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Review #1, by Lillylover22 Huggy's Return

15th March 2012:
Rose is so weird but i love her 9/10 : )

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Review #2, by Lillylover22 He Had It Coming

15th March 2012:
Haha that was funny. 9/10 : )

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Review #3, by Lillylover22 Chauvinistic Idiots Should Never Be Allowed On Radio Shows

15th March 2012:
Good chapter. It is a great idea 9/10 : )

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Review #4, by DetectiveMenace It's All In The Family Part One: Clashing Cousins

15th August 2011:
Very wonderful story so far! Ah, Rose. Gotta love her. I'm so glad I found this story, as it's so funny and entertaining and I'm a real sucker for Rose/Teddy.
Poor Rose, though; such an awkward situation with Lily and Scorpius and their lovey-doveyness. And then Victoire trying to hit on Teddy, and Rose does such a lovely job of making the entire situation uncomfortable. Again, gotta love her.
I'm hoping to see more radio broadcasts in future updates, as those were very entertaining and funny. Also, I'm hoping for a quick update, because I can't wait to see what happens next!

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Review #5, by Violet Gryfindor It's All In The Family Part One: Clashing Cousins

22nd August 2010:
This chapter was both funny and crazy, but that is what one should expect from having all the Weasley cousins together in once place. Your portrayals of the cousins and other next-gen characters is incredibly unique, and it makes your story stand apart from other next-gens all the more.

With the line "one of the very, very, very boys she had ever dated" - do you mean "very few boys"? It was definitely refreshing to find a story where Rose hadn't had an epic romance with Scorpius, and it made me like your Rose even more. :P Her disgust at seeing Lily and Scorpius being all mushy together was definitely relatable.

She and Teddy are very cute together, but it's in a "best friends" way, making me wonder just how a romance could sprout between them. Something will have to happen to trigger it, but what? Will keep looking out for updates to see just what that may be. ;) Excellent work on this!

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Review #6, by Violet Gryfindor Huggy's Return

22nd August 2010:
Hugo turned out really well in this chapter, especially in that he got along fine with Rose. He's so the youngest in the family, poor guy, and it's obvious in the way that his mother treats me. Ron is just Ron to both his children, and I like seeing that as well - the overprotective father role does get overdone for him. And it's funny to see Hermione being all squishy over Hugo - he must mean a lot to her, but I also think that Rose does too, she just has higher standards for her daughter.

What was also great about this chapter was how you put Rose's job into perspective - it's not always fun, there's other responsibilities she has outside of the show itself. It makes Rose more realistic as a character and it also keeps the story feeling down to earth.

Another fun chapter to read! I'm curious about what will happen next, mostly because of the chapter title, but also with Lily/Scorpius and how Rose gets along with her extended family. Looking forward to continuing with this. :D

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Review #7, by Violet Gryfindor He Had It Coming

22nd August 2010:
Oh wow, that was funny! Absolutely hilarious! The whole chapter was a mess for Rose, but fantastic to read. :D I loved the banter between Rose and Muriel and how natural you made it sound (very jealous of that, by the way), and the same goes for the conversation between Rose and Teddy at the end. They're both immature, but in a way that's very cute. ^_^

Your portrayal of Rose continues to be fantastic. It's her personality that really makes her engaging, with her intense family loyalty, her pride and confidence, and her eccentricities. In the conversation with Muriel, she repeated the line "as you full know well", and I was going to comment on that as a criticism, but you know, it actually suits her to repeat that. She exaggerates a lot, and that only adds to the humour.

Now to continue one with this. I'm very much enjoying it so far and am adding this to my favourites list. It's a very unique and fun story to read... also rather addicting. ;)

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Review #8, by Violet Gryfindor Chauvinistic Idiots Should Never Be Allowed On Radio Shows

21st August 2010:
This was a great beginning to your story! I love your characterizations of Rose and Teddy. They'll be interesting to follow in the rest of this story. You write them naturally and effortlessly so that by the end of this, I felt like I knew them very well. With Rose, you have an excellent combination of both her parents, and I can definitely see her fighting for independence and rights. :D

The one thing that didn't work so well for me was that you could get a bit wordy at times, squeezing in exposition where there wasn't enough room. Like at this point - “Yes, I did know that Rose,” Hermione responded from downstairs. “I happened to learn that little detail when we were dining with your grandparents and company last week, and I relearned it last night as well; thank you for refreshing my memory.” - that dialogue doesn't sound natural. I can see what you're doing here, as this is the first chapter and you have to let readers know about certain things, but in this case, it's getting in the way of the flow.

