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Review #1, by pixel True Happiness

21st February 2018:
a few spelling errors, but still very good!
I wish i could give 11/10!

Dramione Forever!

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Review #2, by pixel Pug Face and Weasel With a Little Blonde

21st February 2018:


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Review #3, by pixel Explination

21st February 2018:


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Review #4, by Drarry~Pnix True Happiness

18th February 2017:
Good! I really liked it, but i don't like how she made up with Ron. He was so mean, and she just made up with him like that? Kinda unrealistic. But, whatever. This was a good story and you did a good job. K, that's all. Bye!

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Review #5, by GeekMom13 True Happiness

6th November 2016:
This was amazing. Thank you

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Review #6, by Natalie Martinez True Happiness

16th July 2016:
Does draco marry hermione if they do what childern do they have

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Review #7, by Voldemort Explination

22nd June 2016:
Perfect, couldn't be better

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Review #8, by hpfanlife True Happiness

8th April 2016:
This was a pretty good story, but one thing. Ginny is in a year below the others.

BTW, I am going to name my daughter Mysteria, that is SUCH a cool name.

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Review #9, by Azalea Starling True Happiness

6th December 2015:
I really liked this story and was super happy that everything turned out happily for everyone. I also liked that you had a good and logical reason for Draco to start liking Hermione. In a lot of Dramione stories I've read, they just jump straight to the relationship and their reason for Draco having a change of heart is super stupid. So, well, I just wanted to say that I loved your story and hope you'll write a sequel (or at least an epilogue.)

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Review #10, by Abby Oxenford Pug Face and Weasel With a Little Blonde

16th June 2015:

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Review #11, by Abby Oxenford Explination

16th June 2015:
YES YES YES YES YES YES. YES.This is my favorite fan fiction ever.Dramione forever!

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Review #12, by Hermione Malfoy True Happiness

2nd April 2015:
Its perfect ! I loved it. But it would've been even better if Draco proposed.

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Review #13, by ScarlettTulips True Happiness

22nd March 2015:
Short and sweet. Just lovely xoxo

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Review #14, by Unknown True Happiness

17th February 2015:
Wondrous!!! Please write more! Please write about their marriages and their jobs and so and so! Could you be a bit more careful with your spellings? Some words I had to read to the end of the sentence to know what they actually were! In other ways, wonderful.

P.S. Who is this Bellatrix? Sorry, haven't read all the books yet.

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Review #15, by Smile :) The Dance

14th September 2014:
It's a great story but I just noticed a small spelling issue in chapter 6 you are suppose to write dilemma not delima. But I love everything else (I used to write dilemma as dilmeea it's a relly hard word). Keep on writing! :)

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Review #16, by Azerty Explination

25th February 2014:
I really don't see what's supposed to be romantic about the statement "I only want her."

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Review #17, by Shhk True Happiness

3rd January 2014:
Absolutely amazing!! So sorry I haven't been reviewing each chapter I was just so totally engrossed in it all. You've done a remarkable job with details, flow and plot lines had me hooked from the every start!! :)

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Review #18, by Moonlit True Happiness

27th August 2013:
I love this story it's so adorable

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Review #19, by heya Shopping and Making a New Friend

6th August 2013:
So. Hermione befriends with the girl who Ron was snogging with behind Hermione's back? Its definitley hard to process that when there is no ill will towards this ravenclaw from Hermione about snogging her man if Hermione truly cared about ron.

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Review #20, by Amaris berdian True Happiness

21st May 2013:
Please, please, PLEASE!!! Do a sequal, I'd love it so much. I really loved this story. I like the way how Hermione's looks change but her true personality doesn't. I also like how Ron became nicer towards the end and with the closure and everything. It was really sweet, great storry x

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Review #21, by Jodie :o The Dance

10th February 2013:
...OMG...that's all I can
say this is like,wow :D

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Review #22, by Jodie <3 Getting Ready

10th February 2013:
I am loving this story! One
of the best fanfics I've
ever read! And I have
read a LOT of fanfics :D

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Review #23, by Jodie <3 Shopping and Making a New Friend

10th February 2013:
Yay! Go Hermione! This
story is getting better and
better! Really enjoying

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Review #24, by Jodie >:o Advice From Malfoy, the Truth and a Bright Plan

10th February 2013:
Ok,Ron is making ME livid
too! Grrr...I'm going to
need anger management
by the time I've finished
this story ;) I'm enjoying
it but Ron is so...annoying
right now! I really need to
calm myself...*phew*
brilliant story!

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Review #25, by Jodie Fighting for the Truth

10th February 2013:
Hmmm...I'm still
suspitious...this is a good
story! I'm all tense like
when I read Dumbledore's
dying scene in the Half
Blood Prince!

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