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Review #1, by Vienna Piper An eye can paint a thousand words

27th August 2010:
I like the twist at the end with Albus.
The beginning of this chapter opens up to more description of this character's personality and the how school life effects her moods etc.
Just a pointer, need to check spellings of certain words as they are spelt correctly but for a different context; i.e. patients - patience :D

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Review #2, by Capella Black An eye can paint a thousand words

17th August 2010:
As ever, I finally get round to reading something of yours, and then kick myself for not doing it sooner! Really enjoyed this, and am now even more likely to bug you to get the next chapter written.

Alya is developing nicely, and so far everything seems to imply a well developed and consistent character, and more importantly one I actually enjoy being in the head of. The interaction with scorpius was good for this too, as we got to see how she changes around those she knows.

My only criticism so far would be to perahps break up some of the sentences, because they do get quite long at points, which diminishes their impact. There was also the odd typo, which I'd be happy to go through if you wanted.

Overall though really nice and definitely resulting in leaving me wanting to know more. Update soon?!

Author's Response: Oh no lol, I will write up the next chapter soon I promise, I just need an idea as to where it's going, need to get back into writing after the holiday.

Glad you like Alya and I'm glad you picked up on that contrast, I tried to get in in there, how she's not a social reject by choice, merely by chance.

Okay, I'll try that next time round, and yeah I know there's typos, I really suck at spelling and sometimes even Word doesn't always pick them up, if you don't mind going through them, I mean I'm always glad for some help :).

I'll try I promise, I really will :).

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Review #3, by Capella Black The Three Categories

28th May 2010:

So, yeah, I'm totally loving this. Never considered the concept of Draco having a daughter. Will Scorpius be her older brother, or is this a gender swap story (i.e. one where you've changed the gender of a canon character and made the story AU)? Either way, it's nice, as it keeps the reader guessing longer than they otherwise might.

Love the description of the three categories - bad, bad or bad, to my mind, but with varying shades of awfulness for her. I am confused though - is the title a deliberate typo (category)?

Anways, really want to see how this progresses - it's a rare change to read a story from the viewpoint of someone so universally reviled!

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