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Review #1, by Shauna Gods & Gentlemen

20th October 2012:
I love this story, you write fantastically! And this chapter was excellent too, to juggle all those characters but keep it interesting and flowing

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Review #2, by onestop_hpfan18 Bad Poetry

11th January 2011:
Lovely chapter, Jo, I quite enjoyed reading as Daphne barreled her way through the Nott residence and pulled Theodore together for the press conference. Really very amusing, actually. And I also love how Hannah is stalking Neville by spying on him when he simply waters his plants, etc. Those two really should get it together and start dating, not to mention share a good snog to make up for all the years she kept her eyes on him but never made a move toward asking him out. And I can so see Daphne and Theodore dating; so perfect for each other. Well, I suppose I'll end this rambling review before I get too carried away. Great chapter, though. (:

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Review #3, by silver sprinkles Gods & Gentlemen

28th December 2010:
finally catching up on reading, forgot how much i liked your writing.

this. was. fantastic.

didn't seem forced at all, it seemed like something out of a really excellent chick flick, and despite not usually liking chick flicks, i mean that in a very, very good way. i loved the pick-up lines! and i love that the characters are old enough to be going to bars and clubs instead of partying in the room of requirement (not that i've written that or anything...)

i loved susan going off on that poor guy. and blaise. i like blaise. :)

wonderful, update as soon as you can. :)

Author's Response: Life just gets crazy, doesn't it? My review responding has been tragic, I'm finally.. at least tackling it :P

Oh, thankyou so much! You never know when something autobiographical becomes too much, but since I am a bit older the whole bar scene is actually what I know better than high school parties (and I enjoy your story, no no implicit criticism!). I'm also not remotely offended by the chick flick comparison, this is meant to be a fluffy, feel good romp, and it's just lovely to hear that is being enjoyed!

Thankyou so very much for the review! I'm trying to crawl back into ff atm, so anything could happen :)

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Review #4, by xxpetrapan Bad Poetry

25th October 2010:
Very well written! You have a way with words!

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Review #5, by xxpetrapan An Ocean Apart

25th October 2010:
Very Good! I am really liking Padma and Daphne so far! Hannah is very funny I want to know what happens with Neville!

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Review #6, by WitnesstoitAll Gods & Gentlemen

17th October 2010:
gosh, Jo. I'm fairly certain we must live the same life on different continents. I thought this chapter, for all it's complaining and drunken angsting felt light and fresh. I think it is lovely to see the five women together. Though they may not have needed the alcohol, they certainly needed to let loose with one another.

Update when you can!! (hopefully that is soon)

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Review #7, by bluecharlotte Gods & Gentlemen

2nd October 2010:
I love this story! It seems so real, the way you write it. This chapter was good, it shows more of each character, so it wasn't unneccessary at all. No harm in a little fun ;D

Author's Response: Thankyou so much! It's heavily based on real life/real people, so it's wonderful to hear that is coming across. I'm so sorry at how late this response is, but I'm glad you're enjoying it, and an update is on it's way!

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Review #8, by iluv2eatcarbs Gods & Gentlemen

24th September 2010:
I LOVE this. I sat down and read all 4 chapters and I am just stunned. How don't you have hundreds and hundreds of reviews?! You've nailed every single character, and they're completely their own. You've also made them mature (which a lot of people fail to do when they write about once the characters grow up). I cannot wait to see where this goes please update soon! I'm dying for more!


Author's Response: Hi Lauren!
To be honest, I'm overwhelmed by how many reviews this has got - I've been writing for a year, and never got this many on so few chapters!
This is very much based on my life and friends, who are all a bit older (twenties) so I can't take too much credit, but thankyou - it's lovely to hear you are enjoying it! I'm currently in the middle of finishing college, but I'll be back with more once that's all sorted!

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Review #9, by callmedaynuhh Gods & Gentlemen

21st September 2010:
omg, i absolutely love this.
i stumbled upon it and i was like 'eh' but, now i'm like.. HOW DID I NOT FIND THIS SOONER?!?!
i'm very curious about what blaise has to say (i do love him :D)
and then what padma's plan for lisa is.. hopefully she gets with oliver.. i love himmm tooo.

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Review #10, by You Have No Idea Who Gods & Gentlemen

18th September 2010:
OH I like your story a lot and I look forward to reading more. I especially like your use of unconventional characters like Lisa Turpin. She's my favorite actually.

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Review #11, by hufflypuff Gods & Gentlemen

17th September 2010:
i love this story! all the characters are great,but i hope we hear more from lisa :)

Author's Response: Thankyou! I'm big on characterisation more than anything, and I'm glad yoy are enjoying it! Lisa is really going to be the focus, if any of the girls are, of the overall story -it's her development that ties them all together in the end more than Daph's drama and Padma's bossiness.
Thanks for taking the time to review!

