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Review #1, by Jio Chapter 4 The Weasley Quidditch Training Gauntlet

31st December 2017:
I really liked the story, unfortunate that you didn't finish it. :(

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Review #2, by Thanks Chapter 4 The Weasley Quidditch Training Gauntlet

26th April 2011:
I really enjoyed this series, too bad it seems you won't be updating it. I actually read it some months ago and decided to drop in to see if you had updated, to find just a single chapter =/. Ahh well, I enjoyed what I got to read!

Author's Response: I do promise this story has not been abandoned. But an unfortunate accident involving a jumpdrive made me lose all my progress on chapter 5, along with the classlist for the new first years (which is really quite necessary for a chapter containing the class Sorting).

But take my word for it, even if it is taking a while, I have not given up on this story.

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Review #3, by Melissa Chapter 4 The Weasley Quidditch Training Gauntlet

16th March 2011:
I really, really enjoyed this. And the first part of the ScoRA series. It's very original and witty and I love your portrayal of the next gen. children. Particularily Albus. I've always been a softie for the shy types =]

Please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear you read throught the first story, and I promise the next chapter is on it's way. But I lot the class list for this year in an unfortunate jumpdrive accident, and I really do need it for writing a chapter about the Sorting Hat.

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Review #4, by AlbusRox14 Chapter 4 The Weasley Quidditch Training Gauntlet

17th February 2011:
I love it! I just read all of the first story straight through, and now I just read this one. I am about to favorite this story! It is such an original plot line. And for some reason I always like the stories when scorpius Malfoy is nice better than the stories where he is nasty, which makes this story a lot cooler. I really like the weasley quidditch gauntlet - it fits perfectly with the quidditch obsession!

But won't Maddox's mother take Al's trying out as another opportunity to discredit him?

And couldn't they just use a veritaserum on Maddox to find the truth?

Author's Response: I'm glad you love the story so much, and I hope to have chapter five up soon, where we will actually start seeing Hogwarts.

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Review #5, by spider Chapter 4 The Weasley Quidditch Training Gauntlet

7th February 2011:
love the story! keep it going, this Arcane ScoRA is a fantastic idea and I hope the adventures continue!

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you like it so much. I hope you read the first year too, The Arcane AcoRA and the Wand of MacArt.

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Review #6, by carolyn Chapter 4 The Weasley Quidditch Training Gauntlet

15th January 2011:
yay!!! another update! i really liked this chapter. it was an interesting look at why the weaslys are so good at quidditch. and i liked how the whole family seemed to be involved in it. i cant wait to see what happens when they start school though! please update soon!

Author's Response: Yes, this is how the Weasleys keep their strength in the sport of Quidditch going.

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Review #7, by Melissa Chapter 3 The Front Page

22nd December 2010:
I really do love your stories. Though I haven't read anything new from this story in a very long time. Which I hope will change.

I loved the way you wrote it out about how they were featured on the front page. The fact that Rita Sceeter wrote it made the whole scenario even better!

Albus wanting help with his homework in such a weird time was also really funny. I loved his wording of it; "What I need is to say hello to my devoted godfathers, while at the same time asking my Herbology professor for any advice..."
Your outtake of Albus - an insecure boy with a unique state of mind coupled with witty remarks and believable faults (Or at least that was my observation on it) - is really one of the best I've read!

The ending with James and Albus's little talk was also entertaining. Is Albus going to be the next Keeper and learn to ride well? I hope so.

You might want to reread your chapters before you post them. You have a tendency to replace words with something with a different meaning (eg: tie with try. I don't remember you using that one exactly, but I'm also too lazy to find an example at the moment!)

This is a spectacular story! Please keep writing. =D

Author's Response: Wow! I love surprise reviews, and this was certainly a long one! You were spot-on with Albus; I didn't want him to be Harry's Mini-Me, so I actually made him much more like Neville, I think. They even have the same wand composition (cherry and unicorn hair). I do admite replacing words is a weakness of mine, but I continue to work with my betas on those problems. As for the next chapter, now that I'm on Christmas break, I finally have time to start writing again! I did some work on chapter 4 today actually.