That was it, really. It's always fantastic to come across another Teddy/Rose story, and I'm very excited to continue reading this. :)

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Review #9, by Morgaine of Avalon (Juliet) It's All In The Family Part One: Clashing Cousins

21st August 2010:
This is probably the best chapter so far, if only because the plot becomes more concrete and starts to take direction. The characterization was really well done, too--Rose is consistent with the previous installments, as is Teddy, and Victoire and Lily are believable. I especially like the way you put in the tension between characters; the "clashing cousins" make the family dynamic much more realistic than everyone being best friends and getting along great. All in all, well done! =D

Author's Response: Another awfully late response to an awfully WONDERFUL review!! hehe.

I'm glad that you think the plot is starting to take a direction, I was a bit worried that this was going to start looking like a strung-together series of oneshots instead of a story, which definitely isn't what I want.

And I'm thrilled that you liked the clashing aspect of the family! It was so, so fun to write a bunch of Weasley-Potter-Lupins not getting along that well, and I'm glad that it came off realistic.

Thank you again for all of your absolutely fantastic reviews! They're very appreciated. :)

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Review #10, by potterwriter340237 It's All In The Family Part One: Clashing Cousins

18th August 2010:
Me again!
Lily's character is interesting for sure, and not cliche at all which I applaud you for.
I like how you described the wedding too, very funny and I am sure it would be a very accurate depiction of what would occur if the two families ever did meet haha.
I think you did a good job in describing the chaos and interactions and such between all the Weasley family members. It was very entertaining.
Good job on another chapter! Sorry this one is not very long, I don't have much to say without repeating my self! :)

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Review #11, by potterwriter340237 Huggy's Return

18th August 2010:
Hi it's Miranda from the forums! Sorry it took so long for me to reply! I have been moving into my apartment and it has been absolutely crazy :)

First off, Hugo is a babe haha, your chapter image is gorgeous.

I enjoy Rose's interaction with her mum, it is too funny and I really can see it happening this way.

Very interesting that you have Hugo enlisted in the army, I love to see more back ground info/development into that.

I like her description of her father being dense about Muggles, it is very endearing and super cute.

I enjoyed Rose and Hugo's interaction, and I think that it is hilarious that she calls him Huggy.

Good job!


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Review #12, by Morgaine of Avalon Huggy's Return

18th August 2010:
(aka Juliet)
I'm anxious to see where the story goes now that you say the plot is coming in more, although these chapters were very good regardless if they were "fillers" or not. As for Hugo, you could get into his character a little deeper in future chapters, but again, his appearance was relatively short, so for right now he's great. =) Very good, keep it coming!

Author's Response: Hiya again...I apologize for the lateness in the responses to your last two (and wonderful) reviews! I was on a sort of lurker-hiatus from HPFF, RL needing to be juggled, and all, but I'm back. :D Again, I apologize for the lateness of it all.

And thank you very much for yet another wonderful review! I loved writing Hugo in this chapter--before, I'd always been intimidated by writing him--not quite sure why, but I was. xD You'll definitely be seeing more of him, character development-wise, later on.

Thank you again!!

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Review #13, by Morgaine of Avalon He Had It Coming

18th August 2010:
(aka Juliet)
Again, nicely done. Rose's character remains quite consistent, and Muriel, even in such a short scene, seems to have a well-defined personality. Time flows smoothly in this chapter as well, and the breaks and jumps seem natural. I quite like your writing. =)

Author's Response: I'm happy that you liked Rose and Muriel! I'm glad the flow is good, as well. :)

Thank you for another great review!

