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Review #1, by devon380 Prologue: Darkness of the Night.

21st June 2010:
hmm, I thought the first chapter would be longer...but it's cool...
I just started to get interested because Hermione got scratched by "werewolf-Lupin" is all...
please post soon... ;)

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Review #2, by the_elder_wand Prologue: Darkness of the Night.

18th June 2010:
Hi :)

i thought this was great :) in all honesty i hope you continue to write this :)

i know at times its hard and you just cant be bothered but plzz :) i love it ;)

you have very good descriptive language and i hope your chapters do get longer :D

got me very intrigued and i am very excited to see what the whole story is like

keep it up nad i hope to see more from you soon :)

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Thank you so much! and yes I will be continuing this, seeing as it is now summer and i basically have no job I will have a lot of time to write! :D
hahaha hopefully they get longer. Im not very good at writing long chapters but I'm trying. :)
Again thank you so much for the review, it made me very happy. and I will be updating in about a week or so hopefully.

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Review #3, by chasingautumn Prologue: Darkness of the Night.

17th June 2010:
Wow! That was really good! Nice description. I'll be looking for an update from you!

(PS: Yay for living Fred!!!)

Author's Response: thank you so much! you just made my day! :)
hehehe yeah I cant let Fred die, its just too depressing!

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