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Review #1, by celticbard Roses and Moonbeams

23rd December 2010:
Hello Shiloh!
All right, here I go, ready to gush. The first line was amazing. Stunning in its beauty, really. The reference to black and white movies worked so well and really gave this piece that romantic, old timey feel. It set the mood right away and I was entranced from the beginning to the end.

Also, I really, really like Dominique in this. Her innocent sense of logic is so Luna-ish, but not grating in its off-beat nature. She reminds me of a flower child in this, or at least, a Romantic along the line of Keats.

The rose metaphor was also great. Love, after all, is beautiful like a rose, but it can be painful. In fact, I do think there was a slight undercurrent of love-struck torment in this fic. Teddy longs to catch Dominique, but she eludes him until the very last moment, until she can come to him on her own terms. Very nice!

Needless to say, I really loved this fic, Shiloh. Your writing came across as effortless and beautiful. Congrats on producing a lovely piece!


Author's Response: Thank you!
I loved writing this story but writing Dominique this way was hard too. It took me awhile to find the right tone for her.

You flatter me! It certainly didn't feel effortless when I was writing it :P

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Review #2, by Ari Roses and Moonbeams

14th November 2010:
Ooooh. I love your writing style :) Though I have to say I was a bit surprised at the end (I'm so used to Teddy/Victoire). Very very very nice :D

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm not a Teddy/Victoire fan, so you won't find it on my page!

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Review #3, by LindaSnape Roses and Moonbeams

4th September 2010:
I've never liked Dominique/Teddy. Yet I am absolutely in love with this piece.

I think this was my favorite part: “Then I will sleep, and it won’t matter anyway.”

He doesn’t know what she means, but he smiles anyway.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! It's okay that it's shorter than you intended :P Still lovely to get this!


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Review #4, by littlemissmb Roses and Moonbeams

3rd June 2010:
aw cutie! i enjoyed it. she kinda reminds me of luna

Author's Response: Thank you for the review :)

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Review #5, by Friday_Star Roses and Moonbeams

2nd June 2010:
Awww! That was really cute!
The flow was a bit patchy in places (although, dumb me, I forgot to remember where) but on the whole really lovely! It has the whole poem-y, beauty that I really love and this just kinda spoke to me. It's the kind of love I want to find. (:


Author's Response: Thank you for the review :)

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