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Review #1, by marauderfan Came the Dawn

8th June 2013:
This story was wonderful!! And so complex - there were so many things happening and so many emotions and it really captured the chaos of the wizarding world at the time, but how there's peace as well, even if it is hard to find.

Molly and Arthur were so caught up in themselves that they didn't even consider their parents worrying - I think their parents were right to be worrying in this case, given what had recently happened to Cecilia. But I liked that they found their own bubble of happiness away from the war, and you really captured the energy and obliviousness (is that a word?) of newlyweds. And I bet Gideon and Fabian were so proud of Molly for doing something so wild and eloping haha.

It was nice to see Reid starting to recover, and how the whole group which was starting to fracture during their last months at Hogwarts really tries to stay together in order to stay strong. And I liked the scene with Siobhan and Arthur, it was nice to see her talking seriously to someone. And Arthur seems like a good confidant. I worry about Siobhan though, but I wasn't surprised she decided to run. She reminds me of Jenny from Forrest Gump - always running to escape her past.

AMAZING work!!

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it. I feel a little speechless. *hugs* Thank you!

They did get so caught up they forgot, and I agree, the parents had good cause to worry. Being freshly married does give you sort of blinders to the rest of the world. But it's nice to be in that happy bubble for a little while. And Gid & Fab were definitely happy for Molly to be the one in trouble for a bit ;)

Reid's getting better. Hattie will help him. But it's a long time before he's really past what happened. At least he's functional again though. Siobhan on the other hand... Yeah she's definitely a runner. An escapist. She doesn't want to think about it or feel it so she shoves it down inside and pretends she's fine and finds ways to distract herself. If she'd stuck around, Arthur and Molly could've helped her, but she took off instead. I wrote some one-shots to show each of them in the future, though Siobhan's doesn't take her through to a healing point, just continuing her self-repression. Anyway if you want to continue reading about these characters, there are three more short pieces :) All Things Life Must Be, Cherry Blossoms, and Never There.

Thank you so much for all the lovely reviews! I've enjoyed reading them so much, and I'm very glad you liked the stories!

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Review #2, by marauderfan Dark Clouds

8th June 2013:
This was such a well written chapter. I actually didn't cry when I read At the Hour but it was reading Siobhan's grief in this that made me cry, seeing her fall to pieces like that. My heart breaks for her. And for Reid. I can tell it's going to be a long healing process for both of them.

I think this is a good set up for Molly and Arthur eloping though - something that made them realise how short life is.

Author's Response: That breaking-up-of-the-group that you mentioned in a review for "What It's Worth" - this is when they're brought back together. After Cecilia is killed, the ones who remain in the UK are kept together through that shared tragedy. And it definitely was the catalyst for Molly and Arthur's elopement. In the books she says how no one knew if they'd be around tomorrow so they were eloping left right and center, so I think they needed something to really bring it home to them.

Poor Siobhan, she really doesn't know how to deal with this - it completely breaks her, and the only time she lets it out is at the graveside. It takes a long time for her to heal, and Reid as well, you're right.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #3, by Moonyxluna Came the Dawn

2nd January 2012:
I must have forgotten to review this, although you can probably guess that I loved it.

I'm happy Reid is on a recovery, maybe with Hattie? I'm probably reading way too much into it, but oh well, I can hope for him to be happy, right? :) Hattie's such a sweetheart. I suppose they are different personalities. alright I'll stop now.

I loved their parents' reactions, I think based on Molly&Arthur's characters, the reactions were spot on. I read it in a public place and I got a few weird looks for laughing so much :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you loved it! :D Reid and Hattie, nope, not going to happen. They're just not ever going to be attracted to each other that way. I do love Hattie though, and she's good for Reid in her own way.

I tried to make the reactions appropriate to how I've set up the parent characters, and with how we know Molly settles into being a Weasley in canon (she's very comfortable around the rest of the Weasleys at Bill's wedding). I'm quite pleased to hear you think I got it right, so thanks very much! And thank you for reviewing, of course. I adore reviews.

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Review #4, by feegee93 Over The Anvil

4th November 2011:
I'm glad you wrote that they did certain things till after they were married!!! thank you!

Author's Response: lol. They seemed the type to wait, especially given the time period they lived in. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Singularity Came the Dawn

29th August 2011:
It's so nice to see Reid on the road to recovery. It's good that he's able to laugh again. And I love how you slipped in the bit about Hattie. She really is an overlooked and under-appreciated member of the group, isn't she, but her role is very important. She would be the person to go kick Reid into gear. Everyone needs a friend like that.

