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Review #1, by grace The Orphanage

27th October 2010:
This story is great! Yea, I was always wondering what happened in that cave... it's great to hear someone's opinion!

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Review #2, by Reyes91 The Orphanage

15th August 2010:
This was...amazing. Seriously. You made it the perfect length to tell exactly what you wanted. Right in the beginning, you drew me in with the way Tom watched the spider. It seemed to fit his character so perfectly.

Everything afterwards fell right into place with him. How he lied on Bobby and manipulated the other two orphans in following him. He spoke so easily to those children, showing how much of a monster he was even then.

However, what I enjoyed the most had to be his brief thoughts on his father. It seems believable that he would think his father would be the source of his power, and not his mother. That was excellent.

Great job on this, dude. I really enjoyed it.


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Review #3, by Granger_girl The Orphanage

15th June 2010:
It was an interesting speculation on his earlier days, very believable too. I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work.

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Review #4, by mr madden The Orphanage

11th May 2010:
It was good, better than a lot of rubbish i`ve read on here. Well done

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Review #5, by Sev The Orphanage

11th May 2010:
its very tom-like, but some how i dont beleive its enough to make Dennis and Amy zombie-like, as described by Mrs. Cole.

Really think you're a genious though, this had been bugging me for ages

Author's Response: I know what you mean, I got through the majority of the story without knowing what he would actually do to them, and then at the end I kind of wimped out.

Thanks for your review. And a genius? I wouldn't go that far, haha.

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Review #6, by severussnapeloveslily The Orphanage

10th May 2010:
wow. That was REALLY good... very creepy. Riddle was perfectly in character-cold, heartless, calculating, etc. Great job!

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Review #7, by clare The Orphanage

10th May 2010:
That was great - the characterisation was spot on and i think the ideas were completly plausable.
looking forward 2 reading more
Clare :)

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