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Review #1, by Pretty Purple Pelican The Clue

15th July 2010:
Haha, this was so silly, but I liked it! Very fluffy and fun!

Author's Response: Aww thank you! That's what I was aiming for!:D
Glad you liked it! Thanks for the review!^.^

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Review #2, by Misty_Rey The Clue

13th July 2010:
Hehehe, this was a really cute one-shot, a nice little glimpse into one of the smaller scenes of GoF. Cedric's such a little bubblehead, I thought it was hilarious how you portrayed him as this slow but still cute blonde xD. My goodness, his little sound bytes nearly killed me! The mermaid's narrative was a nice touch. Although I would have liked more detail on the process of how he figures out the egg (a Myrtle/mermaid showdown would have been amazing as well heheh!). I felt he figured it out a bit too fast. But overall, it was really good, a nice little pick-me-up. :)


Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much for actually reviewing!! :D
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm actually rewriting it, as I too, feel it was rushed! I'm glad you liked it though, and thanks for the great feedback! :D

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Review #3, by Niki :) The Clue

31st May 2010:
Hello my darling Kates. I totally get it now! I was like what the flip? How could she write a story about a picture of a mermaid? Haha, well I really like it. :) It's not how you usually write, well at least what I've seen; this one's just a story already written, but you're telling it from someone else's point of view. It's good to change writing styles every now and then, and you did awesome! :D Keep it up

Author's Response: Haha thankyou!:D

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Review #4, by Jessica N-M-Z The Clue

20th May 2010:
lol, so cute! i adore mermaids...they're so cocky!! lol, i love dumb blonde!cedric :D poor mermaid, can' get with'd be even funnier if myrtle came in and drew like a mustache on the mermaid xD

Author's Response: Haha OMG! That woulda been perfect!! XD Agh! Roflmao! and you know, thats how I always imagined Cedric... Hmmm... Well thanks for reviewing! It made me laugh! :D

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