someone. I was and still am stuck! Trying to figure out if I can get unstuck, though. Thanks for your offer!

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Review #24, by Rainpixie Dead Ends

13th April 2013:
Sorry if my nerd is showing but I am in love with your grammar. Also you are so good at writing dialogue! It doesn't over power the chapter and you capture distinct individual traits in each character. I am just as anxious as James for things to pick up with the order though

Author's Response: No need to apologize for nerdy comments! I love grammar, too, so I understand, and am really happy that mine is good!

And, gah, it just makes me feel so proud to hear that you like my dialogue! It's funny, because I've always known that I write dialogue better than description, but it's another thing to hear it from someone else.

Thank you!

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Review #25, by Rainpixie A Steel Trap

12th April 2013:
Please please PLEASE update!! I'm hooked, addicted, dependent- and now strung out!

Author's Response: Oh dear, now I feel really bad about not updating! :( I want to try, I really do. The best motivation is reading reviews like yours, so thank you!

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