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Review #1, by Victoria Of Moose and Men

27th May 2011:
Hello again! Can't wait till the next chapter!

Critiques- I could be wrong here, but I think peter had been passing info to voldey for quite some time before the whole James/Lilly murdered, voldemort's soul clings on to Harry thing happened. Harry's parents were about twenty when they had him, so they would have been out of hogwarts and in the order for three years, in hiding for the last before they died. It may make more sense to make that scene a flashback? Otherwise, you're doing great! Your writing has improved so much! You should be very proud :)

Publish more please!

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Review #2, by _Kirsty Of Moose and Men

16th April 2011:
This is my first ever review because I normally don't bother but I'm hoping it'll persuade you to write some more (:

I love this story! You write the characters really well. I think you get the group dymanic spot on (: I think your Wormtail's great, I hate it when people write him horrible - why would the rest of them be friends with him unless he had redeeming qualities, right?

Anyway it's wonderful, write more!

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Review #3, by Jsez444 Of Moose and Men

21st March 2011:
I have spent t last two weeks reading Birth of a Legend and Elixir A Lumina and am very excited to have reached this story. Although not so excited to have to wait between chapters... I've really enjoyed all of your stories but feel like you did an especially good job depicting Wormtails character here. Keep them chapters coming!

Author's Response: Thanks Jsez, I'm glad you've enjoyed my scribblings. I wanted to make Wormtail's descent realistic, with plenty of pressure on him to turn as I think people like the Marauders would be quite choosey in their close friends. It's good to know that I've got that one right. More chapters will be coming but the real world is insisting on piling things upon me at the moment so it may be a little while. I'll be as quick as I can. Thanks for the review.

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Review #4, by katsmeow Belgian ice cream and the Sound of Music

20th February 2011:
This is great! Very well written!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. I'm pretty pleased with Fifteen Months so far and I always love to see people reading and enjoying it.

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Review #5, by Lana Of Moose and Men

16th February 2011:
I absolutely love your story! It's simply amazing, the way you write the characters really makes me think it's the way J.K had them in her mind.and I simply adore young Sirius, makes you kind of sad that he's gonna spend the next twelve years in prison...though he's not gonna die..yet...:'( did I mention it makes me kind of sad? May Wormtail rust in hell...:P Though your approach on how he was lured into the dark side by Voldemort is interesting and rather believable...
Please post again soon.I can't wait...

Author's Response: Thanks a lot Lana, I'm glad you're enjoying my work. Sirius is quite possibly my all time favourite character and I really wish that I didn't have to end the story as I inevitably will. I'm pleased you like the Wormtail bit as I thought it would need a combination of strong push and pull factors to get Wormtail to turn on his friends. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Emma Parties and public indecency

13th February 2011:
Love it! needs more though, i hope this isnt the end !

Author's Response: It is not the end and more chapters will be coming up. Thanks for the review.

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Review #7, by Marissa Parties and public indecency

6th February 2011:
YOU ARE HILARIOUS ! :) I actually died reading this.

I love the idea of solely basing your story on this part of their lives. We needed a story like this & I am happy to say , it doesn't disappoint. The characters are so true to form and the banter is so marauder-esqe.

All I can say is REVIEW SOON :)

Love it !


Author's Response: While I'm sorry for your untimely demise Marissa, I'm glad you like the story. I thought it was about time a first war story was written as it's a very interesting time period and I love the Marauders, as my name implies. I'll try to get the next chapter up quickly, thanks for the review.

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Review #8, by SmileyChabbit Parties and public indecency

23rd January 2011:
I'v been waiting so long for this chapter!
this is the only story set in this time period that has made me come back for more.
please update soon.=]

Author's Response: It is one of the only during the first war isn't it? That's pretty bizarre when you think about it as it's a very interesting time with plenty of scope for imagination and creativity. I'm glad you're enjoying the story and I'll try to keep the chapters coming quickly. Thanks for the review.

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Review #9, by Victoria Belgian ice cream and the Sound of Music

22nd January 2011:
This is by far the best story i've read. Some of the sentences, though they make subject/verb and tense agreement sense, are a bit wordy but otherwise really great job! You managed to have it touching without corny which is definitely a first.

Author's Response: Wow, that's a pretty good review, thanks. I do tend to wax lyrical a little too much and I'll have a look at toning it down a bit but I'm glad that you're enjoying the story. Thanks for the review.

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Review #10, by Ginny2951 Parties and public indecency

22nd January 2011:
This is the funniest story i've read so far. I love it!! Can't wait for the next chapter :D

Author's Response: Wow thanks, there are some great comedies out there so that is high praise indeed. The next chapter is coming up and I'll try to keep the humour going even as the war deepens and tensions rise. Thanks for the review.

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Review #11, by siriusloverrrr Parties and public indecency

22nd January 2011:
all the stories on here are mostly about their school years, so when i found this one i was so, so happy for a change! :D

write more, please ?

Author's Response: I noticed that too and that's one of the reasons why I decided to write a story set in the First War, it's strange that there aren't more. I'm glad I have made you happy and will strive to make you giddy with the addition of more chapters soon. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #12, by aks_potter Belgian ice cream and the Sound of Music

17th October 2010:
i've a feeling that this is going to be one very interesting novella..the first chapter starts off with the right proportions of happiness..action..humor and doubt..


Author's Response: Thanks, I hit a little bit of writers' block on chapter two but I've recently written some more, with about half of the chapter now complete, so hopefully I'm over it. I'm glad you enjoyed the beginning and I'll do my best to get the next installment up as quickly as I can.

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Review #13, by Shirl Belgian ice cream and the Sound of Music

1st June 2010:
Really captivating and well written, was hanging onto every word. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks alot, the second chapter shouldn't take too long to write and get up, but I'm probably going to finish the last chapter and epilogue of my novel before starting it. Thanks for the review.

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Review #14, by Lana Belgian ice cream and the Sound of Music

1st June 2010:
I really like this..I've been searching for a fic that covers that period of time and you're right there aren't many..Please post more soon, I'm completely hooked!!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you're enjoying it. I'm afraid I'm going to finish my novel before writing the second chapter of this but, as I only have the epilogue and about 1/5 of a chapter still to do, that shouldn't take too long. Thanks for the review.

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