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Review #1, by Dinthemidwest Futility

6th October 2016:
Such a believable telling of the scene with the Hit Wizards. and so very sad. You did a great job with Sirius throughout the story!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It was actually rather hard writing this scene because he did have to let himself be caught, and he did have to laugh, and I had to make that believable. Really pleased to see you think I managed that. Thanks!

cheers Mel

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Review #2, by Dinthemidwest Starting again

5th October 2016:
One of the sweetest, romantic chapters I've read in any story!! Great ending for all-Sirius deserved a happy afterlife!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! So pleased you enjoyed it, and yes, I too think he deserved a happy afterlife given his normal life was so awful.
cheers Mel

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Review #3, by StarFeather Laura: Gryffindor vs Slytherin

27th September 2016:
Hi, me again. :)

I may like this chapter the best among the other chapters so far. I always love the Quidditch match scene, the intense one. Especially the classic one, Gryffindor vs Slytherin; especially Sirius watches and criticizes his brother Regulus, the untold episode by J.K.Rowling who gave us information that Harry recognized Regulus was the Seeker from the magical photo. I love the plot very much. I ask you to write more. I'd like to encourage to write about it. I think you really did a good job.

It likely happens that James get a lot of scores, which leads Gryffindor to the victory but the Snitch is captured by Regulus Black. I like the idea.

Your description about Lily and Laura is well written, their feeling towards each boyfriend grab our hearts. So many kudos on that!

One more scene in which I got thrilled is what Lily sighted the Snitch the first of all. It shows that her future son is very good at finding the Snitch! ;D

Honestly, I've read the other chapters randomly before I reached here and found out these one shots are written for Sirius (most of chapters are bittersweet, so beautiful but so sad), and Id like to tell you that I love to see your descriptions about Lily and James more. Your fabulous descriptions made me feel so. The same thing might be said about your Remus. I'm very fond of Remus and his girlfriend, though we know his fate and his predicament very well. Its good to see he could have some romance in his life. I wonder how you would portray his angst and love in your Remus centered fic.


Author's Response: Hi again!

Ah, yes, my deleted scene. There probably should have been a lot more deleted scenes, to be honest, but even in my rewrite I'm still keeping almost all of it. Hey, it's my baby and I like it like that, hahaha.

It's interesting that you've read some of the other chapters randomly, considering you haven't read the story proper. though, I dare say by now you have a fair idea of how it goes. :) And I'm very gratified that you like my Lily and James. Lily I'm happy to take credit for, but to be honest James just popped out fully formed when I started writing him so all I ever did was put him in a scene and stage manage. He surprised me at times but it always felt like James. Interesting how that works, isn't it?

As for Remus, well, really, there is no girlfriend. The whole thing is unrequited because he never lets them get together. Sad, but within character I think.

cheers Mel

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Review #4, by StarFeather The trial

27th September 2016:
Hi, melian. I came back from Gryffindor Tower to see your Marauders more.

I've been wondering whose trial this was for. It's severe that they had to make sure the culprits would get punished though they were so young when they faced their friend's death. That is what I felt when I started reading your description about Laura at the beginning.

It's horrifying to imagine Dementors and the defendants strapped into the chains in the court room, the severe fact. And Barty Crouch, your description is right to the point: severely-cut dark hair and a tooth brush moustache".

I like the idea of Sirius thinking his father when he observed Crouch. The sad experience made Laura the type of person who would be good in a fight. You portrayed the heavy fact from Sirius' and Laura's POV. He supported her kindly. I could feel he really cared her from your description. I like the plot that Sirius felt instinctively and uncomfortably both Orion Black and Barty Crouch had the same ruthlessness.
Id like to read more about their relationship between a father and a son. Id like to read the heavy scenes involving arguing back each other in the Grimmauld Place or somewhere.

As Crouch pronounced them guilty without enough proofs, I wondered if the culprits were forced to do their mouths shut. I suspect someone behind the scenes let them do that. Voldemort, or Bellatrix? Who really killed them?


Author's Response: Well, don't you think Crouch would have declared them guilty without proof? Having recently reread GoF I very much think he would have.

