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Review #1, by DetectiveMenace Chapter two: Nonsense and Insensibility

27th December 2010:
Ooh, I am definitely intrigued! Hoping to read more of this absolutely lovely story soon :)

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Review #2, by blimmchen Chapter two: Nonsense and Insensibility

12th June 2010:
Hi again!!! First of all, I was so happy when I saw your update and I had to dive straight into this chapter. Ok, before I go off reviewing, brace yourself! It is goning to be a hell of a long review, but don't fret because it is all positive. Your writing style is awesome, witty and hilarious. When I read about the bloke who cheated on his girlfriend I laughed so much and could just picture him in his disfigured state, but best of all was the way Alicia told it (you wrote it). I do love it when Alicia decides to go on a rant about something or another and it is a joy to read. Now the Puddlemere Pub just sounds fabulous and is definitely a place I would love to visit sometime (well I currently am in my imagination, rofl). So many dishy blokes...yummy...where to start? So we have lovely still Quidditch-obsessed Oliver in all his Scottishness. And of course we have Martin (thank you for the word studmuffin... I have never ever heard it before and it has now officially been added to my vocabulary) who seems to be the ultimate playboy/ladies' man. And do I detect a wee bit of a flirtation between him and Penny? Ah yes, giggling...the doom of most women when they are in the presence of a particularly fit guy... I hate it...giggling is not attractive and yet we can't help ourselves at times... same goes for the snorting... being a woman can be very embarrassing at times, especially when we decide to spaz out in the company of hotties. And Oliver...oh dear, I would love to hug him... so sweet of him to be all old-brotherly and uberly protective of the girlies. However my absolute favorite scene so far was...and I am quoting you here:

"'If you want to play matchmaker find Oliver a girlfriend.’

‘No, don’t find Oliver a girlfriend!’ Oliver mumbled with his mouth full. ‘Oliver is quite capable of finding himself a girlfriend.’"


And of course the mystery of the green sweater returns. The Sherlock thing was funny as hell too!! And the cat, taking a liking to Oliver (what a lucky cat :D) was also great.

Ok, sorry for my mindless rambling on, but as you see there were just so many awesome things in this chapter and I do hope you'll update soon, because this story is freakin' awesome. So keep up the wonderful work xxx

Author's Response: Lol thank you (love your enthusiasm by the way!) and I love your long review already!
Aw thank you and seems like were both lighty sadistic at heart since we both seem to like mildly harming cheaters! Ah yes I'd love to visit the pub where all the dishy Harry Potter characters unite as well ^^
Really you've never heard the word studmuffin before? My dear child you've been deprived =) it's my go to word when discribing interesting male specimens! And oh yes Martin Bole, he's a playboy all right and yes there is some flirtation, well spotted we'll be digging deeper into that as Alicia tries to unravel the mystery of the jumper.
Lol yes giggling and snorting at inappropriate times (inappropriate meaning in the company of "studmuffins") does seem to be the bane of every woman's existence; god knows I've embarrassed myself on countless occasions -_-
And oh you quote me! How lovely! I imagined a control freak like Oliver would not take kindly to matchmaking and craziness would follow.
And oh don't apologize for rambling, I love rambling, and you've made my evening really! So thank you for all the praise and compliments I officially love you for it!

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Review #3, by blimmchen Chapter One: The Curious Case of the Jumper in the Nighttime

5th June 2010:
Hey, I have to say I really really like your first chapter. I have no doubt that it will be quite interesting to read more about Oliver and company lol. I really liked the joke at the end with Sherlock and Sherlock's jumper. You have a really nice writing style and I hope you update soon x

Author's Response: Aw thank you! And I sure hope it I'll be a bit interesting especially since Oliver is probably one of my favourite characters. And aw you flatter me to much! And I've just posted the next chapter it's awaiting validation is we speak-, or type!
Thanks again you're brilliant! X

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Review #4, by Jessica M-N-Z Chapter One: The Curious Case of the Jumper in the Nighttime

18th May 2010:
Yayy!! i reallly love the oliver/alicia ship! ( i'm a katie/george lover) :D ahdorable! is penny penelope clearwater? or OC?
you probably already addressed that but im too lazy to go look :D :D update asap!


Author's Response: Oh thank you! I'm quite a lover of all the Quidditch players myself ^^
And oh Katie/George are lovely together! I'm actually thinking of having them make an appearance since Katie was admitted to St. Mungo's in the time period of the story.
And yes it's Penelope Clearwater =)
Thanks for dropping me a line!

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