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Review #8, by Emmy1 Chapter 3 The Front Page

30th October 2010:
Finally =D And awesome it was =) OMG I really want you to updaaate soon! this fiction is truly awesome =)

Author's Response: I am already working on chapter 4. I have it all planned out, so it's just a matter of writing it.

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Review #9, by carolyn Chapter 3 The Front Page

19th October 2010:
good chapter! this is certainly getting interesting! im excited to read about the Weasley Quidditch Training Gauntlet, and i wanna see how things with scorpius play out. i look forward to the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Well, I promise I am hard at work on chapter 4.

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Review #10, by sarahmadison Chapter 3 The Front Page

19th October 2010:
Finally. I squeled for joy when Isaw the update and you didn't disappoint. A lot has happened but many questions need answering. I can't wait for next chapter. I loved your portrayal of the Malfoys though they were a bit too snobbish but it is reality right. I would never expect Draco to do a 360. I hope you update soon. I know its demanding given the length of this chapter, which is amazign btw, but please dont leave me hanging

Author's Response: Well, as far as the Malfoys, we don't know really what has happened between them and the potters in all these years. And it could also be possible he is less than thrilled about having his own son grouped in with the Potters and the Weasleys.

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Review #11, by carolyn Chapter 2 Preparing for the Second Year

10th October 2010:
please write another chapter soon! ur a geeat writer, and ur style really reminds me of jk rowling. i just finished ur other story about the Arcane ScoRA and i loved it, so please continue soon!

Author's Response: Well, I just submitted chapter 3, so you should see it soon.

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Review #12, by Emmy1 Chapter 2 Preparing for the Second Year

15th August 2010:
UPDATE!!! I WANT UPDATE!!! please =D

Author's Response: Please trust me when I say I AM working diligently. I am just finding that chapter 3 is very unfilling to cooperate.

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Review #13, by Mozarts Confutatis Chapter 2 Preparing for the Second Year

12th July 2010:
Hey there. I just read these over at MNFF, and decided to review here first, because I am, shall we say, more proficient at using HPFF than I am with MNFF. I immensely enjoyed "Wand of MacArt" and the usage of the actual Celtic legends about him heightened the storyline.

Now you're onto "Blood Pact" and I am eager for an update. You handle the characters and the story so well, it reads like Rowling.

10/10; and a favorite, and my watching for new chapters.



((Yep, it's the same Mozarts' from Tim's Dieter Thread on the MNFF Boads :P))

Author's Response: Oh, yes, a lot of work went into coming up with that, though I doubt the real Cormac MacArt didn't have a wand that allowed to control all magical beasts. I'm afraid Blood Pact will be more my own insperations than myth-based, but book three should have more. I'll try to add a few bits of myth in this story, though. And I know exactly who you are and your reverance for Tim the Enchanter.

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Review #14, by Ginnygal Chapter 2 Preparing for the Second Year

10th June 2010:
Thank you so much for updating! I was almost certain it would remain a one-shot for the rest of it's life! Anyway, haha! I mean if Harry's so concerned about these things, wait till he finds what The arcane ScoRA have been doing! I mean, spying on him and everything! And I hope the Arcane ScoRA is 'on' this year too, but I have a feeling it's going to be in another way.

~ Ginnygal

10/10. I just can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for the praise, and I am hard at work on the next chapter.

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Review #15, by marciabarcia Chapter 2 Preparing for the Second Year

8th June 2010:
Its great to see that Al and Scor are still friends!


Author's Response: That they are, but it's going to be tested this year.

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Review #16, by marciabarcia Chapter 1 Finger Prick

8th June 2010:
Woah, the entire family is nutters!


Author's Response: So it would seem. But in a strange way, I think it also illistrates the theme in the books where a mother will do anything to protect her child. Alarice is just a bit more...manic than others might be.

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Review #17, by tilly1013 Chapter 1 Finger Prick

23rd May 2010:
I'm officially hooked to the Arcane ScoRA stories please write more!

Author's Response: I assure you, I am working very hard!

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Review #18, by Emmy1 Chapter 1 Finger Prick

2nd May 2010:
Finally =D So happy you've finally written it

Great first chapter, please update soon, I love i!!!

Author's Response: Well, I hope you will continue to read and review!

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