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Review #1, by UnderPolyJuice Have you met Ms Jones?

15th February 2011:
Great start, full of color. Looking forward to reading the rest! I think this is my new project, yay! I always pick a story and only read that story for DAYS. It's really fun with long stories haha. This is my new story I guess :)

You made Oliver sound really sexy :)

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Review #2, by Maybe Someday Operation GOTNHAPITAHO

9th December 2010:
You have got to update this. [:, it's absolutely genius, XD. Poppy is so PWNsome. C:

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Review #3, by Maybe Someday Have you met Ms Jones?

1st October 2010:
Wow. ;D
Awesome first chapter! I usually think that first chapters are the worst in a story, as you meet the characters, the plot is explained, etc, etc, but this was really good. ;D
Great job. ;3

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Review #4, by fiestyfire A conversation

19th July 2010:
yay! she finally spoke to him properly!
i hope they move on to the friendship stage soon. and parkinson doesn't shove his slimy nose where it doesn't belong. anyway, great chapter once again!
and i'm begging you to please complete this story! i promise to try and review each chapter.
update soon!

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Review #5, by fiestyfire Operation GOTNHAPITAHO

19th July 2010:
Ooh, so the plan is on! This will be interesting.
as for daniel parkinson, what a creep! i feel bad for poor poppy. i have a feeling he's gonna be a really big problem later.
anyway, good job and on to the next chapter!

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Review #6, by fiestyfire Have you met Ms Jones?

19th July 2010:
i just read carrington and came across this. although that's an awesome start, i decided to review this one cuz it looks grossly under reviewed and i love oliver wood! don't you think he's the 'bomb'?
anyway, great beginning here. poppy is really likable and damon seems like the guy friend everyone wants.
oliver is oliver. he is god. period.
(yes, i know i sound like the weird girl who's in love with a fictional character. oliver has that effect. especially after 'settling the score' )
anyway, i'm really curious to see what plans the twins come up with.
so, on to the next chapter!

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Review #7, by HopelessRomantic_x A conversation

2nd July 2010:
Guess who's here? (':
So, I decided to see whether you have any other stories and look what I found? ;)
I'm not much of a Hogwarts Era person (unless I'm selfishly writing one for a challenge or something) but I love this! I like that it's just focused on those two characters and not about trio because that's what a lot of people mainly focus on when it comes to the Hogwarts Era. SO Yeah, much more refreshing, I must say! How do you come up with these ideas? Siriusly? (oooh, sirius joke!) They're fabulous! ANYWAY.
I love Poppy's character she's a lot different from Carrington and it's better to have different characters to instead of the usual 'i'm bubbly and hyper' or 'i'm mean and bitchy' type. I like how her friends sort of just come together well with her and that they met at different occasions too (: I really liked Poppy's background as well and her relationship with the Weasley twins - it's so like them to make a plan to get Oliver to take a bit of notice (': plus it's really sweet too with George and Jenny! Thye'd be a good match together :}
So, where's the update of this fic hmm? Looks like you have some work to do to keep us readers happy! Oh, oh, oh and I almost forgot - Poppy's relationship with Daniel Parkinson? I loved the concept of that :D

Author's Response: my most favouritest reviewer!
I'm not much of a hogwarts era person myself but the idea of Oliver/oc stories just wouldn't leave me alone! I'm glad you like Poppy, and her friends, I like to think that she's a bit different to your usual oc's.
the updates for Poppy have been slow recently because I've been working hard on Carrington :P but i think there will be a poppy chapter up again soon. Lovely to hear from you my dear!

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Review #8, by blimmchen A conversation

26th June 2010:
That chapter was really sweet. I absolutely adore the Weasly twins, they rock!! It is awesome of them to want to help Poppy and get her more integrated with the other students as well as helping her on her mission to conquer Oliver's heart. And it is so funny that so many "random" people know that she fancies him. Hope you update soon x

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Review #9, by blimmchen Operation GOTNHAPITAHO

3rd June 2010:
OMG, I simply cannot wait for an update. I love that Fred and George have the guts to say that their year is too immature for them, lol. Trust them to bring fun into everything. It was a wonderful chapter once again and I really hope that operation-get-oliver-to-notice-poppy etc. will be a full success. So keep up the good work and update soon x

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Review #10, by blimmchen Have you met Ms Jones?

3rd June 2010:
Hey there!! I love the chapter title :D You have a very interesting take on the story and I cannot wait to read more. I love that the Weasley twins are involved in matchmaking and can't imaginge what mischief they'll come up with and get other people in trouble. It was a really really nice first chapter :)))

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Review #11, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 Have you met Ms Jones?

9th May 2010:
i like this its good! please update! also, please keep the twins in, as you can tell, im a HUGE george weasly fan!

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Review #12, by VelvetAutumn Have you met Ms Jones?

8th May 2010:
I like it! It's something different from all the stories about how they hate eachother at first, but then realise they're madly in love. Not that I don't like those, but this is a good start to a fun story I think :)

Author's Response: thanks heaps! Yeah, it always seems to be that they hate each other and she always seems to play quidditch... so i thought id break the trend :) i'm glad you liked it

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