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Review #14, by juliet Chauvinistic Idiots Should Never Be Allowed On Radio Shows

17th August 2010:
Nicely done! I know you were concerned about Rose's characterization, but so far you've done it very well--just the right mix of Hermione and Ron, lol. The flow of this chapter was good too--not too fast-paced, but it didn't drag, and the pacing seemed even. This sounds like it will turn out to be a very good story--I'm impressed! =)

Author's Response: Thank you for the great review! Haha, I'm glad that you found Rose to be a good mix of her parents. I'm very happy that you're impressed by this, it makes my day! :-)

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Review #15, by HopelessRomantic_x It's All In The Family Part One: Clashing Cousins

16th August 2010:
Pst! Hello there :P

First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, especially with all the cousins and family joining in - really livens the story up and shows the relationships Rose has with the rest of her family :)

What I found interesting was that you paired Lily with Scorpius! Definitely something that I wasn't expecting but I liked it all the same! Also, you characterization of Lily surprised me quite a bit too - she seems very girly and quick too overlook things that may or have ruined her plans e.g Lucius & the Dursleys! I find this intriguing seeing as I have never read Lily to be that way. I've always found that Lily would always take after Ginny's fiery red-headedness and I'm glad you haven't gone with the crowd! It's definitely given new perspective to the character that is Lily and I applaud you on it (:

I love how Rose couldn't hold back on having to mention the incident between Lucius and the Dursleys' despite Teddy's warning shows she really has that edge to go a bit further than most would. Rather than treading carefully she'd walk all over it and be quite blunt - I think it's quite admirable and funny of Rose to do so. Shows she has many quirks (:

I actually loved Victoire's place in this, it definitely shows she's far from the 'perfect' picture everyone makes her out to be! I particularly don't like Victoire/Teddy so... ahah (':
I love the way you've made it so that Victoire always heavily hints about things and how she feels confident about the actions she makes even if her captive is clearly showing signs of not enjoying themselves (': Did I say captive? I meant company... *cough*

Rose & Teddy all the way with this one, I love how they have their disagreements and that even though they have some age difference between each other they can still find themselves on the right page (:

To be honest... I loved this too much which may have rendered me incapable of seeing any bumps in reading this but hey... everyone needs a massive ego-boosting review, yes? :D

As I always say m'dear, keep writing beautifully :)


Author's Response: Squee! Thank you so, so much for such a fabulous review. :-)

I'm thrilled you liked Lily! I did try to make her characterization original, and I paired her with Scorpius because their characterizations fit for this piece, and I wanted to bring him into the family, though obviously not with Rose.

Yup, Rose just had to go and blurt that out. Teddy does try to keep her in check, you can see, haha, it rarely works. ;)

Oh, I'm so happy that you liked Victoire, too! For some reason she's always bothered me a bit, and I really did want to make her personality original as well. (I confess; I'm not the world's biggest fan of Teddy/Victoire, either. ^.^) And she certainly is confident.

Ego-boosting reviews are lovely indeed. :D Thank you so incredibly much for this on! :))

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Review #16, by LindaSnape It's All In The Family Part One: Clashing Cousins

10th August 2010:
I wasn’t that she didn’t like her cousin and her husband - I think I should be it. Since you're writing this in the third person.

Other than that I didn't pick up on any spelling or grammatical errors so kudos there! I think I've said it one too many times to you, but I do appreciate pieces with impeccable grammar. It makes my day.

As far as Rose goes, though, I still find her incredibly annoying.

And I do find it hard to believe that Lily was spoiled. I do know that Harry would want to smother his children in affection and love, but I don't think that they would get to the point that they were spoiled in the same way that Dudley was, and I don't think that they would allow their children to be as 'bratty' as Rose finds Lily.

If anyone was to be bratty of the cousins, I would suspect it would be Roxanne. That's just my two knuts, though.

I'm inclined to agree with Teddy. She is as immature as Lily.

Your characterizations are still rather good.

I just find it irritating that cousins are always arguing in next generation stories. I know of only one cousin that really irritates me, but I never fight with her. It's not worth it really, and I get along with all my other cousins.

I know that might be hard to believe, but I find it hard to believe that cousins would constantly be feuding.


Author's Response: Yup, that was a typo. I did mean to say "It". Thanks for pointing it out!

Lily definitely wasn't on Dudley level, spoiled-wise. What we're seeing now (and will be for the rest of the piece) is Rose's perception of everything, and she does like to...dramatize things, haha. She IS spoiled to a degree, however, but I think that a lot of it stems from her semi-materialistic personality, and she was the youngest child, the only girl at that. And while her parents wouldn't spoil her rotten, she did spend quite a bit of time with other family members who treated her rather well. And I'm actually planning to make Roxanne the cousin that Rose is close/closest to. :)

Teddy does have a good eye/ear for those things. ;) I do admit that Rose is immature in her own way, for sure.

