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Reading Reviews for I'll Do The Dishes
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Review #1, by aragorn007 Epilogue

19th April 2017:
Thank you, dear author, for writing one of the best ScoRose fanfictions ever! I hope you haven't given up writing FFs. This is my 2nd time reading it and loved it even more :)

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Review #2, by Honestperson Famous Last Words.

24th July 2014:
Oh how I love your writing!!!
Flower 1 !!!

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Review #3, by QeenWitch Datable Bridesmaid's Speech

20th April 2014:
Oh my God!!! this chapter is so beautiful...i loved it...it is mindbogglingly!!!
n rose's speech made me speechless

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Review #4, by raty Epilogue

13th January 2014:
Oh god, its gorgeous... Thank you so much

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Review #5, by ScoroseOTP Epilogue

4th November 2013:
Love, love, loved it! This Fanfic was amazing, couldn't stop reading it! I love Rose so much, really my type of girl, she's great! I also love the way she was an event manager, and a great one, of course everything would fall apart but she fixed it, that was my favourite bit! I loved the kids names by the way, they are so cute, the way the black family tradition continued is so important it my mind!
Thanks! I really did enjoy it!

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Review #6, by Ariadne Hideously Mortifying Parents.

5th August 2013:
That was fantastic! Favorite chapter yet! Except, you made Tennant the bad guy, and every time Patrick was mentioned I started day dreaming :) can't say I minded, though. Draco and Astoria were simply precious, and I'm so glad you made Draco a fun character! I have to abandon almost half the fan fictions I read because they make him out to be the same boy he was at 17. Love this and thank you! Also-- I have to applaud you on your writing. I see from the A/N that you like being funny and goofy, but you don't let that drag your writing down like other authors do. It's so sad when a good story turns sour just for the sake of the author's own amusement. Now, I HAVE TO KEEP READING THIS AWESOMENESS!

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Review #7, by Deedaltz Hideously Mortifying Parents.

9th June 2013:
I loved this chapter! Draco was great and I couldn't stop smiling this entire chapter!

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Review #8, by Fawkes394 Epilogue

13th January 2013:
I really enjoyed reading this. I love the way you show Rose, how she is as intelligent as Hermione but decides to do something completely different form what everyone expected. I also like Rose in the pregnant-kids-thing regard. I mean, how do people not freak out when they have something growing inside them? Pregnant people look as if they had an alien or something inside and they look so delicate! Babies are so creepy.

The Malfoys, these are the best Malfoys I've read about (if that makes any sense). I love Draco and Astoria, Draco is definitely my favourite character : )

The names of the kids... Well there's really nothing worse than Scorpius Hyperion or Albus Severus, and considering they had to be stars and stars have such weird names, these are quite good. At least they can be shortened into decent nicknames, and no one would make too much fun of their middle names.

My favourite parts, mmm... I think the best ones were the Malfoy's family lunches, the flashback to platform 9 3/4, the Weasley Christmas and practically every scene with Draco in it : )

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Review #9, by Fawkes394 Yuletide Heralds Jealousy

13th January 2013:
The Weasleys, it's always fun to read about them when they are all together. And I love how Harry, Ron and Draco act around each other. "Ferret-Junior" haha, those three are hilarious. : )

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Review #10, by Fawkes394 Finding The One.

13th January 2013:
Haha I loved reading this. Ron and Draco are awesome, betting on their kids is just so like them...
And I never thought it would be even possible for Harry to actually call Draco by his first name, and for Draco to call him something better than Potter.
And Lavander is so idiotic! I hate her! But one wouldn't expect anything different from her.

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Review #11, by yerawizard27 Epilogue

10th September 2012:
Aww... I loved this story! So sad it's over!

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Review #12, by Siriusly Love Sirius Epilogue

31st July 2012:
Ah you used my favourite name! (Cassiopeia) Yay :D I loved this story so so so much! I love how you finally got Rose to be civil with marriage and babies :D Great story, 10/10!

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Review #13, by luciusobsessed Rose Colored Denial

15th June 2012:
OH MY GOD!!! This is my favorite chapter so far...can you guess why? Because of LUCIUS MALFOY! He's my favorite character EVER and the moment I read his name I SCREAMED! My favorite fanfics are Lucius/Narcissa and I became so excited upon their names suddenly popping up in the story. I love how you introduced him as the "same old Lucius" with his rigorous pureblood views and traditions. I also love how Scorpius and him clash in so many different ways, but he still holds respect for the sake of Draco. Ahhh love love LOVE! :)

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Review #14, by luciusobsessed Famous Last Words.

13th June 2012:
I just started reading your story, and I love it! I can already tell it's going to be amazing because one, you're a great writer, and two, it's a Scorpius/Rose story. Can't wait to read the rest! :)

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Review #15, by awkwardhugs Hideously Mortifying Parents.

3rd June 2012:
I loved this chapter! My favourite so far. I think Draco and Astoria were perfect, a little out of character, but I loved it nonetheless. I was laughing the whole thing, and oh Merlin, Ron and Hermione going at it in the den *shudders*
Anyway, I'm gonna go finish the story now! Great work (: xx

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Review #16, by AlmostInvisible  Hideously Mortifying Parents.

27th April 2012:
Oh my goodness I LOVED this chapter!!! Draco and Astoria were so funny! I adored it though :)

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Review #17, by JustOneOfTheWeasleys Encouraging Snide Voices

15th April 2012:
Gotta hate (love?) those snide voices that irritatingly enough tell you to do something that you really should have done in the first place.

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Review #18, by JustOneOfTheWeasleys Rose Colored Denial

15th April 2012:
I love both the quote and the chapter name. Both are fitting and amusing.

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Review #19, by STUCK ON CAPS Epilogue

15th April 2012:
hi i loved your story and i was wondering how u make that white bar to separate sections? i have been trying to do that for my story with out any luck. if u would also please check out my story, it is called the hugo intervention, and tell me what u think, that would be supermegafoxyawsomehot.

p.s. i am sorry that i had 2 give it a 10/10, that is as high as it will go. in real life i give it a 15/10

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Review #20, by Crescent Moon  Epilogue

5th February 2012:
Loved this story!! XD
I really can't wait to read more of your work!!

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Review #21, by harryginnyforever Epilogue

11th December 2011:
I really love this story! I didn't want it to end too soon! please keep on writing more Rose/Scorpius stories!

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Review #22, by Europa27 Taken For Granted

29th November 2011:
wow. it was coming i suppose.. but wow...

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Review #23, by Europa27 Her Unwanted Epiphanies

29th November 2011:
nice... loving it ...

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Review #24, by Europa27 Hideously Mortifying Parents.

29th November 2011:
cool... like it..enjoyed it so much.. and liked scorpius pose in diagon alley.

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Review #25, by Europa27 Finding The One.

29th November 2011:
yeah i do think its quite hilarious... and rose is being stupid.. but i know she ll get over it... liked it so far..

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