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Review #12, by Saffy Gods & Gentlemen

11th September 2010:
Hi there,

I was just rooting around for the right kind of story and your's was exactly it! I love your story and the combination of characters. Thank you for having such a brilliant idea!

Keep updating!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thankyou! I'm a bit older than most on this site, so I'm drawing straight from post school life and completely mental friends :)
It really is a great compliment that this is this story stood out to you, thanks for taking the time to review - I say it again and again, but it really does mean a lot!

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Review #13, by butterbeergal Gods & Gentlemen

11th September 2010:

Twas a fantastic chapter packed with lots of action and, well, alcohol. xD I thought it was a very clever way to let us know more about the girls. And I am very sorry that you had to experience those pick-up lines/encounters. *shudders*

Also loved the boys in this - Dennis and Blaise. There's something sinister about both of them, I don't know why. Wait, I think sinister belongs to Blaise. Dennis is more of... mysterious. ANYWAY. That Hannah-Dennis moment has definitely intrigued me! I'm a big fan of Hannah/Neville - omg why is he with Cho? I digress - so it should be interesting to find out how things will work out... or not. :P

Susan's tirade caught me off guard. Haha! It was hilarious though. Poor bloke. Poor everyone, actually. Loved the banter between the girls. I really hope they haven't done/will not do anything they will thoroughly regret later on.

What a crazy night you had!

Truly sorry for the very disjointed quality of this review (yes, you may blame alcohol xD), but please know that I enjoyed this chapter heaps and CANNOT WAIT to find out what's in store for EVERYONE.


P.S. Good luck with uni and stuff! :)

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Review #14, by Lovegood Gods & Gentlemen

11th September 2010:
Bloody brilliant chapter! I really liked it :) Good job!

Author's Response: Thankyou! I wasn't sure if this was the best or worst chapter yet (worrying, I know) so that's very reassuring!

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Review #15, by SiriusxRemus4life Gods & Gentlemen

10th September 2010:
I thought this chapter was hilarious, it was great how you depicted each character and I loved the povs, they were great. I hope you update soon. 10/10


Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad people are actually finding this funny! I'm never sure I can be on purpose! POVS was a bit tricky/sloppy, but I felt it fleshed them out more.

I'm afraid I can't update that quickly only because I'm currently in my final weeks of my degree at college and insanely busy, but I'll be back right after with lots of updates! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by violetka Gods & Gentlemen

10th September 2010:
This is the most realistic and hilarious story I have read for a long time LOL hope to see an update son !

Author's Response: Haha it's a bit exaggerated, but I don't think there's enough stories out of Hogwarts or about friendship, or relationships that go wrong - all things I think everyone relates to at some point or another!
I'm afraid I'm going to be away trying to graduate college in one piece, but I will be back right after with updates galore!

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Review #17, by collette michelle Gods & Gentlemen

10th September 2010:
Jo, this chapter was completely brilliant! Without a doubt fantastic, but there is no surprise there.

Anyway, I was thrilled to see an update, for one it's an update, and it also means you're still alive! Ha. I'm so pleased you were able to update this, I haven't been in much of a mood to read recently, but this was beyond brilliant.

I really love each of the girls, they are so under written about, and you have done a fantastic job at making them very believable as girls of this age. All thier banter/actions/things said I can associate with those I know personally or those whom I hear stories from when at Uni sewing rooms.

For a chapter based off experience, I don't think it was unnecessary nor forced. As I read it I was thinking part was probably based of real life events, because I too have had a fair few horrid pick up lines thrown my way as well as my friends way.

I really liked how this chapter showed us even more about the girls and their relationships with one another as well as how they have changed [or haven't] post Hogwarts. Daphne is still my favourite of the lot.

And now I have managed to ramble on for far too long in this review. I look forward to the next one dear, Blaise, well he sounds like trouble. But trouble that is going to be rather entertaining, I can bet. Plus, he's gorgeous, and I am not against gorgeous men!

Fantastic chapter as always, my love!

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Review #18, by SiriusxRemus4life Ask

28th August 2010:
I loved it and I am so curious to find out what has happened to poor Daphne. I hope you update soon. 10/10

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Review #19, by SiriusxRemus4life Bad Poetry

28th August 2010:
I loved this, who would've thought Theo possible of such emotions, especially for a former Hufflepuff. 10/10

Author's Response: I've always had a huge crush on Theo, and Hufflepuff/Slytherin pairings have always interested me more than Gryff/Slyth :)
Thanks for reviewing, I do appreciate it!

