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Review #1, by Lostmyheart Actor

18th October 2013:
Quite funny story! I loved how you described Al and Scorpius and when Scorpius prepared for the acting. I sat here smiling like a fool. 9/10 - I would have given you a 10/10 if the story was longer, because you're so talented!

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Review #2, by LittleWelshGirl99 Actor

28th September 2012:
You definitely didnít make me barf with this! I love fluff! I LIVE for fluff! YAY.

And gosh, ďcan I have a calming draught? Why? you make me nervousĒ is just the best pick up line Iíve heard in ... well, ever! Hilarious! How on earth did you come up with that? ;D And oh hi there potential Rose/Scorpius chemistry! Aww this was just so unbelievably cute. I want to cuddle this story. Itís so innocent and adorable >:D *creepy grin*

I love the quotes for this too, and the way you created a plot around them. Rose was uber cool and awesome too! Man, I wish I could act like those two can!

I honestly had no idea how this was going to end and I was rather pleasantly surprised by the fact that there were no odd twists or anything, it was just a little snapshot into the charactersí lives. At first I thought Rose was going to fall for Scorpiusís act and stuff, but no she didnít which I liked and it added that extra bit of originality. It was great!

Argh such cuteness. I will die from it ♥

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Review #3, by Secret Santa Actor

23rd December 2011:
I love it! The quotes worked perfectly with the story. Man, I can't believe that the entire thing was just because Rose wouldn't let Albus copy her Potions homework for a week... Anyway, it was amazing. Really, really fluffy and so sweet! I love the way you characterised the three of them - it was brilliant! Also, the idea of Scorpius Malfoy in a dress = :D I really enjoyed it!

Secret Santa

Author's Response: haha, yeah, Albus can be pretty petty ;) I'm glad you liked this so much! I love fluff too much to resist writing stuff like this ♥ And Scorpius Malfoy looks great in anything. Thank you so much for this lovely review!

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Review #4, by katebabelovesharrypotter Actor

22nd March 2011:
I laughed so hard! It was so great!

Author's Response: haha thank you! I'm glad you liked it :')


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Review #5, by HarrietHopkirk Actor

22nd February 2011:
Hello Jordan. *Insert creepy smiley face here*

WELL HELLO THERE ROSE/SCORPIUS WITH LOVELY FUNNY HARRY POTTER PICK UP LINES. They're my favourite kind of pick up line. Oh and Glee, which is also AWESOME! :D

You've got such a wonderful writing style: it flows, you've got descriptive and details in there which makes it more interesting to read. You've got a handle of grammar and spelling and what not, which is fab. :D

I love all the characters you've created. Rose was hardcore and awesome and cool. I loved the last line and her sassiness and her comeback. I wish I was that smooth.

You fitted in the required quotes really well. The pick up line definitely fitted in with Scorpius' arrogant stud character. I kept imagining him as Puck. I love Puck. Your dialogue is also really realistic and believable! And Albus and Scorpius had a wonderful relationship - they were hilarious!

And you won your challenge? Awesome! :D

Author's Response: Hey Hattie 8D

AH YOU'RE WAY TOO KIND ♥ I'm so glad you like it. AND MY WRITING STYLE? HEHE. :D You just helped my day be even better!

HAHA, Rose as hardcore! I like that. And yes, she is smooth. If I could be half as smooth as she is, I'd be the ruler of the world by now. :P I'm happy you think the quotes fit well and everything because YES PUCK IS HILARIOUS! When I got that quote for the challenge I laughed in GLEE (HAHA GEDDIT?)

Anyways, thank you so much for this really nice review, Hattie! ILY!


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Review #6, by TheProphecy Actor

15th February 2011:

Let the review bombing begin!!!

So, Actor! I found the beginning very funny :D and I like your characterisation of Scorpius and Al. I know it wasn't yours but that stud line had me rolling around the floor laughing.

I like your writing style, it's easy to read and detailed and descriptive all at the same time. :)

I love that you just had Al in the corner munching on a choccy frog. I found that really entertaining.I also thought it was brilliant when Scorpius ruined it, I was just thinking, face-palm!

I love the fluff, it was really cute. I was also laughing the whole way through so well done!!!

Next bomb!!!

Author's Response: OMG :O
Thank you so much for all of this review bombing - literally made my extremely stressful week! ♥

I'm so glad you liked this one-shot! I love to write humor, and knowing that I got a laugh out of somebody really makes me happy :D



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Review #7, by ravenclaw_princess Actor

28th January 2011:
What a great little story you have here. I really enjoyed it.

