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Review #1, by thehyacinthgirl I Am a Failure

16th May 2011:
This is absolutely beautiful, if not a bit sad, as well.

As far as grammar and spelling go, I did pick up on one thing that was mangled. You used the wrong use of the word "threw". In this sentence: I trudge threw the snow threw should be through. Other than that, I didn't pick up on any errors.

Your syntax and flow, however, seemed up to par. So there's nothing to complain about there.

I really liked your characterization of Lily. She sees herself as a failure, but I'm sure that she's really not. We are often are own worse critics because we blow our flaws and imperfections out of proportion.

It's really sad, though, that they didn't even notice she was missing at Christmas.

I can understand why she would want to leave.

Perhaps, they would think about what they had done to her after she was gone. I still find it a bit implausible that Harry and Ginny would forget all about their only daughter, but I suppose anything's possible.

Nice job!


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Review #2, by lupinluvr I Am a Failure

26th September 2010:
Aww... that's so sad. But happy. So, basically, all she inherited of her parents were their personalities and their looks (well, Ginny's). But she never got a chance to shine, so no one ever knew.

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Review #3, by kira I Am a Failure

22nd May 2010:
this was really great! but could you do a sequel, like where and what lily does and everyone's reaction to her leaving?

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Review #4, by phoenixy_friend I Am a Failure

16th May 2010:
Well, I don't think she'd be a failure if this is what she wants to do. If what she wants is to be a writer (which she seems to), she looks like she'd do well.

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Review #5, by DobbiesSock I Am a Failure

14th May 2010:
Oh :'( that story is so sad, I almost hate it. I think I would hate it but it is so amazingly poingant, it actually caused me physical pain to read. I don't want that to happen, it shouldn't happen, yet I love the story because it makes me feel so raw, so human. Now I sound like someone with emotional problems, or a counciler! But really, really well written story. I think I hate the plot but adore the writing basically.

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