And Siobhan, she doesn't seem to be coping quite as well, but at least she's a bit back to normal. I'm interested to see what happens to her.

This was a lovely ending to this story. I'm glad that it ended on such a hopeful and happy note. There's still the twinge of fear and sadness, but life and love goes on. Thanks for sharing all of your lovely insights into Molly and Arthur's younger years. I love reading your stories :)


Author's Response: Reid recovers, mostly, and you're right, Siobhan's not really coping. She's burying her feelings as usual, instead of dealing with them. Thus her desire to skip town. Siobhan specializes in running away from things that are hard, poor thing.

I tried to end it on a hopeful note - but yeah, it's a bit sad and there's still the fear of the war.

There's still two more stories in the Unsinkable-verse after this one, if you haven't read them yet :) Thank you so much for all the lovely reviews!

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Review #6, by Singularity Tea, or Something Stronger

29th August 2011:
I love that Fabian and Gideon accidentally stumbled on the truth. The dialogue that resulted was great :) I do love the way you write them. Have you written anything about them? If not, I'd love to see you story about them.

Molly's parents (mother) took the news better than I thought they would. Hardly any shouting at all! I love the family dynamic that exists here, and how that is such a contrast to the Weasleys with some strong parallels. It's really interesting and very well done.

Mrs. Prewett really does have some good points. I loved your portrayal of her, once the yelling had stopped. She was worried about her daughter, disappointed that she hadn't been there for the wedding, but ultimately happy because her daughter is happy.

I laughed a lot at the last bit after Arthur comes back. It just reminds me so much of my own family, they way we're constantly teasing each other :) And leave it to the mom to bring up grandchildren.


"I was concerned. I just wasn't insane." lol

Author's Response: Gid & Fab often stumble upon what Molly's up to entirely by accident haha. They're too clever for their own good. I've actually thought about doing more stories of them during their Order years, but haven't gotten to it. The only other story I've written them in is The Pitch.

It wasn't really much shouting, given the Prewetts' normal M.O., but then, it's not as if the whole Molly/Arthur impending marriage/engagement was a secret. It's the first thing her mother thinks of, after all. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like the Prewetts as I write them :D

She really is right - but Molly tends to bulldoze over what anyone else thinks, so she didn't really realize it until after the wedding. And Mr. Prewett of course decides to be accepting of the wedding because his wife was shouting about it. They just love to disagree ;) And the "insane" line, haha. Glad you liked it!

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Singularity Back to Earth

29th August 2011:
My first thought when reading this chapter was, "Well, looks like the honeymoon is over." I love that 'we have to tell our parents' was nearly Molly's first thought that morning, as if she had never considered that before. I think that just kind of emphasizes how young they are and how much they didn't really think this whole thing through.

I also really enjoyed Molly's shyness and her reluctance to allow Arthur to see her naked, even though he obviously already had. That just seemed so in character for her. But her line: "I took some exercise" nearly had my howling with laughter. It was brilliant :D

I'm glad that Arthur's family took the news so well. Its awesome how seamlessly Molly fits in with that family. Though, I must admit I'm disappointed we missed out on Bilius's flower trick ;)


Author's Response: Yep, honeymoon's over! Shamefully brief, but I doubt they'd have had the money for anything more. And yes, they really didn't think this through! That's brought home to them even more in the next chapter when they realize they don't actually have a place to live :P

Glad you liked the exercise line! No one else has commented on that, and I have to admit, I really liked it when I wrote it ;) I think Molly would be kind of shy for a while, and Arthur is just so happy they finally got married he probably was brimming with confidence for months.

The flower trick, oh my! Thank you for the review!

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Review #8, by Singularity Over The Anvil

28th August 2011:
Aww :*

This was so absolutely sweet. I just love their wedding. And I finally understand the title! Yay :) The little details just make this chapter for me, like Arthur pulling Molly over to look at their names in the guest book and introducing her as often as possible as "his wife". Love it.

I think you capture that giddy, newlywed vibe perfectly. Even with everything going on in the world, they are so caught up in one another that their biggest worry is the wedding night. Incidentally, I'm glad you ended this chapter where you did.


Author's Response: Yes, now the title makes sense! haha. It's a bit obscure, but I just love it. The priests in Gretna Green who performed all those runaway marriages were called "anvil priests" sometimes.