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Review #20, by SiriusxRemus4life An Ocean Apart

28th August 2010:
I loved this, the povs were great and I love the characters. 10/10

Author's Response: Thankyou so much for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Violetka Ask

18th August 2010:
Hahaha, so funny, really nice story, hope to see an update soon ;)

Author's Response: Thankyou - granted!

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Review #22, by collette michelle Ask

17th August 2010:
01. I don't know why I took so long to get to reading this chapter, I knew it would be fantastic [and it was], I've just been lazy.
02. Theo. I'm in love.
03. Lisa Turpin was legitimately in their year? Really? Clearly I am as horrid as the rest, as I can't remember either!
04. I love the sheer amount of name dropping/introducing various people from their schooling days.
05. I really want Uni to stop eating your free time. For two reason, one being so this fantastic piece of work can be updated and two, because I miss you.

Now, that we have all that covered! Fantastic chapter, love! This is quickly climbing even higher on my favourite favourites at the moment. It's light and fun, which is so fantastic about it! Plus, the humour and your fantastic characters are such a pleasure [and relief] to read.

I shall shut up now, before I begin to repeat myself. But this is fantastic my dear, and I cannot wait for the next chapter once it arrives! Keep up the fantastic work, and don't let Uni run you completely down.


Author's Response: Collette ma cherie! I MISS YOU TOO! Silly, silly real life gobbling my time :S

Theo - he's awful, but I love him as well :)
Lisa Turpin was legit in Harry's year, but we never see her after the Sorting, which I thought was interesting.. and name dropping is the best part of ff! There's all this fanon to tap into that you can't do with OF!

I agree wholeheartedly - I haven't been able to spend nearly enough time writing as I'd like (well, any time, recently) and I miss my lovelies far more than I thought I would :(

Take care my lovely, and stay in touch even when uni starts to nibble at you as well! Thankyou for another breathtakingly kind and encouraging review!

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Review #23, by propertyoftheHBP Ask

16th August 2010:
Oh my, poor Lisa. I, however, find it hilarious that she was in Padma's DORM for seven years yet she still couldn't recognize, let alone remember her. (And I actually, even though I now recall that you mentioned she was in Harry's year to me in an author's note, I had forgotten yet again about that until reading this chapter. >.< Shame on me, haha.) But Lisa does seem like quite the interesting character, much like the rest of the girls here.

What did Astoria do? Hmm. Well, my guess is that she went off and eloped with Draco or something, but that's just something I pulled out of the air, knowing the little that we do about the Greengrasses. I'm loving Daphne as much as ever in this chapter, she's hilarious and quite the character. Padma is awesome, as well--it was too funny to see her bounce out of her chair and take Lisa's paper out of her hand like that.

I'm rather curious as to what Hannah's new "hobby" is, as well. o_O

Lovely chapter, as always! I'm eagerly awaiting an update. ;D

Author's Response: I wasn't sure if that was realistic, but it fit so well with the 'who is Lisa Turpin?' theme! I', glad she seems interesting, quiet characters tend to fade behind the loud ones!

Hmm.. well you shall certainly find out what Astoria did (and hint; it DID involve Draco).. and it's wonderful to hear you like the girls! I'm feeling inspired, so I will update soon-ish - bit short on time atm, but will do my best!

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #24, by peppersweet Ask

14th August 2010:
This chapter was very pretty. Please don't ask why I chose pretty as the word to describe it, but it kind of fits. It's pretty. The characters are all lovely and very distinctive, especially Lisa - oh! I felt sorry for her when she couldn't read the question out.
I loved the press conference and all the familiar faces that keep popping up, like Romilda and Roger. To use a bad analogy, reading this story is a bit like walking into a party full of people you haven't seen in ages and being like 'ahh! Long time no see!'
That probably made no sense.
Double thumbs up for the Smiths. And for Lisa (: looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: No, I think it fits as well, for the whole fic. It's pretty, and it should be, because that was what I was hoping for - chick lit that is hopefully smart rather than unadulterated silly :)

And that not only made sense, but it was EXACKERLEY what I was just saying to another reviewer - post hoggy especially is amazing for the power of fanon; there are already all these ideas out there you can tap into and tweak rather than build from scratch!

LOVE the Smiths - however, the playlist was given to me as part of the Mixed Lovetape challenge by llyralen at the Golden Snitches - so credit goes to her incredible music collection!

next chapter is sort of done and should be up sort of soon/ Hopefully this month.

Thanks for the amazing review! It really means a lot coming from a talented author such as yourself!

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Review #25, by Leah Kesrii Ask

11th August 2010:
Aaaah! This is so good! Your characterizations are really fresh and original, I love it.

Author's Response: Oh thankyou so much! I did want to play with character and make a fresh, fun story, so it's wonderful to hear that!

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