I quite like the idea of a few shouting matches at Grimmauld Place, and I've been thinking recently about doing a Sirius fifth year story (so much canon!!!) that woudl certainly include that. But I need to get Neville and my Dramione parody out the way first before any of those plot bunnnies see the light of day.

And, who really killed them? In the scheme of things, it probably doesn't matter, though of course for those close tot he victims it's important that the culprits get their comeuppance. But yes, I do think that the DEs keeping their mouths shut while on trial would have been expected protocol, don't you? Those who broke down, like Barty Crouch jr, would have been looked down on, unless they did something (like Barty did) to prove their worth later on. Thanks for the review!

cheers Mel

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Review #5, by StarFeather An expedition

26th September 2016:
Hi, melian! I thought it's the first time to visit your story from Gryffindor Tower!

The title, "An expedition" attracted me. I like action very much. :) All stars of Marauder entered! I got thrilled. Especially they used the Potter's Invisibility Cloak. Cool.

Oh, I really love the scene they changed into their Animagus forms. Yeh, I felt the same as you mentioned it was awkward riding Prongs and going up the shallow staircase. I've avoided writing Harry's transforming into Prongs in my fanfiction, you know, it's inconvenient for doing mischief. It's easier for me to write Harry in his bird animagus form than Prongs in my story, too. When you want some action scenes, Prongs form doesn't fit at all. And his antlers! hahaha, it surely annoys James.

Oh, poor Macdonald's cat. It was cast "Petrificus Totalus." I like you set the siren and the cat.

Yeah, my feeling is just the same as Remus right now. An invasion of privacy shouldn't be attempted. I like pranks but this...I may be the type of person like Remus. Id like to see the description about his animagus form more.

Oh, naughty James. Watch out! Your Lily and the other girls will come back soon! Hmm, he's brave huh? Or should I say he is an explorer (to the girl's room)? And even he took lead suggesting that they would leave notes? Bad student and really reckless, which are qualities of Peverell. I'd like to clap for James, a descendant of Peverell. I really love it was James who directed all mischief. I've read the stories where Sirius is centered at pranks by Marauders but not James, so thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed it very much!


Author's Response: Hi Kenny! Thanks for the review!!

It's always interesting to see reviews on this story from people who haven't read the original novel. I put a warning in the first chapter that much of it won't make sense, but here you are ploughing on regardless, and I really respect that.

Having said that, you did a good job here. :) I agree that a stag animagus would be a pain in the neck (or anywhere else you care to name) as it's not exactly (a) subtle, or (b) practical. Seriously, a stag inside the Shrieking Shack? It would never fit! But I digress.

I too think Remus was in the right in this, feeling guilty about the invasion of privacy. To put it in context, in the story Mary had infiltrated their dorm, so they felt the need to reciprocate. And yeah, I do think James was a director of most of the mischief, and get annoyed in fanfics when Sirius seems to. James was always described as the leader in the canon, so lead he must! Very pleased you enjoyed it, and thanks for the review!

cheers Mel

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Review #6, by maraudertimes An apology

25th September 2016:

I'm not super familiar with HTM (meaning, I've binged read it several times into the early morning hours over the past few years but like the idiot I am, I've never really taken the time to a) review all of it, b) actually read it when I'm very much awake and alert), but I do like how you have these small excerpts of the story. It kind of fills in the gaps and it's super cool to see the different scenarios that might play out.

I really liked the progression of this scene. It was cool to see Sirius' realization of how they treat Laura, especially because I can see him metaphorically kicking himself for not realizing it sooner. Plus, I thought that the whole James referring to Beatrice as 'the older one' was a really good way to cement that in, that they really don't treat her like an individual, but instead like an extension of her sister.

The apology was very nice. I thought that Mary was great, and the fact that you mentioned that Laura kind of softened really emphasized the fact that she took his apology to heart and really thought it was genuine. It was a nice little moment and I really liked seeing this in this way.

Also the little beauty rest quips might be my favourite thing about this entire chapter/one-shot. They are hilarious and absolutely what would happen.

