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Review #1, by daisychain1 The Run In

9th July 2010:
i liked it, after reading your other story, rough i think it was which i really enjoyed i thought i'd look at some of your other chapters. and i liked it, although spelling mistakes were throughout but im not bothered. i liked how you kept hermione very, well hermione! against going with him, which she defiantly would have been like and then eventually going with him just to prove him wrong!
good good

Author's Response: Thank you , i'm glad you liked it as well as rough

I'm really glad you think that i portray hermione well because making sure i stick to draco and hermiones true personality's is something i really try to do

Thank you for reading and reviewing =)

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Review #2, by lexi buchanan The Run In

8th July 2010:
well she should while walking with him be trying to hold a convo and thinking to hersle what in the world am i doing? and why does he look so good right now>? and, she accidentally slips one of her mental words into her talking weith him, like malfoy you are so (suppoosed to be infuriating) but she says something bout how hot he is or something and he looks at her and just as she looks away (bright red btw) he pins her to the wall and asks her what she said and all she can think about is his lips and then when she doesnt answer he slams his mouth on hers and luckily there is a closet...or room of requirement shows up or somthing and they ravage eachother in the room. (very sexily i might add)
just an idea..? 8/10 btw

Author's Response: That is a very good idea , ill consider it

Thanks for reading and reviewing =)...

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Review #3, by Malfoylover01 The Run In

16th May 2010:
cool start i wonder where this walk gonna lead them x

Author's Response: thank you , i kind of have an idea but will see what happens...

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