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Review #1, by peeves123 Questions

23rd July 2013:
This story was amazing. Beautifully written, my incomplete vocabulary and incompetence in English can't sum up how well written, and poetic this one shot was. It is a crime that more people have not read this it is a masterpiece of language. It also seems to be right in what Harry was thinking, that everything was but a blur to him, as if something was missing from him now that Voldemort was dead.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm really glad that you enjoyed reading this short story. I should probably go through this to fix some of the mistakes, but I've always liked this short. Thanks again for making me smile.

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Review #2, by Jane_Volturi Questions

2nd June 2010:
Hi there.

This was such a beautiful one shot. I don't know where to begin, there's so much to praise and so little CC to offer.

Your writing, for one, was flawless. Nearly every phrase and description caused the goosebumbs to rise on my skin. The magnitude of effort and time put into this piece of writing is very clear. The words flowed smoothly together, I'm certain that if this piece of writing were to be read aloud, it would without a doubt prove to be an indulgence to the ear.

I also like your choice of scene taken from the book; just after the battle where the book left off. This is exactly how I'd imagine Harry to be; his thoughts, emotions and action all synchronised into this marvelous piece of writing, made it feel as though JK herself was writing this from Harry's point of view.

There isn't really much CC that I can offer. There was one slight thing that bothered me. My friends tell me that they suspect I have a slight case of OCD, so feel free to ignore this if you wish.

'...What is to become of the world that I am part of? What path should I tread? These two paths that branch before me, which one to walk, which one will guide me to where I want to be?...'

If you look closely, you've used the word 'path' twice. To gain the best effect, I would suggest getting rid of the 'what path should I tread?' part, because you've basically repeated that question in the next line.

I though that the structure of your story was really good. As it was in first person, we could hear the events first hand. It was nice that you kept just one simple layer, and no complex layers to manipulate the story.

Overall a magnificent read, this is definitley going into my favourites. You should be proud of this stunning One-Shot. I hope to see more excellent work from you in the future.


Katie (Jane_Volturi)


Author's Response: Hi Katie,

Where to begin with a reply? Thank you very much for such a nice review. Reading a review like yours makes writing the story all the more worthwhile. I hope that I will be able to write more good stories in the future.

You are right with the repeated word 'path'. Now that you pointed it out it does bother. Duplicated words drain a paragraph or section of life so I do try to avoid it as far as possible (Unless it is for a specific reason).

The idea came from Robert Frost's 'The Road Not Taken'. The poem set the scene of him walking through the forest thinking about his future.

The mood was inspired by 'Hello' sung by Evanescence. Especially the lyrics "If I smile and don't believe. Soon I know I'll wake from this dream. Don't try to fix me I'm not broken." The song gives me goosebumps and I think it fits the story.

Thanks again. Sorry for a late reply, wanted time to consider how to reply.

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