Great job!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hi Lo!

You know, it's really funny getting reviews like this because until I get one, I have NO idea that the person in question has read the story, and half the time I"ve been interacting with them in different ways on forums or twitter or whatever. And you're one of those - I was genuinely surprised (and, I admit, pleased) that you have read my story, even if you were only skimming / dead tired at the time.

Having said that, I'm glad you enjoyed thi8s little scene. I too liked James referrring to "The older one" because that really does, as you say, cement the notion that they're interchangeable, which was how those boys had always seen them.

And,yes, the beauty sleep. Kind of have to throw that sort of thing in, don't you think??

Thanks for the review!!
cheers Mel

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Review #7, by NWilkinson Starting again

8th August 2016:
Best ending! Thank you!

Author's Response: You're more than welcome. So pleased you liked it!
cheers Mel

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Review #8, by NWilkinson James: The funeral

8th August 2016:
I've been bawling my out at this chapter! I knew that this was the only way for the story to go, to bring us to JKR's siruius, but its heartbreaking! Very well written x

Author's Response: Yeah, sorry about that. I'm rather proud of this chapter all told, though it was rather hard to write from memory. But yes, it was all intended to pave the way for the Sirius we knew in the books. Glad you saw that!
cheers Mel

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Review #9, by twitchy_pigeons Starting again

10th February 2015:
Now THAT is the perfect ending. PERFECT.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes, I liked that one too. The old romantic in me wanted the happy ending, so I gave them one, even if they both had to die to get there. Glad you liked it!
cheers Mel

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Review #10, by Astree Worth the wait

8th January 2015:
Thank you a lot. It's beautiful.

Author's Response: You're more than welcome. So pleased you liked it!
cheers Mel

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Review #11, by sleepingdragons Starting again

5th October 2014:
Once again, I'm so annoyed that I didn't know this existed until now. this was just the sort of closure I need after how to tame a marauder. I think I've just been continually crying since the last chapter. The way the characters come to life is incredible, I feel like they are actually a part of canon now for me. It really didn't help that I was listening to some really dramatic music while I was reading this either :((
Anyway, I think this was a perfect ending, even if it was sort of bittersweet. xx

Author's Response: Lol. Yes, closure. In my defence this wasn't put up till about a year after HTM finished (took a while to get all the chapters posted and I had a baby in the middle of it which complicated things) so that's probably why you didn't see it. But yes, it is nice to get some closure, which was part of the reason I posted these. That, and most of them had already been written as a characterisation tool, so it seemed a shame to have them languishing on my USB stick, hahaha. Thanks for the feedback!

cheers Mel

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Review #12, by sleepingdragons Reminders

5th October 2014:
I can't believe I only just found all of these extracts, dammit... I don't know if you look at reviews anymore, but I seriously loved this chapter especially. Sirius just seems so real, and the way you weaved it into the real storyline just made it seem even more real. It was so painful to read too, because it's so sad. You're honestly a terrific writer xx

Author's Response: Hi! YEs I do look at reviews, though it took me a while to log in and answer any. Sorry about that. Anyway I'm really pleased you enjoyed this so much becasue I had a lot of fun writing it. Trying to make it mesh with the HP stories as we know them was a particular challenge, but if you think I managed it then that's very gratifying. Thank you!
cheers Mel

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Review #13, by Tom Starting again

21st July 2014:
There is no second chance in death.
The other version is better, to me, even if sadder.

Author's Response: Yeah, fair enough. But this was how I wanted to see it so this was how I wrote it. You are more than welcome to disagree, but hey, it's my story and I wanted a reunion, so they got one. :D

cheers Mel

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Review #14, by gigi Starting again

20th July 2014:
This chapter was just the perfect bow to wrap up this amazing series. So very well done. HTM and TPOBT have been my favorite stories on this site. I will always think of these stories as being canon every time I see or read anything in Potterverse. Thank you so much.

