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Review #1, by Potterpower Under My Leash

2nd June 2012:
I like this story, it's funny and you've made a shy girl manage to get over her shyness and become the object of someone's affections


Love Potterpower

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Review #2, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs Under My Leash

7th November 2011:
So here I am, writing a review. (like you so nicely asked. Three times.) I absolutely love what she said to Sirius!

"What's your name?" He murmured in the same seductive tone, his fingers grazing my neck, as he got closer to me. I refrained from melting and let a familiar defiant look grace my lips.
"You should know that, shouldn't you?" I asked him, wrinkling my nose a bit, "After all, we've been in the same classes since we were eleven."
"She got you there, mate," Remus called from the sidelines, and I was reminded that they were watching, his voice highly amused.

And here!

"I'm so sorry... Sirius?... But I'm all taken up for the next month. But maybe some other time?"


Author's Response: We Are Padfoot and Prongs,

Did I really ask three times? Sheesh. I was such a greedy little minx. XD Glad you like Izzy, that's one of my better earlier one-shots. :)

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Review #3, by NaidatheRavenclaw Under My Leash

4th August 2011:
I rather enjoyed this! I think it was a well written one shot. There are so many Sirius Black cliches, and I think its easier to get away with using them in a one shot. Because the "I tamed Sirius Black" didnt annoy me, and it usually does. I think it actually worked pretty well in here. A few minor grammar errors, but nothing distracting. It could definitely be expanded into an interesting novel, which is a mark of a great one shot! Awesome job!
-NaidatheRavenclaw, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Nadia,

Ahahahahahaha, I remember writing this! You're a really nice person, you know that? The cliche in this story annoys ME, but, eh. Thank you!

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Review #4, by presario-x1000 Under My Leash

13th January 2011:
That was really good!

Author's Response: presario-x1000,

Thank you!(:

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Review #5, by _hedwig_ Under My Leash

5th January 2011:
:) Love this. It's adorable.

Author's Response: _hedwig_

Love you. You're amazing. (:

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Review #6, by Malfoylover01 Under My Leash

21st June 2010:
that how you get a guy make them work 4 it cool story hope 2 see more of your stories xxx

Author's Response: Malfoylover01,

Of course that's how you get a guy! Why date a known-playboy without making him work for it? :D

And you will. I don't plan on stopping writting.

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Review #7, by Potter 99 Under My Leash

11th June 2010:
Awesome are you goin to write seaqul

Author's Response: Potter 99

Well, I hadn't thought of it much. I might... I'll see. Glad you liked it. :D

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Review #8, by ravenclawgrl Under My Leash

27th May 2010:
wow really good you are one of my fav authers on the website and i really liked the lets act it out i just ran out of time to review so yeah
anyways very very good
thanks xx

Author's Response: ravenclawgrl,

Thank you! Such a cute review. :D So glad you liked the story, and so honoured that I'm one of your fav authors. :)


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Review #9, by Ozoh the Wise Under My Leash

23rd May 2010:
I've been battling constantly for my readers to review and now I realise I don't review myself! :o

This is a good story. I like your writing style =) Maybe you could extend it just a little bit more, maybe another meeting with Izzy and Sirius or when they actually get together. I dunno, just saying =)

And yes, tmi :p

Author's Response: Ozoh_the_Wise,

Thank you for the review! I am so glad you liked it. :) That idea might be taken into account. ...

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Review #10, by evanlyn Under My Leash

20th May 2010:
I love this it reminds me a little of gossip girl, a little of fiteen, its a bit soap opera, but its all good. Any story where the girl outsmarts the guy and gets him is awesome!! Izzy's character came across really well for such a short period of time. I liked your chapter image. Um, think thats it lol anyways it was fun to read this one, I LOVE any story where Sirius is totally sexy (I think everyone who writes marauders fics has a little crush on him).


Author's Response: evanlyn,

Haha, such a lovely review, I am now smiling cheerfully. I tried my best to make it soap-opera-ish, and am glad that you thought it was good. I love outsmarting guys, it's really funny. :) And thanks for the chapter image comment. Glad you thought it was fun to read. And, yes, I agree, sexy Sirius's are fun. But really, I have more of a thing for dear ol' Remmy-poo. ;) But I figured I'd go with the flow and write a Sirius/OC one-shot, because I was inspired, and feeling Sirius-is-awsome that day. :) Remus might just come next.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by OMG! Under My Leash

18th May 2010:
I dont know why EVERYBODY in HPFF uses Taylor Swift!

Author's Response: OMG!,

Everybody in HPFF uses Taylor because shes really pretty (in most people's opinions) and because there are so many different pictures of her. It's easier to use one of her doing some set pose because it's more likely that she's doing said pose than another person. She's more lighter, there are more pictures of her 'action shots' doing embarassing things. I think. I don't know. But I like her. So there.

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Review #12, by Florifera Under My Leash

17th May 2010:
I really liked this one. It's somehow more serious than your previous stories. I like the chapter image taylor looks great on it! I liked the way Izzy got Sirius, I don't usually agree on playing games with a guy's heart, but in this case it was necessary!
Great one-shot

Author's Response: Florifera,

Haha, yea, I agree with you about being a tease, but I always figured that to get to Sirius, someone'd have to knock him off his pedestal. So glad you liked the image too! :) And so happy that you liked the story.

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Review #13, by HopelessRomantic_x Under My Leash

17th May 2010:
Ah, I loved this - Izzy was being so manipulative and turned the tables for Sirius, he must have found that strange (':
But, I really did like this it was simple and sweet which I liked seeing as you portrayed the emotions through this very well :)
By only this One-Shot I think you're a fantastic writer & I'll be checking out your other fics ;D

10/10 fo sho!

Author's Response: HopelessRomantic_x,

Thank you SO much for being my first review on this story! I am so glad you liked it. :) I liked writing it, and am glad that you thought it was good enough to go look at my other stories. :)

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