I really enjoyed writing this chapter - so much happy fluff. They're just so in love and young and silly, it's a lot of fun to write.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Singularity A Silver Lining

28th August 2011:
Sorry it's taken me so long to come back and review. I read all of this story at once. After reading this chapter, I was too excited to keep reading to stop and review :P I kept meaning to come back, but kept putting it off (I'm a fabulous procrastinator) but better late than never, I suppose.

I really love that this chapter starts so sadly and ends in such a rush of happiness. It's really great.

It's sad to think that Arthur was shifted over to that department this early in his career and wound up stuck there for so long. He seems to kind of enjoy it I suppose, but he could have done so much good elsewhere.

And poor Reid. He's really not coping very well. Talking about Cecilia's O.W.L.s arriving reminded me so much of when my step-grandpa passed away, but we kept getting his mail for years. Mostly junk mail, but no matter how many times we had his name removed from mailing lists, it kept arriving. It was like a blindsided reminder. I had nearly forgotten that Cecilia had written down his address for her O.W.L.s.

But the Arthur/Molly proposal bit is just perfect. Even though it happens so fast, it doesn't seem like it's too fast because of everything that has led up to it. Molly's thoughts and her vacillation back and forth was so in character for her. Of course she wants to marry him, but her more practical side fights against eloping.

I love Arthur's "It's just money, I can make more" bit at the end. That just seems so canon. Money has never been important to the Weasleys. I mean, they have seven children. They can't be very concerned about making money :P And going to a Muggle place to elope. Very Arthur. :)

Author's Response: No problem :) I'm glad you came back, though! I really enjoy reading your reviews.

It takes a while for the post to catch up with current events sometimes. I figure the N.E.W.T.s would still be sent out, even if they knew she was dead by then, but I doubt they knew.

I'm glad the pacing was all right - I was trying not to rush it, but the whole point of the elopement sort of *is* the rush, you know? And Arthur doesn't care about money - Molly's more practical but she still gives in.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #10, by Singularity Dark Clouds

14th August 2011:
“And I know, life isn't fair. I know that. But it should have been fair for Cecilia.”

Yes, that's exactly how you feel when something happens to someone you love. Even if the world isn't fair for you, it should be happy for them.

This was a really sad chapter, but I was really glad to see Siobhan finally break down and finally allow her friends to really be there for her. I think that will be good for her, though I still worry excessively for her...and for Reid.


Author's Response: I know the review-fest is over, but I hope you got a chance to read the rest of this story, and the next two that finish out the Unsinkable-verse (for now) :)

Poor Siobhan, this could have started a healthier healing process for her, but of course she shuts down even further after revealing so much emotion to her friends. She isn't that type, really. There's Reid in the next chapter, and both of them again at the end, so hit me with a review and tell me what you think? :D

Thank you so much for this and all the other reviews you left me during the Cup! Go Ravenclaw :)

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Review #11, by Mary Came the Dawn

27th July 2011:
Fabulous! I love all the Molly Prewett (or should I say Weasley) stories you have written! You are a fantastic author and I hope to see you stories on the shelves of my local bookstore one day! I only noticed one mistake in the whole of the Unsinkable series, where Molly talks about her five years or remembering Arthur but it could have been just a trick of the eye because I was devouring the story so fast! Your writing style is very mature, and I am glad to have found a story that's not about a girl who hates Sirius Black and then falls in love with him and cures him of his womanizing ways. Your series is a breath of fresh air. Well done momotwins, congratulations on writing my favorite Harry Potter so far! You obviously have researched well, and you make the characters seem real. I love how Hattie is always correcting Siobhan on the way she speaks, it really seems like its the 60's! Five out of five stars! In fact you have inspired me to try my hand at writing my own fanfiction!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I hope you checked out "All Things Life Must Be" and "Cherry Blossoms" for a bit more Unsinkable past this story ;)

I'm glad it had the tone of the 60s, I tried to keep it in the appropriate era when I was writing these stories. I'm not sure which spot you mean about the five years, was that in this story? I want to correct it if it's an error. Thank you so much for the compliments on my writing, I really appreciate it and I'm so glad you enjoyed the Unsinkable series! I feel honored to be your favorite HPfanfic and to have inspired you to write :) Stop by the forums when you post it and let me know your penname!