Especially for a person like Rose, I think it would be hard for her to get along with every one of her cousins--she tends to antagonize people, and Lily and Victoire do have a couple of small vendettas against her. (Plus they're just clashing people/personalities. Unfortunately for Rose, she can't pick her family.) She does get along with the rest of them most of the time, and that side of the family will be shown more in the next chapter.

Thank you--yet again-for the wonderful reviews! They've all been lovely. :D

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Review #17, by LindaSnape Huggy's Return

10th August 2010:
I really liked your characterizations of the family. I thought they were spot on! They really amused me. Everything from Hermione and Rose arguing to Ron calling muggle things by the wrong name. It really did seem realistic.

Although, the situation at the beginning seemed a bit staged. To me, there were too many cut-offs and interruptions to be entirely realistic. Obviously, people sometimes cut one another off, but I don't think it would happen that oft.

At least, from my experience, it wouldn't. Not to mention, I think both would try to talk over the other saying the same thing, and Ron would likely complain that they were giving him a migraine.

I also like that Hugo doesn't like everyone fussing over him. I know that I'm the same way. It was also cute that Hermione still thought of him as her baby.

Though, that would humiliate me if anyone said that in public. I'd be like, 'SHUT UP, MUM!' Which would, in turn, probably attract more attention.

As far as spelling and grammatical errors go, I didn't pick up on anything glaringly obvious.

Though, I must say that Huggy is an odd nickname. Are you, at least, going to explain that one? It just seems like an odd thing for anyone to be called.

Let alone for anyone to be called that without having a problem with it. Maybe that's just me, though. ;)


Author's Response: Oh, yay! I'm so happy that you found the family realistic. :) They did have me a bit nervous.

And, hmm, I do see what you mean about the staging at the beginning. I'll go back and try and make it seem more natural, for sure. Haha, I love the idea of Ron complaining of a migraine. :)

I think for that day only Hugo let his mum's fussing sit--she hadn't seen him for a year, and she was rather worried about him, even if he didn't like it much. ;) And yes, Huggy is quite the nickname. I like to think that it was Rose's two-year-old nickname for Hugo, perhaps I'll throw a mention of that in a later chapter. And again, I think that's where Hugo's one-day tolerance of his weird family comes into play. ;)

Thanks for another great review! ^.^

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Review #18, by LindaSnape He Had It Coming

10th August 2010:
Is it just me or is Teddy one of the most immature bosses in the world?

I do like that mostly Rose's live revolves around work. For some reason, I can really see her being a workaholic.

Though, I do have a problem with 'hot' chick and Rose in the same sentence. Taking into account her parents looks, Rose should be for all appearances sake rather plain. Not some gorgeous little redhead that people are pining after.

Although, I do like your characterization of the characters. They do prove to be humorous if nothing else.

I'm inclined to agree with Muriel, though. Rose will probably never meet the man of her dreams with her impossibly high standards.

Rose does get on my nerves, though. I don't know why, but like I said before, she seems to have a chip on her shoulder and I generally dislike anyone that is arrogant. Fictional or real.

I do think she was unfair to poor Lucas, but I may be the only one on that front. I'm not sure.

I didn't pick up on any grammatical or spelling errors, so kudos there. We can also do without typos. ;)

Realistically, though, with a radio station like that, I'm surprised they can stay in business. That's just my two knuts, though.

This was an interesting chapter.


Author's Response: Nah, he's only like that with Rose. ;)

I do see the point you make with the hot chick thing. But I think that it's more Rose's attitude than anything that makes her attractive to men--she's extremely firey and independent--the man in the first chapter had never seen what she looked like before, he only knew her from her voice on the radio. Also, she puts more effort into her appearance than her mother did, and even when Hermione did just once she got attention from people. I suppose I should throw a mention of Rose doing her hair and makeup at one point or another. But Lucas was also coming out of a stupor, so he was a bit confused about anything, which is part of the reason Teddy started teasing Rose about it.

