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Review #1, by Lana GRIFFINDOR

2nd February 2012:
Basic Mistakes:
Spelling: Gryffindor. Beginning. McGonagall. The. Frowning. Eating. Doesn't.
Punctuation: Don't start with And in any story. Put a The in front of Salem Witches Institution. Only three dots is needed ... what is LS? Comma before Natasha is unnecessary. Lowercase s on said. No comma after then. You need to put a - between jet and black. This sentence is too long and all the and's unecessary.
Space before Harry. No space after friend. No dots necessary after indeed. No space after responded. Capitla P in Professor. Only one ! needed. Capital E in everyone.

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Review #2, by flojoextreme GRIFFINDOR

2nd March 2009:
You put fronning instead of frowning, but other than that it is fairly good!

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Review #3, by Bellatrix GRIFFINDOR

16th March 2004:
Check you spelling of 'frowning', and several other spelling mistakes. You need more detail too. Check the order and usage of some of your words, there are several places where a different word would sound better.

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