Author's Response: Thank you. So pleased you enjoyed it! I did try to make it as canon as possible so it's lovely that you think I succeeded.
cheers Mel

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Review #15, by gigi James: The funeral

19th July 2014:
I loved both stories: HTM and TPOBT. Very well written and stories that comply with canon, especially Marauder stories are my favs.
I am wondering why there weren't 2 separate services for Laura because you can't just Obliviate her Muggle family and erase all their memories of her funeral.
Also, doesn't seem right that James refers to Sirius as Padfoot when talking to Aubrey.
Loved that somehow James did make the war right through Lily and Harry.

Author's Response: Ah, 2 separate services for Laura? Well, I just figured that wizards would go to a Muggle service, even if they didn't understand aspects of it, but you couldn't have Muggles at a wizard one = so she got the Muggle service. There wasn't anything that happened at the funeral that would cause any concern, I don't think.

As for James calling him Padfoot, well in a heightened emotional state like that I don't htink he would have been thinking about that sort of thing. He thinks of him as Padfoot, so he refers to him as Padfoot. Make sense?

cheers Mel

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Review #16, by caapotter Starting again

9th July 2014:
Just amazing!!! Love every shot so far and especially the ending. I said it before and I say it again. Brilliant. Bravo. Caa xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much! So pleased you enjoyed them, because I had a lot of fun writing them. :)

cheers Mel

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Review #17, by grednforge217 Starting again

12th June 2014:
I've read through all your stories and I can't say that I've reviewed a single one of them. Let me rectify that now.
I am so happy that you wrote these stories. The characters completely came to life for me, and I have taken such pleasure in reading them. I've returned to fan fiction after a long hiatus, and I can say without hesitation that it is stories like the ones that you have written that keep me coming back for more. I am so happy that Sirius and Laura got their happy ending, probably even more so than I was for Harry in canon! Thank you for writing your marauder stories, I really enjoyed all of them.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so pleased you liked it so much, and i apologise for taking so long to respond to your review. The truth is I took a break from the community and have only recently come back. And yes, they got their happy ending. I"m a hopeless romantic at heart so it kind of had to happen. :)

cheers Mel

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Review #18, by CleverElf Starting again

12th April 2014:
I am so sad this story is over. It was amazing and super addicting.It was realy nice to see the story from Sirius's point off view as well.If this author writes a real book i would buy it in about a second. The harry potter world was perfectly captured.I just wish there was the part where Sirius thinks Laura is cheating on him, from his point of view. I always wondered why he believed that.Delicate was fine i guess, but HTM deserves the top spot.

Author's Response: Yes, it's over. I've finished this universe now and moved onto other things. But I'm really pleased you enjoyed my little story so much because it justifies all the time and effort I put into writing it.

Oh, and that scene you would have liked to see? I did draft it but couldn't get it the way I wanted it. I'm re-posting the whole thing on another site and might have another go at it to try to get it up to scratch, so it's just possible that will end up seeing the light of day.

cheers Mel

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Review #19, by knitting_goddess Starting again

5th April 2014:
I have to tell you, I'm absolutely gobsmacked. Started reading HTM just the other day and today I read about the second half of that and this, from beginning to end (I know - who cares if I have a thesis to hand in in a few weeks?). You write so incredibly well, and with so much feeling - I've been bailing my eyes out more than I care to think about today. Although I absolutely hate that you had to kill off Laura, but I do understand it though...

Anyway, I'd give this whole universe you've created 100/10 if I could, and believe me I'm picky with my fanfiction ;) I'll go back to HTM and review that as well, just had to read this first! Keep up the good work, your writing is really good! :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much. I put a lot of work into the story because it was the Marauder story I wanted to read (and I couldn't find it anywhere else, hahaha) so it's really lovely that people like it so much. And thanks for understanding why she had to die, because not everyone did. Sigh.

Sorry for the lateness in responding to this review, and I hope you handed in your thesis okay. :)

cheers Mel

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Review #20, by obsessed Starting again

25th March 2014:
I just reread this story for the third time. Only I skipped the last two chapters of the actual story and moved onto this instead... Both endings made me cry but I absolutely love this one. You are an amazing writer and I hope you come out with another story this good, absolutely incredible. You really deserved the dobby.

