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Review #1, by theblacksisters a Secret carefully Hidden in a family Old and Powerful

4th January 2014:
I would get someone to look over it: I see a few capitalization/spelling errors.

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks, I appreciate both the feedback and the fact that you clicked on my story and read some of it - and I see your point, but I can only hope that you keep on reading and find my writing to be better and better, as I wrote the beginning of the story years ago. When I finish I will try to read it over again and do some heavy correcting, but at the moment I prioritize writing the new chapters.

Again though, thank you for the read & review!

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Review #2, by Infinityx a Secret carefully Hidden in a family Old and Powerful

3rd January 2014:
Hi there! I'm here for the seventh day of the 12 days of reviewing challenge.

This was a very interesting chapter. You've established Scorpius as a pretty nasty person and I'm wondering what kind of role he'll play as the story progresses.

There's a subtle element of mystery in this chapter. There's not much background on Samanta. Her characterization isn't very strong and it seems like things are just happening very fast. The end of the chapter indicates that the story is going to pick up and a lot more elements introduced. But before that happens, I think there needs to be a lot more detailing on the setting and the characters to make the story more interesting. At this point, there aren't any strong emotions or details that can help the reader connect to the main character and that needs to be built upon, especially since she's an OC.

I hope this review helped. :)
Happy holidays!

- Erin.

Author's Response: Hi, thank you for reviewing, I must say, I think it's the most interesting review I've ever gotten. Constructive criticism is so important to be able to improve as a writer. At the same time, I have to say I hope you continue reading the story, as I personally believe the first chapters are quite different in the way they are written than what comes later on, given the long period of time that has gone between them. Hopefully I have given more inns on Samanta, if not - maybe I should.

Again, thank you so much for the review, I really appreciate it.

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Review #3, by LoonyLovegood11 small in Numbers, big in Differences

14th October 2012:
Really, really liked this story. The mystery surrounding the family has me intrigued as to what will happen. I also like the concept of them be able to transform into a dragon. It's a really original concept that I haven't seen before.
There are a few spelling and grammar mistakes, which I can easily overlook, thanks to the sheer amazing-ness of this story. Just about every story I read has a few, so it's nothing to really worry about.
Zane is possibly my favorite character. I'd love to see more of him. I really love the awareness he has to what is going on and the quiet, cool, intelligent, semi-manipulative vibe I get off him, whether or not you intended it to be that way.
My gut feeling is that somehow Danny and Andrei know each other. Maybe part of the same family or something. They just remind me of one another. It might also be the fact that Danny just showed up 'again' as Narizza is visiting Andrei. It's probably not right, but I like to speculate.
I know it's been about a year since you updated this story but I really hope you do soon and that it hasn't been abandoned. Keep up the good work, people are still reading it.
xx Loony

PS. Sorry for the length of this and the number of 'really's I used.
PPS. It's killing me not knowing what comes next.

Author's Response: I don't know if you'll ever see this, but if you do, you have no idea what reading you comment just did to me. I haven't been on this site in a long time, but I do in fact still write on the story. Randomly logging inn again and seeing that someone has read what I have written is incredibly motivating. The thing is, as I published it here it went so long between updating so I decided to just complete it and then publish it when it was all done. So if you do see this, please hold on a little longer and more will come. Hopefully the spelling has improved a little too, hehe.

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Review #4, by APotterGirl small in Numbers, big in Differences

13th November 2011:
It was okay but it's not really gripping.

Author's Response: auch.. but thank you for the review i guess

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Review #5, by supermegafoxyawsomehot On My Way Back Home

17th September 2011:
... this was too short. YOU MAKE ME WAIT FOR THIS LONG ONLY TO HAVE A SHORT CHAPTER! you had better have a really long one next time to make up for it. UPDATE!

Author's Response: Been really busy lately, but I'm working on the next two chapters now, and trust me, they'll be a lot longer:)

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Review #6, by supermegafoxyawsomehot Gold and Fire

17th August 2011:
AH this is intense. Make sure to update soon so i don't go insane, alright?

Author's Response: I'll try, so glad you like it;)

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Review #7, by supermegafoxyawsomehot Enigmatic Encounter

13th August 2011:
WHAT!!! Update update update. you must add on to this story or else... i will crucio your butt. MUAHAHAHAHA!