I thought the characters were great, especially Rose, she has some spunk in her. I loved her last line and comeback to Scorpius. Al and Scorpius were equally as colourful in personality and I do love the dare they pulled.

The story flowed really well had enough detail to set the scene. The dialogue was good and the quotes you put in for the challenge fitted really well. I could so imagine Scorpius saying the first one.

I didn't notice any grammatical or spelling errors so well done on that front.

Over all, a charming little one shot and congrats for getting 1st place in one of the challenges.

Author's Response: Ahh thank you! I'm glad you liked this so much. I definitely wanted Rose to have SOME spunk in there. I like spunk ;) Thanks for the congratulations as well - I was so surprised when I found out I'd gotten 1st. :')

Thank you for the kind review!


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Review #8, by Indigo Seas Actor

9th January 2011:
Ahahaha, I can't get over the fact that suPREME pick up line was just used. Can I use that? Do you think if I used that on somebody, they would look at me funny? I'm sure they would, but it would be awesome and I could blog about my experiences, or something.

WOW. THAT WAS LOVELY. You were completely leading the reader on and on for pretty much the whole thing, and then you throw your indignant Rose in there and it was LOVELY. That original turn made your story refreshing and new, which is always something I like to read.

And your DIALOGUE! Loved it. It was natural. Which is awesome. I'm always a stickler for natural dialogue (which is somewhat hypocritical because I can hardly write it myself, if at all), and you definitely pulled it off here. So, a pat on the back and a definite "YAY FOR YOU" is in order here, because that just made the story even better than it all ready was.

Did I mention how awesome this was? I cannot stop squeeing over this. I need to leave now before someone sees me grinning like a maniac.

xx Rin

Author's Response: OH MY GOD *DIES*
YOU--YOU GAVE ME A REVIEW? I FEEL SO HONORED. Is this real life? *pinches self*
I'm so glad you liked it! SQUEEING OVER IT? *dies again* Your review has just made my day explosive with happiness :D I can't believe you like this story so much! AND THERE'S CAPS IN IT! *FLAILS* AND MY DIALOGUE IS A STRENGTH? :D

I am so, so INCREDIBLY ecstatic that you enjoyed this. I now know what everyone means by Rin reviews being so lovely < 3

And lol, if you do end up using that pickup line, let me know - I'd love to hear what the reaction was! Thank you so much for this squeeful review - you think YOU'RE grinning like a maniac, but my grin has spread even wider than yours! :D


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Review #9, by nitenel Actor

6th January 2011:
Aww that was good. 9/10

Author's Response: :D I'm glad you liked the story! Thanks for the nice review!


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Review #10, by kaileena_sands Actor

25th December 2010:
Nooo. it wasn't cheesy! It would have been cheesy if she fell for it! But she didn't :)) She returned Scorpius' punch where it most hurts. xD

Anyways, I can see why this won the challenge. It's a really nice use of the line and Rosy didn't falling for it was a ball full of laughs. I love that girl! And - I don't read much next gen but I always like the idea of Al and Scorpius being friends - it's such a nice representation how the war (and the feud b/n Potters and Malfoys) is truly over.

Otherwise... beautifully written, short but sweet and original. I think I may have to look at your other one-shots since I like your writing style.

Happy holidays! *hugs*

Author's Response: haha I'm glad you liked this! Thanks so much for reviewing, Harley!


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Review #11, by moonbaby11 Actor

25th December 2010:
Jordan! :) I liked the fluff, don't worry. Actually, I thought the story was rather funny, so you don't have to worry about me barfing over it. ;)

I liked the approach you took with this, especially since most Rose/Scorpius stories you see are about 'forbidden love' and how they can't be together. This was purely fun. I loved how you fit in the cheesy pick up line. It worked really well, the big climatic lead up, just for that. I thought that it was pretty funny :)

I liked how you had Al getting revenge on Rose for something as little as not letting him copy her work. I thought that was something good that brought out his character. You seemed to do good with getting character across, even though it was just a one-shot.

Well, great job on this one Jordan! I think it would be cool if you could add more onto this, because I like the characters, but I know that you don't really like fluff. Anyways, keep up the good work and Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: haha, actually when I wrote this one-shot, I didn't like fluff because I wasn't exactly sure what it was. But now since I've become more knowledgeable and all that jazz, I like fluff. LOL I should change that in the A/N.