I'm happy you like the characterizations. :) Yes, Muriel is definitely the more realistic of the two. And Rose is a bit arrogant, I did put a bit of that in on purpose. Eh, with Lucas, she was acting irrationally, as she always does. Perhaps she was a bit unfair. ;)

Hmm, well they do have more shows than just Rose and I think that much of the wizarding audience finds Rose and Teddy's antics to be quite amusing. :D

Thank you for another great review! :)

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Review #19, by LindaSnape Chauvinistic Idiots Should Never Be Allowed On Radio Shows

10th August 2010:
I'm really not a fan of Teddy/Rose, in the least, but I shall try to leave unbiased reviews since this is one of the stories you requested that I review. I'm just letting you know, for future reference, mayhaps? I really don't know.

As far as this goes, I didn't catch any spelling errors or grammatical errors so kudos there. Like I've told you far too many times already, I really do appreciate that.

Although, the 8:38 thing in the beginning really irritated me. I felt as if it would be better as eight thirty-eight simply because in numerical form it seemed to be a bit jarring. Not to mention no one can say 8:38 in numerical form. Would be a bit weird if one could.

I do like the interaction between Rose and Hermione. It seems quite interesting, to say the least, and realistic. My mum and I argue like that back and forth sometimes. But we're not always at each others throats, so I think you portrayed that quite well.

Over all, though, I didn't like Rose. She seems a bit too full of herself, but maybe that's just me.

Lovely job,


Author's Response: Oh, I apologize about the pairing mix-up. I'll definitely keep that in mind in the future, and thank you for reviewing this, all four chapters of it, anyway. :)

And you're absolutely right about the 8:38 thing, it totally slipped my mind while I was writing it, it appears--I normally try and make an effort to avoid writing things in the numerical form, especially in dialogue. I've went back and fixed it.

I'm very happy that you like Rose and Hermione's interaction! Nice to hear that they're not the only ones who do it. :)

You know, I sort of like that you don't like Rose. I suppose it makes her more human? People naturally aren't going to like everyone, so I'm glad to hear that you don't find her a perfect person by any means. :P

Thank you for the review! :]

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Review #20, by wormtail He Had It Coming

9th August 2010:
Hahaha...I really enjoyed this chapter! I thought the last line was genius, it had me actually laughing out loud.
OK, so I thought this chapter was really great, again, you kept the flow going really well.
I liked the fact that Teddy seems to be in violation of nearly everything on her list of what she looks for in a guy.
I loved the bit where she starts ranting about magic things to that poor muggle guy, that was also very funny.
I also thought that it was a good idea to get in a little Teddy-Rose time at the end, which you can build on.
Again, I noticed no mistakes, well done!

Author's Response: I'm so happy that this chapter had you laughing! :D

*suppresses big happy dance* Hmm, Teddy's a violation of what Rose looks for? *whistles innocently*

I'm glad that you liked the interaction between Teddy and Rose, it's so fun to write. :)

Thanks for the wonderful reviews! I'll be back to request more of them.

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Review #21, by wormtail Chauvinistic Idiots Should Never Be Allowed On Radio Shows

9th August 2010:
Hi this is wormtail, here for your review request, I'm sorry it took a while for me to get round to it.
OK, firstly, I really liked your chapter image :)
I think this is going to be a really interesting story, I'm glad that you didn't make it really cliche, I've never read a Rose/teddy before. And I thought that you came up with a really original job for her, again, not something I've read before.
You maintained the flow of the story really well, I thought the story progressed steadily throughout the chapter, giving me a taste of what each character is like. You portrayal of Rose was also quite original, but I did think that, in real life, relations between mother and daughter would be a bit warmer and less formal.
I didn't find any grammar or spelling mistakes, so well done!
Overall, I think this is a very good start!

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review!

I'm so happy that you didn't think that this was cliche--while I've definitely seen quite a few around, Rose/Teddy is (in my opinion, of course) a great ship that is underappreciated.

Hmm...the formal-ness between Rose and Hermione is almost meant to be sarcastic--definitely on Rose's part, only a tad on Hermione's. It's also because this topic
(men) is overdone in conversations between them and Rose is sick of it.

