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Review #1, by harryhermron Chapter 1 Ginny's Comfort

2nd January 2014:
I enjoyed your story. I like it. thank you.
Keep writing.

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Review #2, by homerHarris Chapter 1 Ginny's Comfort

25th December 2011:
good but I always want more lol

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Review #3, by Ginny_Wa_na_be Chapter 1 Ginny's Comfort

17th January 2011:
I absolutely love this one-shot!! Not only is it completely original but the idea is just all around sweet the way Harry felt the need to comfort Ginny!! Once again you've created an extremely entertaining story, great job!!


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Review #4, by michelle Chapter 1 Ginny's Comfort

1st May 2010:
omg this story was amazing
very well written and not cheesy at all
good job :)

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Review #5, by Mrs HJ Potter Chapter 1 Ginny's Comfort

30th April 2010:
Well I love you other stories and this was no different except I would love to see what happens next!

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Review #6, by Pacific Wizard Chapter 1 Ginny's Comfort

30th April 2010:
Nice story. I liked the descriptive prose that you used to tell the story and what Harry was feeling. What was missing was more interaction between Ginny and Harry. Only my opinion of course. I felt that after nearly a year of separation, the battle, Fred's death and the deaths of close friends, Ginny would be a lot more curious about Harry's journey and Hermione and Ron's involvement. I understood your take on Ginny giving Harry some space but I believe there was too much that happened for the both of them to put it off for 48 hours.

The subplots about Privet Drive, Godric's Hollow and Teddi Lupin were very good ideas and well written. I guess I would have liked for you to have carved out some time for H/G to have their talk. Then we could have seen them get deep into their relationship. Sorry if I'm being too critical but I really liked your story and will keep reading. I am a fan. PW

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