I'm glad you liked this one, Kennedy! I'll think about adding onto the story ;) And whoa, I was good with the characters? WOW! I'm impressed that you think that, and impressed with myself now. 8D Boy, do I sound egotistical. But anyways, the point is, I'll think about it. Merry Christmas, Kennedy, and thanks for the review!


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Review #12, by orderofthephoenix Actor

24th December 2010:
I thought this was brilliant! I laughed SO much at this. :D And that really is a VERY cheesy pickup line!!

Happy Holidays :)
Sophia x

Author's Response: haha thanks Sophia! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #13, by maskedmuggle Actor

7th November 2010:
you just made me want to read more Scorpius & Rose...
It's very original, so unique (especially compared to the "forbidden love, romeo and juliet stories")
I think this could work well if you added a few more chapters :P

Author's Response: ahahaha
actually I'm not too big on writing ScoRose but this was a light dip in the pond, if you will, a test drive. I probably won't be writing ScoRose for a while but I'm glad you loved this as well! I'm just waiting for that fateful day when you'll say, "Um, this story SUCKS..."

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Review #14, by mizzxpearl Actor

22nd August 2010:

I don't even know where to start. I've been smiling and chuckling from the moment that I started this. And your first pickup line had me laughing like crazy. In fact, as I was writing you that last sentence, I scrolled back up, read it again, and started laughing againg. LOVED IT!

It was so refreshing to read an Albus who's a bit of a prat. I mean, I love a sweet Albus just as much as the next person, but I'm sure it's not only ever James who gets a stupid plan into his head. Even though this was only a one-shot, you were able to describe the friendship between Albus and Scorpius very well, as well as the bit of dislike I'm guessing Rose held beforehand towards Scorpius. Good job!

So, like I've said over and over, I loved this! Keep at it! :D

Author's Response: AH :D Really?! You LOVE IT? :D

I'm so ecstatic that I made you laugh so much! That's somewhat of a goal with make my readers smile or even better, roll on the floor laughing! Thank you so much! :D For reviewing! And for loving it! :DD


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Review #15, by propertyoftheHBP Actor

21st August 2010:
Hilarious! I loved the running joke about Scorpius being an actor, and the descriptions the entire time he was with Rose were just too funny for words. All of the dialogue, actually, between all of the characters were just too funny for words. It would take me ages to pick out my favorite lines, and I'd probably quote most of your story doing so, so I won't bother and simply say that I loved all of them. :P The idea between this is hilarious as well--Al getting revenge on Rose because seh didn't let him copy her Potions homework? I love it. My only teeny-tiny gripe about this is that the ending seemed a bit rushed and forced, especially with Rose just going along with the flow of everything...but it's really very minor and didn't take away from the fantastic-ness of the piece much at all.

Again: I loved it! You did a fantastic job. :D

Author's Response: :D Glad you liked, no, loved it! :D

Yes, I agree, the end is a bit iffy for me too. I was uncertain on how to end it, so I kinda jumbled it all up in the end. Sometimes when I read it, it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I don't really know how I would change it though. Thank you so much for reviewing! I think you've probably reviewed almost all of my stories, ahaha! :D Means a lot to me!


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Review #16, by Drummergirlred Actor

21st August 2010:
Really cute and humorous, I'm a bit burned out on the Rose/ Scorp pair but this was really cute and different. You seem to have used your challenge lines really well and they held this piece together. I love that Rose got back at Scorpius with her own little acting session.
nice job!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D


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Review #17, by witch_in_training Actor

18th August 2010:
Haha, aww! I'm usually not huge on fluff, but this was cute. I know this wasn't the point, but I kind of felt bad for Albus, since he was the only one who wasn't in on anything =P Well, he THOUGHT he was...

The line from Glee made me laugh. XD You slipped it in at the perfect time. It might be kind of clichť for Scorpius to be a 'stud,' but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it, right? ;)


Author's Response: Haha! I guess near the end-ish he was more part of it, but I've never really felt too bad for Albus in this story.

But heh, that's mean and cruel author for you!

And don't let me stop you from enjoying the cliches! I'm glad you enjoyed the story !! :D


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Review #18, by Riya Potter Actor

5th July 2010:
Nice story dude! I really LAUGHED.

Keep writing... :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much :D I will keep writing!