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #12, by OMGILuvHP Came the Dawn

12th July 2011:
beautiful story. i smiled the whole way through. granted i took a break from it for awhile in the first part of the story, but man i love your writing. so glad you wrote how they got married too. it was perfect.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Your review really made me smile, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I really loved writing this one. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #13, by TheWorldISee Came the Dawn

31st March 2011:
Oh goodness, I don't know how to feel. You're really a talent at pulling at one's heartstrings. I'm happy for Molly and Arthur, I'm sad over Cecilia, I'm worried about Siobhan, I'm so many things at once it seems impossible to think it all at the same time. This story was, though much sadder than Unsinkable, just as well written and overall enjoyable. You really have done an amazing job with all the characters. I applaud you on another fantastic story. 10/10!

Author's Response: Feeling many things at once is a big part of this story, I think. You can be terrified for the future, ecstatically happy at a new marriage, and sad at a friend's death, all at once. That's life, you know?

Thank you so very much! I love reading your reviews, I'm so glad you found my stories!

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Review #14, by TheWorldISee Tea, or Something Stronger

31st March 2011:
Oh how fun. Pretty much how I would have expected the parents to react. It's funny because you can see how Molly and Arthur are going to be similar to their parents and yet totally different in their marriage. Wonderful job as usual!

Author's Response: I loved writing the parents' reactions. Such fun. I think Molly and Arthur grow into their marriage, just as everyone must, and it takes on shades of their parents' marriages. Fortunately both of them have parents with successful relationships. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #15, by TheWorldISee Over The Anvil

31st March 2011:
Awww, so cute. Molly and Arthur are so adorable! And they eloped! Eek! What are the mothers going to say!?!?! Such a cute chapter. Beautifully written. :)

Author's Response: lol. It's quite fluffy, yes. Thank you so much!

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Review #16, by TheWorldISee A Silver Lining

31st March 2011:
Where to begin...

Wonderful job with the details, yet again. Such a clever way to work Arthur into the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department. And the nod to their impending money troubled future with the Gringotts bit was very well done. It does make me wonder why Molly never worked, I know they had the kids to raise, but seems she could have done something to help bring in the galleons.

Poor Reid. It's heartbreaking to see him like this. Despite all the crazy events in the Potter series there wasn't the same impending doom over everyone and everything all the time as I imagine (and you do too it seems) there would have been at Voldemort's peak. Quite a more depressing story that way actually... But your story is far more than just depressing, it's filled with all the ups and downs of the real world. I'm loving it as usual. Remarkable job, on to the next chapter!

Author's Response: It was much more socially acceptable to be a stay at home mom than to work, in those days. And wizarding society often seems rather old-fashioned. Some women really honestly do prefer to be home, too - I have a master's degree, but I'm a stay-at-home mom and very happy at it. Of course, I have several hobbies, including writing ;)

Anyway, Reid's a sad soul - poor guy, he was really destroyed by Cecilia's death. I do think that everyone would have felt the impending doom during this period, yeah - Voldemort would have been terrifying. They drop hints of it in canon - Arthur describing the Dark Mark, Molly talking about people eloping left right and center... But even in times like that, life has to go on. Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #17, by TheWorldISee Dark Clouds

31st March 2011:
Oh god. Cecilia? Really? Goodness, it made me so sad to read that... I'm getting attached to your OC's, which isn't good when reading a story that takes place during a dangerous war. This was a wonderfully written chapter as usual, but so devastatingly sad. I'm very worried for Siobhan now. And Reid, what will become of him? With heavy heart I move on to the next chapter...

Author's Response: Did you read At The Hour? That came between What It's Worth and this one. It really was like a bomb went off between those stories. Poor Cecilia. And poor Siobhan and Reid, they're the most damaged by the loss of Cecilia, though it affects everyone. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Alopex Came the Dawn

26th September 2010:
I was really touched by what a big presence Cecilia had in this chapter. Naturally, her death is still fresh for her friends, so it stands to reason that they would still feel her loss as a big thing, a big hole in their group.

How typical that Molly overheard Arthur and Siobhan. Figures! I already knew Siobhan was going away (you said so in a review response, I think), but it was interesting to see the way she disclosed that information. Arthur really is a pretty safe guy to say that sort of thing to, and really, I was intrigued to see Arthur interacting with someone from the group other than his male pals and without Molly in the conversation. I can't remember if we've really seen that before or not.

Petula's question to Molly was hilarious. I had quite forgotten that she'd even asked in another story, but now I remember being amused by it when I read it.

This was a lovely end to the series. It did feel like a conclusion, although there's still room to fill in more should you ever wish to. I have so enjoyed following these characters over the last couple of years.

