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Reading Reviews for The Earth Beneath Us
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Review #1, by LindaSnape The Earth Beneath Us

4th September 2010:
I apologize for the extremely short review on your Teddy/Dominique piece. I meant to put something thoughtful and meaningful and accidentally hit submit when I was previewing what I already had.

Anyway, on to this piece.

I normally don't read James II/OC's. They're usually full of pregnancy cliches, some girl liking him despite the fact that he has a girlfriend, and all that normal and boring jazz that bores me to tears.

This, however, was devoid of that, and I thank you for that!

I absolutely loved it. It was lovely. As most of your pieces, I did like the flow and the pacing was perfect.

If I had any complaints it would be the length. I just want to get to know them both so much more. I want to know more of James and his love.

However, I did what little characterization of them both that we see. She seems very whimsical, intelligent, and poetic. I feel like I would love for her to narrate my life. Ha ha.

I think that this was my favorite line: I am not Guinevere or Juliet; you are neither Lancelot nor Romeo. I am me and you are you and together we are we. It is so simple yet so empowering and poignant, and lovely.

This whole piece was of magnificence!

Awesome work, dear!


Author's Response: Linders! What an amazing review this is -squish- I appreciate your taking the time to do this :)

I normally don't write James II/OC! And initially, it wasn't really about anybody. It was only, honestly, a couple of weeks ago that I edited the information to say it was James II/OC because I got an idea to continue their story. Or, rather, to start at the beginning. I'll begin working on posting it after Impetus and Hey Lucy are done, as it goes along with those two stories.

Thank you for such a lovely review! They're my favourite kind :P


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Review #2, by padfoot4ever The Earth Beneath Us

30th August 2010:
Ah Shiloh, it's times like this I'm super glad your computer troubles are over!
This was so poetic! I love how there are no names mentioned; this could be about any two people. Such a simple, pure sort of love they have. No drama or stupid little fights.
I loved the length too. So much is said in so few words, and the words you do use are so beautiful. The imagery is so touching; I especially liked the opening sentence "We fly above it, you and me, on a cloud of spun silver as smooth as glass; riding upon the wind, drifting in a world of our own creation." You really capture that feeling of being completely lost in someone else and not really taking any notice of the world.
Yep, the word for this is definitely 'beautiful'!
Well done my dear!!! (I smell a Golden Snitch award!):D

Author's Response: Heather!
I'm glad my computer troubles are over too!

Yay! I'm so happy you liked this. This is one piece I'm actually rather fond of. It just happened one afternoon, which is rare for me. Usually I absolutely agonize over things. So YAY!

Thank you for such a lovely review! -squish-

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Review #3, by WitnesstoitAll The Earth Beneath Us

24th May 2010:

-squishing you to pieces-

WOW. This was incredible. I don't even know where to begin. I have to admitt that I am a bit of a hypocrit, and though I write in second person, I do not usually enjoy reading it. But this really and quite effectively put my foot into my mouth. The description and emotion conveyed in these few (600?) words was unbelievable. I could almost literally feel the giddy butterfly feeling that this couple was. The love was quite tanible. The analogies to Aurthur and Romeo were nice, but then when you refute them chosing instead for your couple to write their own story, wow. It was perfect.

I'm going to stop rambling now and just want to add that the old couple made my heart warm. I love looking at old, happy couples. They make me happy and give me hope. lol.

Ok. I'm done now for real. Sorry this may be a series of unintelligible ramble.


Author's Response: Hey Mel! Thank you so much for such a lovely review -squish-
I'm so glad you liked it! This was a new style for me, so I was a bit nervous going into it. But I'm glad it worked. :) Trying to describe feelings in a tangible way was something new for me, and I was so surprised when this just flowed out! I'm happy you like it :)


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Review #4, by Mystery Madam The Earth Beneath Us

24th May 2010:
Hi, it's Katie from TGS here as requested(:

I can honestly say this was such a pleasure to read. The use of similes when describing how she felt was perfect, and you managed to get away with two things that are hard to pull off - never revealing the characters, and using a very limited number of words. Amazing.
I have next to no critique for you, but here are a couple of things I found.
This following sentence in the second paragraph reads slightly oddly. It's the use of the word 'me' twice in such a short gap which throws it off a little for me, personally.
'Your arm around me warms me...'
The only other thing which made me pause a second was when the cafe was mentioned. This had not been previously mentioned and confused me a little as I was under the impression that they were flying, but then suddenly they were in a cafe for a 'minute or so'. Maybe if you could clear this up a little.
It sounds fake and cheesy, but this is one of the best one-shots I've read in a good while (I even showed it to a friend), so well done :D

Author's Response: Thank you Katie! Sorry this reply took so long.

What a wonderful review. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this hun :)
Thank you for the critique! The cafe does seem sort of random, I know :P That's because they're in the cafe the entire time, until she mentions leaving it. The whole story is just her imagination, her feelings versus what is actually going on. I was trying to paint a picture of how feelings might look. I'm sorry that wasn't clear!


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