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Review #1, by Missy Potter Epilogue

11th July 2013:
I absolutely loved the story until chapter 19. That is an awful way to end it. And you needed to bring the Azuela thing back into with Sirius not Regulas coz he is a jerk. And you didn't really finish it properly, the story didn't actually end. So I will be interested to see what the sequel (which I am hoping will come) will be like

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Review #2, by Sydney Remembering the Past to Plan the Future

1st January 2013:
At first I loved this story thought it had potential but I was wrong this story is the worst one I have read on this cite no offense you did a great job writing but you also lacked capital letters and some of your words were pushed together. Yes you did a fine job writing this but the plot was the worst story line I have ever read and I have even read the Twilight Saga.

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Review #3, by Beth Remembering the Past to Plan the Future

17th July 2012:

Author's Response: WAIT! Oh dear I guess I should remove that Author's Note, shouldn't I? I don't think that little message applies anymore :) Well, depending on where the wind takes me, this story will go on! Thank you for the review!

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Review #4, by Conor Hogwarts Express

20th March 2012:
My birthdays 2nd of may too :3

Author's Response: I heard that being born in May means you're a very energetic person, I wonder if it's true.

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Review #5, by lilypotterfan123 Epilogue

11th March 2012:
First off thanks for...thanking me. I'm glad you saw this story through to the end and in the end this story is a bit realistic in a way, it may be really sad but for HP it is realistic. You could tie it in so that the marriage is set to happen but then Regulus is killed by another death eater for his cowardice. Then it leaves her time to greave with other marauders, they meet up and romance rekindles between her and one of the marauders?? Either way I hope you do a sequel and I'll be sure to read it when it comes out, you'll just have to remind me somehow via the HPFF forums or a review or whatever :)

Bex x

Author's Response: Bex, you don't know how much I appreciate your support :) unfortunately, the elements are not in my favor, but I can assure you, a sequel is a guarantee! - WhistleInYourEar

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Review #6, by lilypotterfan123 Remembering the Past to Plan the Future

11th December 2011:
Awww I'm so sad that this might be abandoned. I mean it is your choice and I would respect it but this was the first novel I ever read and valued (I still do!) to be an amazing piece of fanfic. If you want ideas, I have a lot. I know you can only contact me through reviews which is hard but on the hpff forums I'm lilypotterfan123 and if you want to PM me I'd happily share ideas. For me, I would love this to turn into a remus/Crystal. I have an idea how too,
Sirius & Crystal are in hogsmeade and Crystal is in the worst of moods. Sirius would think its his fault and say something he regrets later on and as Crystal gets so upset she runs off. She bumps into Remus who's a bit down too as he's fed up of the full moon and knows he's bound to it for the rest of their lives. They share their sorrows and just before Remus changes they share a kiss (they're near the whomping willow btw) then the other three marauders come by urging Remus to come on before he changes and hurts Crystal who runs off before she can even look at Sirius.

ANYWAY, I love this chapter. The dialogue between Lily & Crystal was great, then Sirius' POV was great to read as well!


Author's Response: Haha, as usual, your enthusiasm and support always surprises me in most positive ways possible :D Don't worry, I've given Crystal a rather sudden turn in her life, that is, the end of the first part of her story :) Yup, that's right, I plan on writing a sequel. Or rather the main story, because as I see it, The Fifth Marauder is somewhat just a Prologue. I hope you'll look forward to see what happens to Crystal! Oh and your Remus/Crystal storyline? Brilliant! I'd love to write a oneshot with that plot but its your idea so you have the right to use it, not me :) Thank you again, lilypotterfan123!

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Review #7, by Gstar391 Remembering the Past to Plan the Future

3rd August 2011:
I hope you decide to finish this story, it's pretty good.

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words, Gstar391 :)

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Review #8, by lilypotterfan123 True Pain

10th April 2011:
Yay an update! I'm not too fussed about the chapter length I'm just so happy there's another chapter up! I can't believe James would do that to Crystal, so she was a traitor, it's not fair on her. I loved the black hair scene it was funny and I hope you keep writing.

-LpF123 x

Author's Response: Hi LpF123! I'm sorry but I can't say that I haven't neglected my writing of this story because I have. I'm glad you found that part amusing,. And yes, what James did was rather cruel but he was so damn loyal to his friends, he was angry too, but who knows, maybe James will see the light and apologize ;)

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Review #9, by S2165 A Disaster

16th January 2011:
OMG!!! This is a beautiful story! Plz update fast!!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks S2165 :) awww I'm sorry I wasn't able to update for the past 5 months! i know, I'm horrible, but I promise to update soon

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Review #10, by PurpleEye737 Charmed

7th January 2011:
luv ur story
FYI- just to let u know, u have to make a potion to be an animagus, itl not like u need to think about it to become one.
once again luv ur story

Author's Response: thanks PurpleEye737 for the review :) oh I never knew about that, where did you learn that? what I read, it said to become an animagus, you'd have to think of your inner traits, learn a spell and concentrate, but it takes a long time to get it right. well I've already written it and I don't think I can change it. thanks for the review again :D

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Review #11, by lilypotterfan123 A Disaster

10th December 2010:
another wonderful chapter that ending made me just sigh with empathy for Sirius, he must be so sad. I can't wait for the next chapter whenever it comes!

LpF123 xx

Author's Response: LpF123, you won't believe how helpful and inspiring you can be by simply giving a review :) well, it's been a long time but I'm finally posting chapters again! sorry for the long wait and thanks for the numerous reviews!

