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Review #1, by GuestReviewer It's You, It's You.

1st September 2014:
This is definitely one of the best stories I've read in a long time. I loved your descriptions and the way you developed your characters, and the song fit perfectly with the story. It's truly refreshing to read something on this site and not be able to find any grammar issues or typos, so thank you for that!
Thank you for giving me something good to read! I will definitely be checking for more writing from you; keep up the good work!

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Review #2, by A_Johnson49 It's You, It's You.

20th June 2012:
I have to say, this songfic holds a special place in my heart. I walked down the aisle to this song at my wedding and will always remember it as one of the happiest days of my life.

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Review #3, by Singularity It's You, It's You.

29th July 2010:
This was very sweet :* I love this song! It was the first dance at the wedding I was in almost exactly one year ago. I really love the way that James describes himself at the beginning:

"No matter how famous his family name was, no matter how handsome he looked on a regular basis, no matter how talented he was at Quidditch, it still shocked him every single day. Surely there was something wrong with a cocky, self-obsessed prat like him getting a girl like her."

I love that he is upfront with his cockiness, but is still obviously in love with this girl and (despite how great he thinks he is) doesn't think that he deserves her. Overall, it's a really lovely piece of fluff.

Author's Response: aw, thanks. :) i love this one-shot, this song, and james! they're all so awesome. i'll admit it- this one-shot is awesome.

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Review #4, by Kayla Lay It's You, It's You.

26th July 2010:
I loved it :) it was totally cute and I love how you interpretated the song. Micheal Buble rocks my universe :)

Author's Response: thanks so much! :)

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Review #5, by Schnatz It's You, It's You.

6th May 2010:
Oh wow, I'm crying! Not because those OS was sad or terrible, no, of course it wasn't sad or terrible, it was awesome and I only cried because I'm a romantic one. Really, I love kitsch (oh that's funny, it's the same word for kitsch in German *g*) but only when it's authentic, too. And you did it! I can't believe and I'm really impressed that you could write so much laud and beautiful words about one woman and for all that I didn't want to last it. I LOVE it! And the song fits just perfect. By the way I adore this song (actually I adore all Michael Buble songs because they are so emotional and authentic and melodic!).
Yeah, I don't know what to write more ... I just can repeat and repeat and repeat it. This wedding-OS was great! :)


Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank you! (:

I love James, as you've picked up from Ladylike, and I decided to give him a one-shot of his own. Of course this is a different kind of James, but it's him nonetheless. (:

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Review #6, by the little sister! [: It's You, It's You.

2nd May 2010:
BIG SISTER!! this is amazing.
you.. just, the song-ness works perfectly with the story. the story compliments the song most excellently.
ahh, and you know i love the song. so, it was a given that i would love this little one-shot thingy. song-deal.

more reading to do, most definitely.

Author's Response: Thank you. (: I love you, little sister.

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