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Review #1, by AlexFan Rubeus Hagrid and the Firstborn Serpent

29th December 2013:
Hey there I'm here for the 12 Days of Reviewing and I have to say that this was brilliant! I absolutely loved this one-shot and I'm so glad that I got the chance to read it!

I feel so bad for Scorpius because the way that you described everything, I could see how much of a hard time he must've had at Hogwarts what with everyone assuming that he was like his father. I just wanted to give the poor kid a hug and tell him that it would get better.

I also felt really bad for Hagrid because he just lost one of his best friends, Fang. I can't possibly imagine how sad I would've been if Fang had actually died in the books.

The cauldron cake bit was one of my favourite parts. Scorpius was the only one who told Hagrid that his cauldron cakes were a little bit too hard for a normal human. I love how Hagrid was so shocked at the news and then ate one just to prove his point. I think Hagrid forgets that not everyone is half giant like him and their strength doesn't really match his.

My other favourite part was when Hagrid accepted Scorpius for who he was instead of the person that everyone thought that he was. I loved how Hagrid didn't judge Scorpius based on what his family members had done in the past. Hagrid would definitely know better than anyone what it feels like to have people judge without really knowing you.

This was really brilliant though and really well-written. I certainly think that you've got one heck of a talent when it comes to writing fanfiction.

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Review #2, by spellboundtimetraveler Rubeus Hagrid and the Firstborn Serpent

29th December 2013:
THANK YOU for remembering to make Hagrids accent come out in the dialouge!

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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin Rubeus Hagrid and the Firstborn Serpent

29th December 2013:
Hello there!

I am here for the third task of 12 Days of Reviewing!

I particularly enjoyed the first few paragraphs. Hagrid has had a difficult time in life, between being a half-giant and that mishap with Aragog and the Chamber of Secrets. I think that it is fantastic that you wrote a story about how truly amazing Hagrid is. Also, I believe that your choice to call him a "gentle giant" is quite accurate and fitting.

I think one of my favorite moments in this was his 'capture' of the intruder. Scorpius' reaction to Hagrid's question about why he was out after curfew was pretty intense. It is understandable why Scorpius would feel as if he were under attack, given the mar on the Malfoy name.

Poor Hagrid! Fang died? Aw, that's really sad!

The ending was also very lovely. I loved that Scorpius and Hagrid begin to get along, in a similar manner to how he bonded with Harry. Scorpius' simple question about Hagrid getting expelled prompted a story that, I'm sure, will allow for a friendship to form.

This was lovely!


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Review #4, by do i have to write my name? :S Rubeus Hagrid and the Firstborn Serpent

30th December 2010:
this was probably one of the cutest, most touching fics about scorpius i've ever read (and thats saying something, i'm a bit obsessed. >.

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Review #5, by Kati_Selwyn Rubeus Hagrid and the Firstborn Serpent

7th June 2010:
Brilliant story... it was really sweet, funny, and I think you did a great job with Hagrid's dialogue-- so many people screw that up. Anyway, great job and I love the title.

Author's Response: I know, I hate it when people screw up Hagrid, so thank you :)

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Review #6, by DemetersChild Rubeus Hagrid and the Firstborn Serpent

30th May 2010:
This was amazing! You need to write more stories. I can't think of a single criticism. It was just lovely. Of course Hagrid would understand the prejudice Scorpius would have to go through. It was a beautiful story. Just lovely.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! I know it's kind of a strange pair, but I think they'd have something in common :)

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