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Review #12, by OMG A Disaster

5th December 2010:

Author's Response: whoa! calm down! I'm getting to that ;) thanks OMG for the review! :D

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Review #13, by VanillaxOtaku Hogsmeade Weekend

5th December 2010:
I had a whole laugh from this chapter! Just reading this chapter makes me want to read the rest, so I hope I can get to it. You're doing a great job as far as I have read, so continue to do more. ^_^

Author's Response: haha thanks VanillaxOtaku :D it really helps to know that my readers are pleased with the story

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Review #14, by Aruxlen An Accident

2nd December 2010:

But it's not there.
I absolutely LOVE this story.
It's awesome.

Author's Response: Thanks Aruxlen :D sorry, it took so long for me to post the chapter but now it's up!

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Review #15, by lilypotterfan123 An Accident

12th November 2010:
James, Hogwarts agony uncle! This chapter was awesome I've been checking all the time for clues! Re-reading the last chapter and over analysing it repeatedly. But this chapter made me laugh and chuckle (no books ever make me cry, only music and movies! If you succeed it, I will let you know!) so I'm glad I checked today to find that it was up! :)

LpF123 xx

Author's Response: Really LpF, I dont know what I'd do without your never ending support :D well lets hope if I ever make you cry, it'd be out of joy, but IF I succeed then just remember that it was because of my strange writing style

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Review #16, by anon An Accident

11th November 2010:
well done! should continue the story. thanks for the quality entertainment

Author's Response: Thanks Anon, yeah this is comedy, drama, randomness, whatever you'd like to call it :)

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Review #17, by Melania Black The Beginning of the End

2nd November 2010:
I really liked this! I can't wait for the next chapter so I hope you get the chance to update soon cause I want to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks Melania :D I promised to update very soon but it's just school that's stopping me :S

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Review #18, by lilypotterfan123 The Beginning of the End

21st October 2010:
I doubt I'm one of those many because this is like my first proper marauder read! Well a few James and Lily one shots (including one of my own on the Gryffie collab!)! I'm more of a mixed genre and Marauders is next on my list once all six challenges are done, I've finished my novel and have a Next Gen novel up! But anyway...woop it was the kiss and I was just went to high five one of my cats. Crystal must be a bit all over because she wants sirius, rejects him and goes after his brother!? How her mind works I'll never know but it was extremely well written. But I have a question which will sound very stupid I know. But is a semester a term? I mean like in England it's the Autumn term, the Winter term, Spring term, Summer term-break up for another year. So that's six weeks each term with a week or two week break inbetween! I know it's a stupid question but I am slightly curious!

LpF123 xx

Author's Response: Oh please don't think that! I'd never make Crystal like Sirius then run off to his brother (although I can do that) oh, I never knew about that term thing. don't worry, it's not stupid, its really helpful. well where I live there are no seasons, so we call them four quarters instead. two quarters make one semester which means James' teammate wont be able to play until the third quarter, which is in my story somewhere in early april or late march. this part of the story takes place in january

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Review #19, by lilypotterfan123 Dreams to Nightmares

10th October 2010:
Wow! I love this chapter! It had everything I was hoping for and loads more! You're getting better by the chapter you know. But saying that your first chapter was awesome too! I'm getting all excited now, breathe Bex breathe! 10/10 as always! I think that Sirius was waiting for Crystal to lean in though because of the way he just sighed and left her.

LpF123 xx

Author's Response: Thanks LpF123 :D even by the way you're writing I can tell you're excited. and as usual I'm very thankful for your support!

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Review #20, by Victory_4_Victoire Dreams to Nightmares

8th October 2010:
It's cute and sad all at the same time... I don't know how to feel :S
Great though, as per usual
Vic :)

Author's Response: THank Vic :D it's short, but sweet, and even just a few words can keep me going

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Review #21, by lilypotterfan123 A new friend, an old enemy

24th September 2010:
Wooop! Hey no worries about the long wait, we all have other lives don't we!? Anyway I loved this chapter, it was awesome! I can't wait for the next one!

LpF123 xx

Author's Response: as usual Thanks LpF123! :) yeah, sadly my schoolwork is piling up like the Eiffel tower but I spared two hours for my readers :D next chapter is soon to come ;)

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Review #22, by Victory_4_Victoire A new friend, an old enemy

24th September 2010:
WHAT!! "I don't know"!!! This is getting very very interesting...

I can not wait for the next chapter.
Vic :)

Author's Response: thanks Vic :D even if it's a short review, they still make me happy!

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Review #23, by lilypotterfan123 Falling

3rd September 2010:
Sorry I've taken so long to review! I feel like I have to review each and every single chapter as it's sooo good! At the end I gasped as it's Regulus! Oh no, what's he gonna do? Oh and validation is a long process, but when your chapter's validated it'll all be worth the wait!

LpF123 xx

Author's Response: Thank you again LpF123 :) well if you think the chapter deserves a review then review away! and yes Validation is a VERY long process, but the wait can be worth it

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Review #24, by Neige Falling

26th August 2010:
Cool story! But I thought the vixen was crystal. LOL guess I was wrong...

Author's Response: I never really said that but thanks for the review! ;)

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Review #25, by Victory_4_Victoire Vixen

17th August 2010:
Oh!! I feel very honored :) This is one of the best chapters yet! I've never heard of a vixen before, I like unique traits in stories :) Keep going!!
Vic :)

Author's Response: thank you Victory :D I always liked foxes so I decided to place some in my story. Thanks for the review!

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