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Review #1, by Aya Chapter Twelve

8th April 2015:
i find this funny. heehee

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Review #2, by Julia Chapter Twelve

21st August 2014:
I loved this story, and especially the twist at the end! I wonder how many changes we would make to our lives if we could see a few steps into the future for each of our actions.

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Review #3, by eva Chapter Eight

21st September 2012:
Oh, I love it!
Your the devil, in a very good way.
hihi, i'm getting all giggelish (or how ever you write it).

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Review #4, by lopla Chapter Two

12th September 2012:
Wah! No you're making me cry! Don't die! Hermione!

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Review #5, by Lily Chapter Twelve

10th September 2012:
Thank you so much for writing this story! Everything is impeccable - the writing, timing, characters and even the spelling and grammar. ^.^ I'm truly impressed.

Author's Response: Wow I haven't been on in quite some time and was pleasantly surprised by your review. Thank you so much :)

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Review #6, by shippingeverything Chapter Four

25th July 2012:
I love a good mystery! His mum's cheekiness is fun to read.

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Review #7, by shippingeverything Chapter Three

25th July 2012:
This story is something different than all the Dramione's I've read before and your originality is amazing. Keep it up? :)

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Review #8, by shippingeverything Chapter Two

25th July 2012:
This was good, but a little more detail is always something lovely in a story. Keep up the brilliance!

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Review #9, by shippingeverything Chapter One

25th July 2012:
I like the way you started going about it from something that intrigues this much. Its a great start!

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Review #10, by HarryPotterManiac Chapter Twelve

18th June 2012:
I like the ending although it was cliche. It is like she woke up from a dream and that idea is so overused.

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Review #11, by lisadoree Chapter Twelve

14th May 2012:
Hey the ending wasn't bad at all it just needed a little more warning as to wherer she was going to Wake , I really liked it.

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Review #12, by lisadoree Chapter One

14th May 2012:
I like where this story is going . I really love Hermione and Draco as a couple. So far it's Good.

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Review #13, by HHR_0405 Chapter Twelve

18th April 2012:
Mhmm i really would like a sequel .cant just leave me hanging like that .what happens next ?Please please write more :)

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Review #14, by Ade W Malfoy Chapter Twelve

16th April 2012:
Could you please do a sequel? It's a awesome story and I hate cliffies! Pretty, pretty please?

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Review #15, by tha.king.m_m Chapter Twelve

13th October 2011:
ME WANT SEQUEL! And I really enjoyed your story! :-D 10/10

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Review #16, by Gabula Chapter Twelve

13th October 2011:
S E Q U E L ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 10/10 for whole story!

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Review #17, by zaia Chapter Twelve

22nd September 2011:
One word: sequel! I mean it. It's so nice! Wah! I love it!!
I wish there was more Astraea and Draco though. ;) They look so cute together. Nice work! :D

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Review #18, by amari Chapter Twelve

18th August 2011:
Nice story :) The ending was prb the best

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Review #19, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Chapter Five

6th August 2011:
I like the story plot, it is amazing :) But it is very confusing for me :0

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Review #20, by Jamie Chapter Twelve

22nd July 2011:
Sequels are good! Write one Please, I don't like cliffhanger endings!

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Review #21, by Roonil Wazlib Chapter Twelve

21st June 2011:
make a sequel!!! i need to know what happens next! will harry and ginny find out? plz write another story

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Review #22, by parvatipatilxx Chapter Twelve

5th April 2011:

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Review #23, by Titi139 Chapter Twelve

31st March 2011:
OMG!!! Wat a twist!!! I luv it man it's AWESOME! Keep writing

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Review #24, by Potterfan Chapter Twelve

14th February 2011:
Fab story. I vote for a sequel!!!

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Review #25, by Dracolover17 Chapter Twelve

8th February 2011:
have you decided to make a sequel, i thought this was a pretty good story, i just wish it was a little longer and with a little more to the story.

Author's Response: Not yet. I've been pretty busy lately with my last semester in high school and keeping my grades up. I'm taking a creative writing class, so maybe that might get my juices flowing? I don't know, but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the story.


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