Author's Response: The third time? Really? Wow, that is dedicated. Thank you! Though, I kind of understand skipping the end of the original story because it is sad, isn't it? :) I'm really pleased you like this ending because it was one I wanted to write, so it's great that people wanted to read it as well. Thanks for the feedback!

cheers Mel

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Review #21, by John cosh Starting again

28th February 2014:
I have to admit, after reading "The process of becoming tamed" and the "How to tame a marauder" I was very impressed at your writing skills. It was so sad when Laura died but you were able to find a way to add a happy ending to the end of the story. I really liked how you were able to tie in Sirius after he got out of Azkaban. The whole story fit so perfectly with the Harry Potter books. I liked the part where Ginny and Hermoine started asking Sirius about Laura because it seemed perfectly in character. The afterlife was the perfect place to have a happy ending. Also, all the chapters from Sirius' POV were incredible and they fit perfectly with the chapters from Laura's POV. I wish that we had gotten to hear a little more from Sirius about Harry during the afterlife but I totally understand your choice to have Sirius explain to Laura what his life was like instead.

This is my first review so I don't know if I wrote to much or to little. Please forgive me if I did anything wrong...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! And don't worry, there is no hard and fast rule about how much you should write, so this is just fine. I'd like to apologise too for taking so long to respond = the truth is I took a break from the fandom for a while and have only recently come back.

So, I'm really pleased you enjoyed the story so much. I worked really hard to have it fit the canon we do have, so it's great that you think I managed it, particularly the later scenes that tied in with the HP books. That's really gratifying because, naturally, it was what I was trying to do. And yes, if I was going to have a happy ending then the afterlife was really the only place I could do it, right? If I was going to keep within canon, of course. So pleased you liked it!

cheers Mel

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Review #22, by :) Starting again

10th January 2014:
Thank You for the Happy Ending! I was so depressed until I found this. I loved being able to see Sirius thoughts about Laura. I also really appreciated how you added a few scenes I really wanted to see and tied this story in with JKR story. It was awesome! Thank you!

Author's Response: Ah, I don't think you're the only one. There were a lot of people who wanted a happy ending and, to keep it in canon, this was the only way I could do it, right? Really pleased you liked this collection, because it means I did somethign right in writing it. thanks for the review!
cheers Mel

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Review #23, by Owlpost68 An apology

27th December 2013:
That was a pretty great chapter. This definitely showed that Sirius was growing up just a bit, and also how close their group is. Moony noticing exactly what was wrong was really in character for him. The one thing I noticed was your sentences were pretty long. There were some that might have flowed better if broken into 2. I understand sometimes it's hard. When I write on a train of thought, it can sometimes be longer than the sentence should be.
My favorite part though is the last bit though, that Remus and Sirius were more handsome than Peter and James :) very funny.

Author's Response: It is fun, isn't it? I enjoyed writing the closeness of those boys' relationship because, given their various backgrounds, I think it HAD to be that close, don't you? But yeah, it coudl do with an edit. Most of these could, to be honest. I"m working on it, I promise!

cheers Mel

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Review #24, by JJ97 Starting again

30th November 2013:
Okay , I was severely disappointed by Laura's death in HTTAM and this totally makes up for all of it! An amazing story. Congratulations on a fantastic fanfiction. You're a great writer!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes, she had to die, but that doesn't mean they couldn't reunite in the afterlife, does it? Really pleased you enjoyed it so much.
cheers Mel

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Review #25, by youngest death eater Starting again

17th October 2013:
Ok, first can I just say THANK YOU for making a happy ending. I read HTM a while ago, but I just finished rereading it and noticed the happy ending bit here.
I was practically bawling my eyes out when Laura died (not really, but it felt that way.)
Don't judge me! I'm a very emotional person.
- Amy

Author's Response: You're more than welcome. I'm an old romantic at heart so i wanted to write this and was just lucky enough people wanted me to post it to justify the decision. And yeah, I'm also an emotional person. Thanks for the feedback!

cheers Mel

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