Author's Response: I will try to get next chapter done pretty soon, though I tend to spend some time on it:/ But it will come, I'll finish this story no matter what, so stay tuned;)

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Review #8, by supermegafoxyawsomehot Black Street, Black Sheep

13th August 2011:
Wow, this is such an amazing story. I can't believe you didn't get that many reviews. it is brilliant. I shall continue this story tomorrow and update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Means a lot to me to hear that you like it:)

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Review #9, by no matter a Secret carefully Hidden in a family Old and Powerful

31st July 2011:
Just to inform you, that you mixed up Scorpius and Draco.

>> Not like Draco had done, but carefully and, well, Merlin, what a great kisser he was.

Author's Response: Thank you! Editing must have gone a bit too fast, gonna fix it up. :)

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Review #10, by Zora Weasley Enigmatic Encounter

13th July 2011:
oh wow. I really like it so far.
I think her transfiguration is really interesting.
And I also like the whole mystery that is going on.
i hope you update soon

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing again! I'll try to have another chapter out in not too long - though I'm afraid I can be quite slow at times, but getting reviews really inspires me to keep on working:)

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Review #11, by Zora Weasley A Stunning Spell

13th July 2011:
I think it is still an interesting story.
Maybe it takes a bit to long till the reader (me) gets to know whats going on in her family, but on the other hand is that one of the things that make me keep reading, so it`s probably good. It is no the only thing, I think you also have a nice way to write and I enjoy reading the story.
well I`m off to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: You're right - it does take some time to get to know everything, I have a lot planned for this story and the Mortons secret has so much to do with the main plot that I don't think we're gonna get all the answers until the very end. But the answers come one by one and hopefully you'll find Samanta's journey interesting;)

Thank you for reviewing! :)

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Review #12, by Zora Weasley Her time has come

13th July 2011:
I like your story so far. I`m exited to read about this secret soon.
I think it is interesting that you wrote in her Aunts perspective in this chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

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Review #13, by DoubleSided Black Street, Black Sheep

13th May 2011:
For starters, this is the most well written chapter. The paragraphs are nicely spaced, the grammar is mostly correct and there is a lot of intrigue.
Your plotline is interesting. I've never read anything like this before, a family which can morph into dragons--it's really out of the box. Kudos for coming up with it.

That said, there are a few things to work on. One is the spelling, there are a lot of mistakes within the chapter, but that's really easy to fix. Another thing is the pacing of the chapters. Everything seems to happen really quickly. Sloow down. It doesn't hurt to have longer chapters :)

Also, I love the ideas you laid out in this chapter about the Aurors... their grip loosening and tightening, etc. To me, little add-on stuff like that is some of the best parts of this story so far, it really makes you think. The neo-Voldermortism is a great idea, too. Definitely something that would most likely happen in this new generation.

It's a good story so far, keep going!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing, I really appreciate it and it helps me a lot!

It's fun to see that you think this one is the best so far, because I have written for quite some time now, and when I look back at the ones I wrote a while ago I definitely see that it was not as good. With the spelling mistakes and so on, english is not my native language, but I try to get better, because I love to write in this language:)

And with the pace, thank you for saying that. I have around two more years of this story in my head, and this first months is just the beginning, so I think I'm trying to reach the more exciting happenings as fast as possible, but maybe I should slow down a little;)

Again, thank you so much for the review:)

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Review #14, by saffron sky Understandings

1st May 2011:
Hi Sang Real
Contrary to what you might think, I thought that the first chapter was actually pretty good and interesting. It does tend to get descriptive, though, and I can imagine evrything in my mind, like I've got a pretty good sense ( I think) of what Sam looks like.

Kudos on your banner. Its awesome. And I love your nom de plume! . :) :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review, I think I really needed one now;) For me it's great just to see that somebody at least is reading what I write, no matter if it's positive or negative, but seems like you actually like it a little:)

I'll hope you keep on reading, new chapter coming soon.

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Review #15, by Steph a Secret carefully Hidden in a family Old and Powerful

7th June 2010:
Good so far, not much can happend in the first chapters, I mean a bit of action. I think it's well written and a good story, will keep on reading.
Perhaps a little bit longer chapters.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot, my first review:) Don't worry, the action is coming, just need to start up the story first, but a few more chapters and things will start to change, literally. I think the chapters will be a bit longer as well.

And one more thing, if you keep on reading(as I hope you will), the first chapter will get a little change, it's waiting for validation now, but please read the first chapter again with the change.

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