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Review #19, by _Lady Marauder_ Actor

1st July 2010:
Hey there! Finally here to review these pieces! XD

Anyways, the first thing I noticed was how you painted Scorpius, which was, in my opinion, adorable. He was dry and sarcastic at the beginning, with Albus. He had that little bit of Malfoy pride that wouldnt let him back out of a dare, and the arrogance which went well with the Glee line you got *SQUEE*, but he was still himself, which was very good.

I also liked how you introduced Rose before she ever even came into the picture personally. With your lion imagery, etc.

The change that you described coming ovr Malfoy was like...chilling. I think I have goosebumps lol. Like SERIOUSLY. If I was Rose, I probably would have jumped on his right there lol. I have a weakness for the Malfoys :P

I was curious as to how that pickup line would affect the story, but Im glad you didnt pretend it would have worked lol. Cos its a little, like you said, a LOT cheesy. The was you did it rolled with the rest of the scene quite nicely, I even felt a little bad for Rose for a second that she was getting fooled like that, but I also like how you made her virtually cool with the whole thing, joking back with the boys and such.

All in all, I thought it was hilarious, and I really enjoyed it. The Glee quote I gave you seemed to fit in perfectly with the rest of the scene, and how you protrayed Scorp, which was the purpose!! Good job!!


Author's Response: Woohoo! I'm so glad you like Scorpius's character (in fact, the whole story itself) because I had so much fun writing it! Your review has made me smile a bunch :D Thank you so much for stopping by!


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Review #20, by BellaFan202 Actor

16th June 2010:
Oh, trust me, I would've laughed if my little sister hadn't been asleep in the bunk above me. I loved it; everything, the fluff, the humor. I had been expecting, however, Rose and Scorpius to actually get together. But it was greath nontheless.


Author's Response: I like the pairing Rose/Scorpius but there's too much "opposites attract" stories floating out there. I couldn't let them get together so fast because these things take time, you know? Glad you think it's great! I'm so happy hehe. :D Thank you for the high rating and for reviewing!


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Review #21, by confusedlover Actor

6th June 2010:
very lovely.

i thought this was a very wonderful and entertaining one-shot. the pace was nice and easy to comprehend and the plot was unlike anything i have ever read before.

so to answer your first question, no, i did not think it was too cliche at all. this was a new and original idea as far as i know and i thought it was very interesting and intriguing. the dialogue came nice and easy i thought and i had a very nice time seeing it through to the end.

there was some humor, yes. where i laughed was at the end but i did think in the thousand words or so this was that it was funny. great job on that since it seems like that was one thing you were going for.

i didn't think there were any points where the story seemed strained. as i mentioned earlier, the dialogue seemed well put together and the story itself had a nice easy flow and ring to it.

overall, i thought this was a very well-written one-shot. i'm just starting to get more into next-generation so thank you for making the transition a lot easier with a great one-shot to work off of. feel free to request for another review on my review thread any time you wish and do keep up the amazing writing. have a wonderful day!

Author's Response: Ah! Thank you so much for soothing my concerns. You've left me a wonderful review, and I'll try to get back to your thread when I want another one! Again, thank you so much!


P.S. I'm so glad you thought this story was funny! ^__^

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Review #22, by Kerry Cho Actor

4th June 2010:
It's not exactly what I would call fluffly, but certainly romantic :)
Nice story

Author's Response: Heh, It's probably not the most fluffy story you've ever read because I'm not used to writing fluff. It seemed very fluffy to me, though! ^_^ Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #23, by LovinTheWizards Actor

3rd June 2010:
No worries. I'm sure that nobody barfed. :)
Adorable. I especially enjoyed the cheesy pick-up lines.

Much loves :D

Author's Response: ahhaa aww thanks! I didn't make the pick-up lines, though, I wrote this for a challenge! The credit goes to twitchy_little. Thank you for reviewing!


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Review #24, by lucekd08 Actor

3rd June 2010:
Hm... interesting. Funny-ish. Although i'm a sucker for fluff (especially when it comes in marshmellow form), I felt like it was lacking a little bit. But of course in my opinon, all fluff should end in a kiss (or more, like a lot of people like to do with Ronmione stuff...*winks seductively*). But it was... mediocre, but only for the reason stated above. :) I still enjoyed it though (and you didn't make me barf).

Author's Response: haha sorry xD I wanted the feeling to be more implied, and not so much in your face, you know? Fluff is not usually my strong point, so I could only do so much. But thank you so much for your input and for reviewing!


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Review #25, by littlemissmb Actor

2nd June 2010:
LOL it was kinda funny. i enjoyed it

Author's Response: haha thank you so much!


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