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Review #1, by RoseWeasleyGryfindor Chapter Three

20th May 2013:
Please please please finish the story? I love all of them so much. I want to know how it ends

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Review #2, by Dana Chapter Three

25th March 2011:
more please

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Review #3, by rainbowwolf1313 Chapter Two

14th February 2011:
It's sad to see that "Gate of Fear" has been abandoned but it happens and this new story looks like it should be interesting. Finding out that Nyxie and Demon are dead threw me for a complete loop, I didn't think that was possible and it's slightly depressing too since I was looking forward to seeing them again. Do you still have the encyclopedia for this verse? I can't remember who half these kids belong to hahaha. 10/10

Author's Response: I'm sorry my response took so long! I moved across the country almost a month ago, and I've been a little out of my mind ever since. :P I'm sorry about The Gate of Fear...I tried hard to finish it, but my creativity regarding that story died, and my attempts to revive it haven't worked. One day, maybe...but for now, I'll let it rest. Regarding the new fic...Phoenix and Demon will make an appearance of sorts later on, as will a few other long-lost characters. If you want an encyclopedia, please see: ladydarkheart (dot) weebly (dot) com... BUT BEWARE THE SPOILERS! I dont have much in the way of profiles yet, but the family trees I've posted do spoil things. I'm going to work on trying to correct this to be era-appropriate. Several pairings and children are marked for the recent RP era that my Sissa and I have been working on, but the chapters are far from being posted in the fanfic. Sorry! Look if you dare, but you've been warned.

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Review #4, by Cassidy Evans Chapter Three

10th January 2011:
Hey, got your message, thanks!
Loved the chapters! Really wondering where Phoenix and Emmy got too, but considering Phoenix I really shouldn't be surprised that she's taken off. Actually, considering Emmy, I shouldn't be surprised on her account either. She did take off to see Kacia after all.
So Lori's back, huh. This could be problematic. I can kinda see where its going though it will be interesting to see if I'm right.

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Review #5, by Cassidy Evans Chapter One

4th January 2011:
YAY A new Story by LadyDarkheart! I was jumping for joy when I found it!

I must admit, the newer characters where kind of hard to keep straight at first. I mean, I recognized Junior, Elanor, Rhiannon, etc. but there were some like Ally and her sister that I had trouble following. Really liked the Prologue it was really cool.

Keep Writing and please don't disappear again!


Author's Response: Ally and her sister (Lory) were in Letting Go, they were just six years old and were not big parts in it. You'll see a LOT of new names in this new fanfic (as I slowly post it) and to help make it easier to keep up, I am making another "Fanfiction Encyclopedia." This one's mostly going to have character lists, family trees, and small profiles for characters to make it easier on the readers who aren't as involved with the characters as Sissa and I are. If you want to see what I have so far, you can check it out -- but there are a lot of blanks! You can find it at: ladydarkheart (dot) weebly (dot) com.

I'm so glad to have one of my usuals back. :) I'm hoping that more will reappear as I get this going. This was my favorite era in the roleplay that Sissa and I did (because it's the only one we ever actually finished!) and I'm hoping you guys at least enjoy it a little.

Toodles for now!


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Review #6, by HiJane_2 Chapter One

19th June 2010:
Wow, has it been awhile or what! I really enjoyed how you included Drakon and his brother, that is one thing I'm glad that you've taken from your story and placed in the prologue no less. I cannot wait to see how everything turns out. Like I've said in the past, I'm always happy to see your work has been updated.


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Review #7, by yazzers Chapter One

15th June 2010:
i absolutely love your stories! they are FANTASTIC. honestly probably my favorite stories EVER. OF ALL TIME. SERIOUSLY.

keep updating!

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Review #8, by smileygirl13 Prologue

7th June 2010:
i love all of your series so muchhh please keep writing :)

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