Author's Response: Yeah, Cecilia really left a gap in all their lives, and in their group. They are still dealing with it here, so her absence is felt pretty strongly.

Molly's nosy haha, she likes to know what's going on. Arthur's definitely a safe target, and she and Arthur have had a few run-ins on their own, or more often accompanied by Cecilia (since she and Siobhan were almost always together at school). I think I've shown only a few, but Arthur does mention that he's always liked Siobhan and she makes him laugh. Anyway, yes, Petula ;) It's almost her wedding here, so she's still thinking about that question.

I intended it to be a conclusion to this era, yeah, although then I went and wrote the one-shot collection. That's sort of a transition, though. Anyway, thank you so much, not just for this review but for all of them! You are one of my all-time favorite reviewers, of course, I always love reading what you said.

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Review #19, by Alopex Burrowing In

26th September 2010:
Oh, the Burrow! That was lovely. Fantastic timing, of course, that Arthur just so happens to have a generous relative who's looking to give up his home. However, I LOVED your description of the house. It was different seeing it through Molly's eyes. It seemed so peaceful and perfect, with the overgrown garden, gnome evidence, some of her favorite music playing, her father-in-law's pipe smoke.

Hehe, the bit about Antonia adding pink things throughout the house really amused me. Molly's parents are two of my favorite characters . . . until I start thinking of all my other favorite characters. How do you come up with so many fabulous characters?

I look forward to them telling their friends.

Author's Response: It was convenient, wasn't it? ;) I figured it wrapped things up rather neatly though, so why not. And they are the sort of family who did those things. I did mention in previous stories that Arthur's uncle had bad rheumatism - figured I'd use it to advantage.

I do love Molly's parents. I think I have way too much fun with them haha. I'm glad you like the characters! I love inventing them, it's one of my favorite parts of writing.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by Georgia Weasley Came the Dawn

24th September 2010:
Gorgeous. I adored it. I think the way you left it with Siobhan leaving, untethered to their world through Cecilia any longer, and Reid being dragged back into the land of the living by Hattie, is perfect.The ending made me smile and giggle a bit. Screw it. This IS canon. I said so. Tell JKR. LOVED it, hon!~GW

Author's Response: OMG girl, you are so silly. It'll be canon in our heads (by the way, your Astoria is canon in my head now). I'm glad you thought it was good - I wanted to sort of send Siobhan on to the next part of her life, and Reid is going to be absorbed into Hattie's family, because she won't let up on him until he's healed. If Siobhan had stuck around, Hattie would have gotten her too, but Siobhan's a runner.

Thank you so much for the review! You're the best :)

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Review #21, by Georgia Weasley Over The Anvil

24th September 2010:
Yay for not writing a sex scene. How inappropriate would Molly think THAT was? You get brownie points for that. I'm just glad it finally happens. You nailed that insecure, nervous, OMG feeling they both had. This is such a brilliant story. I've only just now stopped long enough to tell you that. You have such a knack of tying up details and delivering them to us in gorgeous little packages that leave us going, "Oh, so that's where that came from!" Absolutely fabulous!

Author's Response: Yeah, definitely no sex scene. It just doesn't fit the tone of how I write the Unsinkable stories, kwim? She would definitely think it was inappropriate ;) I had fun writing the little romantic bits here. I love wrapping up details haha. It's so much fun to tidy things up this way. Thanks for reviewing, hon!

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Review #22, by Alopex Tea, or Something Stronger

12th September 2010:
This chapter had me in stitches! I was giggling and chortling the whole way through! Seriously (or unseriously?), the Prewetts are such characters! (I'm not making a literary remark, only saying that they are have distinct and interesting personalities.) Gideon and Fabian are hilarious, of course. Antonia is a lot like Molly in some ways, and as an outsider, you can't help but be a little amused by her. Hippolytus is a bit infuriating but also amusing. Those two together really play off each other and make for quite some amusement.

Everything that your characters said just seemed so . . . well, it felt realistic, but observing from the outside, it seemed so funny and . . . I don't know. I just enjoyed this chapter immensely. :D I got a real kick out of Antonia's hidden bottle of whiskey. And the last two lines, of course. Haha.

Well, the telling of the parents is complete. Now they have to tackle their friends, don't they? And figure out some practical things, since they didn't exactly go into this marriage thing with a plan.

Author's Response: Ah the Prewetts! ;) They are a bunch of somebodys, aren't they? I really love writing about Molly's parents. And Gid & Fab, they're just so much fun. I bet they'd get along swimmingly with Bilius, too. Antonia is very much like Molly, I think.

