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Review #1, by iFreak Chapter One: Of Letters and Arrangements

26th September 2011:

Basically, I just got addicted to your fanfiction! You're an amazing writer, something I knew through PW but seriously, this stuff is fantastic. I really hope you're working on something original because Jess, you have one hell of a talent. You manage to describe things in a perfect way, without letting it go on too long but giving us enough detail that I can picture a scene just perfectly, in particular the Shack - I've never considered it with a trapdoor but now you've written it I'm sort of wondering where it was in all my imaginings before.

As you know, I don't like Remus very much, but I'd very much like to hug this character and tell him it'll be alright. He's so shy and insecure, so very young and innocent - you've really captured that amazingly. Also Dumbledore was written seriously well, and I for one find him really difficult to write IC so serious kudos for that.

And Madam Pomfrey too - even from that brief glimpse of her I already have this image of who I think she is; lonely, childless, but kind-hearted and warm, caring and sweet and just waiting for a kid like Remus she can dote upon. You never once mentioned a mum in this, so I get the idea that Remus doesn't have one, and I think Madam Pomfrey (or should I be calling her Poppy?) is going to make an excellent mother-figure for our lost little hero :)

So yeah...kind of a random review but I had to write something You have some serious talent and it's just never properly hit me before :)

Please keep it up! xxx

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Review #2, by Frogprincess Chapter One: Of Letters and Arrangements

20th May 2010:
I think you portrayed Dumbledore really well. He's definitely appears like he doesn't know what he's doing sometimes...
And you always do so well at portraying Remus in general. You bring out his thoughts of his condition, and the conflict really well.
And I always imagined that his lycanthropy would affect him all year long as well. Something like that has got to traumatize your body as well as your mind.
I'm sure that he and madam pomfrey would have a closer relationship than she normally would with a student.
You portray Remus so well, and I love your description!
This was wonderful, it's so nice to read something of yours again.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I always love reading your reviews :) I really hope to update this story soon, because I love writing Remus so much as a character. THANKS!! *squish*

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