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Review #1, by The Baking Ravenclaw Who am I? Who Do I want to be?

28th October 2012:
Amazing story. Really really spectacular. But the funny thing is, sometimes I feel so like this it hurts. Just like that, except without the happy ever after. Keep writing :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much :) I understand what you mean, I was like that too, but believe me, you'll get your happy ever after! I have :)

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Review #2, by Someone you know Who am I? Who Do I want to be?

23rd July 2011:
Was glad to find out that she managed to get her head straight. Also glad that she married him. Sounds like a nice story. x

Author's Response: thanks for your review! And yeah she did, Dom needed her happily ever after. Glad you enjoyed the story- Kirsty xxx

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Review #3, by FrostyFannie Who am I? Who Do I want to be?

1st June 2011:
Unbelievably cute! :DDD

Author's Response: thank you! - Kirsty xxx

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Review #4, by Jesabelle Who am I? Who Do I want to be?

1st June 2011:
wow. i dont usualy like one shots because they end so quick but this was just perfect. beautifully written and emotional and perfect. more stories please.

Author's Response: well I'm glad that you chose to read and review my one shot :) Thank you so much for your feedback! And feel free to check out my other oneshots and stories! - Kirsty xxx

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Review #5, by Twinkle63 Who am I? Who Do I want to be?

25th May 2011:
So sad. I wish there was more... maybe a new sequal or something like that?

Author's Response: it maybe sad but I like to think I gave Dom closure, she got to be herself and to be with the man she loved. Sorry I don't think there will be a sequal :/ - Kirsty xxx

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Review #6, by WritingIsAnArt Who am I? Who Do I want to be?

7th August 2010:
WOW... Utterly Amazing.

I can relate to everything you have wrote and find it written so beautifully that its relatable, understandable and just pure brilliance. I also love Dom's character and I'm just glad your able to write her, and I'm sure anyone, in such a great way.

Congrats :)

Author's Response: Thankyou so much! I'm glad that you could relate to Dom and thought that I wrote her well. I was worried that this one shot was a little jumpy! Thanks for reviewing, i'm really happy you enjoyed it :) -Kirsty xxx

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Review #7, by hpgeek Who am I? Who Do I want to be?

31st July 2010:
I totally get how Dom is feeling in this! And I love that she got her happily ever after! Even though it wasnt the traditional happily ever after her parents wanted her to have!

Author's Response: thankyou! I know what you mean. Thanks for R&Ring - Kirsty xxx

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Review #8, by hallowsorhorcruxes Who am I? Who Do I want to be?

2nd July 2010:
Hey Kirsty, I really liked your one-shot. ^_^

It's rare in a one-shot to truly be able to get inside a character's head, and you managed to create a very vivid characterization within a few thousand words. Very impressive, indeed! :) I like Dominique-- I like her courage, her spunk, her zeal-- I feel that you (the author) know her inside and out, which makes her character breathe.

What I also liked about this one-shot was the line structure. Each line is powerful, and it's amazing how you have created so many statements that-- in some ways-- aren't even statements at all. I mean, the whole time Dominique is questioning herself and her relationships, why she feels can't fit in and be normal like she would like to, and sometimes what might sound assertive when spoken is indicative of a stronger self doubt. You're a wonderfully perceptive author, and I love how by the end--as a reader--I feel that Dominique has reached a point of, maybe not pure confidence, but a state of being more comfortable with who she is. It's beautiful. ^_^

My wish: that you would take this awesome, vivid character that you have managed to create and let us see her live her daily life, let us watch her as she struggles with who she is. You've created a rare and colorful character, and I hope you write her into a story. :)

Thanks for posting! I loved it!

Author's Response: wow, this is possibly the most flattering review i've ever had! Thankyou so much for taking the time to write it. I'm so glad that you like Dom and feel that she is real, and also happy that you liked the structure and the climax where Dom reached a sort of epiphany.

As for continuing this into a story, its not something that I actually considered, this oneshot was written when I was upset and it was basically my thoughts and feelings and I just linked them to another character. However I do see the appeal of writing about Dom.

So, I make no promises but I might continue this story at some point in the future :) -Kirsty xxx

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Review #9, by Olivia Who am I? Who Do I want to be?

1st July 2010:
That was really good!

Author's Response: Thankyou! I'm glad you liked it! :)

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