Yes, the families are all aware, and the next chapter will deal with a few of the practicalities that they'd totally forgotten about in the excitement of eloping. Absolutely no plan at all haha.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Alopex Back to Earth

12th September 2010:
Haha, oh, that flower trick that Fred and George were so amused by, hm? And that Hermione wasn't particularly taken with? Uh-huh. Yeah, Molly definitely doesn't want to know about that one. Bilius certainly was good to lighten up the scene, though. He's always amusing when he appears.

So, reality intrudes at last. I'm glad they had their idyllic little wedding and honeymoon, though. It's good to escape from all the darkness and fear that's enveloping their world, even if the escape is short-lived. They never would have gotten as much enjoyment out of their wedding if they'd have made it official . . . lots of stress and planning and such, and it wouldn't have been the same in terms of temporary escape.

Well, I'm glad that the Weasleys have taken the news of Arthur and Molly's marraige well. However, it seems given that Molly's mother won't react quite so calmly! That ought to be interesting to read about.

Author's Response: Bilius's flower trick, in my head, is of long standing notoriety. Probably best that he wasn't around any more when the next generation of Weasleys start getting married. ;) I really have fun writing him, especially people needling him about not having a job.

You know, you are very right about that - it wouldn't have been as romantic and as much of an escape if they'd just gotten married the traditional way. Running off let them forget everything else, if only for a day.

Of course the Weasleys have taken it for granted for a while now that Molly would be one of them, so they won't be upset. Definitely some fireworks from Molly's parents, though ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by Alopex Over The Anvil

9th September 2010:
As I expected, I found this chapter both amusing and adorable. :) Arthur and his Muggle-passion are always good for a chuckle, of course, but both he and Molly are so sweet, you can't help but think fondly of them. I was amused that she took charge of the Muggle money . . . I like that you've made her so capable in your stories. I kinda cringe every time she's portrayed as a simple housewife.

I'll admit here I'm totally ignorant of the blacksmith/anvil wedding tradition.

I think the panicky thoughts about actually getting married and the wedding night seemed realistic. I guess they haven't quiet yet stopped to think about how everyone's going to react, though. I'm sure that'll sink in soon enough, especially as they don't appear to have enough money to stay another night, meaning they'll have to go home and announce their big news.

This is the sweetest chapter I have read of anything in a long time. :-)

Author's Response: The anvil thing is pretty well restricted to Gretna Green tradition. It's so classic romance-novel-plot to elope to Gretna Green though, I couldn't resist. Arthur WOULD want to elope the Muggle way, of course ;) lol

Yes, there's absolutely no thought yet on what everyone's going to think of their elopement. They're totally enveloped in their own little world here, which is fun for a night but can't last. Tomorrow will be a reckoning! Sort of. haha

Thank you so much for the review! It really made me smile. I'm glad you liked it. It's rather an overabundance of fluff, but I couldn't resist. This is my ode to my favorite ship, I had to go all out.

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Review #25, by Alopex A Silver Lining

6th September 2010:
Haha, wow! I wasn't expecting the elopement to be quite that quick. They sure decided in a hurry. I was also quite amused by the way Molly was thinking how adult Arthur was for having his own bank account. Lol. Well, that's the age I was when I opened my checking account, so . . . haha. They ARE young! Geez.

Aw, man, Cecilia's OWL results. I wasn't expecting that. In fact, all thoughts of OWL results went completely out of my head. I can imagine what a blow it was to Reid to see those results--a fresh reminder that Cecilia really is dead. I can't imagine that Siobhan would have handled the results any better, though.

I am prepared to be somewhat amused by the next chapter, and probably touched as well. It seems that every chapter now is bringing us closer to JKR's Molly and Arthur. They are young, but they're growing up . . . I like that there has been so much character development from the days of the love potion in "Unsinkable."

Author's Response: They would have sent the NEWTs even if they'd known she was dead, I think, much like your results would still come from SATs or GREs. They send it to your family, and since she put Reid's address down... Poor guy. Yeah, Siobhan wouldn't have liked it any better than him, but she's got long experience burying her feelings and would have appeared less completely broken-down by it.

Ah bank accounts. I remember getting my first checking account (also around this age) and thinking how awesome it was. And so grown-up. Those were the days lol.

Yes, things do perk up from here - and move rather fast, as this is a short story and it's meant to be somewhat whirlwind. Definitely starting to see their adult lives emerging, I'm glad that's coming across.

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