I'm glad that you liked this! Thank you again for the review. :)

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Review #22, by katebabelovesharrypotter Chauvinistic Idiots Should Never Be Allowed On Radio Shows

8th August 2010:
I really liked this :)

Author's Response: I'm so happy! Thank you for the review. :)

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Review #23, by mizzxpearl Chauvinistic Idiots Should Never Be Allowed On Radio Shows

1st August 2010:
Hey! I'm here with your requested review! :D

Well, I just read the first chapter and I really, honestly enjoyed it! Everything that I seemed to have constructive critisim on pretty much fixed itself in the chapter. For example, while I was reading, I did think that Rose's attitude towards that man was a bit far-fetched, but as I read on, I saw that that is just her personality and probably a big part of your plot! lol and I also thought that the way she was talking towards her mother was a bit to formal, but then you explained that that's her way of 'backtalking'! lol but I did think that Hermione was a bit OOC. Just a tad bit.

You even answered my coiled and ready to strike question! lol I was wondering what happened to it, but you answered it in your authors note. :) I hope you continue it; it's so original!

I did like the way you begun your story. And I also appreciate the fact that Rose has already graduated. You're really staying away from those cliches! For some reason, I even think the chapter image was un-cliche! LOL it's different to see Rose without the long, dark red hair she usally has.

Anyway, I really liked this! Onto chapter two! :D

Author's Response: Hehe, yes, Rose has quite the personality and her...let's call it "hesitance" ;) towards men is a big part of the plot. She does like to put on fancy airs as well...

Hmm, what about Hermione was OOC? Maybe it was her reaction to Rose's radio reaction, I could see that as being seen as off...I'll take a look at the part with her in it, for sure!

Yes, CARTS will be continued. :) It's going to undergo huge changes, though, but it will happen, I'm determined. :D

I'm glad that you think it's staying away from the cliches! Haha, I'm glad you liked the chapter image. Thank Squiggles from TDA for it. :)

I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for the great review!

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Review #24, by mizzxpearl He Had It Coming

1st August 2010:
Okay, on to chapter two. :)

Arright, done with this one!

Well, I only noticed one typo! It was right here...

Rose threw a packed of sugar at Muriel.

I'm pretty sure it should be a packet.

Anyway, enough of that. The only thing that bothered me a bit was some dialouge. For example:

"Anyway, it's been a pleasure having high tea with you, however, I really must be going."

And then later, her friend says "you got it, girlie." I just feel like her dialouge is not constant. Also, when Rose and Muriel were talking, I felt as though the conversation TONE was getting...repetitive. Not the conversation, but the tone. Like, Rose has the same tone with her mother and her friend, you know?

I have one suggestion. I think it would flow better if instead of changing scenes abruptly like this:

She took off before he could hear the insult.

Later that night at her radio show, Teddy walked in while she set a couple of songs to play.

Maybe you could but in a break? Like this:

She took off before he could hear the insult.
Later that night at her radio show, Teddy walked in while she set a couple of songs to play. (the ~ are centered, lol it won't show up in my review that way though. :P)

Just a sugestion! It's really more a personal prefrence, really. :)

Besides that, I LOVED this! The muggle scene was hilarious and so Teddy! Hmmm, I wonder if Rose might have a tiny crush on him? I've read some stories where she has a bit of a crush him lol, but nothing serious.

Anyway, I love the humor you have in here! Feel free to re-request, I'd love to read where you go with this and I honestly think you can go far with this story. You're a really nice writer - you have talent! You're doing great! Keep at it! :D

Author's Response: Thank you for another great review!

Ah, yes, I'll fix that typo as soon as I can. :)

The "high tea" comment was meant to be playfully sarcastic on Muriel's part...looking back at the chapter, I can see how that would be confusing, I'll go in and add a mention of "...she said sarcastically" or something of the like. Hmm, the tone. Which part exactly was it getting repetitive--was it the part talking about guys? If it was, that's because the conversation is repetitive for Rose herself. Everyone is always badgering her about men, and she does honestly get sick of it after a while. I'll definitely re-read the conversation, though, and see if that's where it is.

Oh, you're completely right. I'll stick in one of the horizontal rules there, I don't know why I didn't when writing the chapter.

Hmm, does Rose have a crush on Teddy? Guess we'll have to wait and see. ;)

Thank you again! The reviews have been super-helpful and thank you for the compliment. :) I'll rerequest again once I have the next chapter up; it's ready to go once the queue opens! :D

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Review #25, by HopelessRomantic_x Huggy's Return

25th July 2010:
Hola amigo!

A different greeting for a very different chapter! I definitely didn't see this coming as a third chapter to the story! This is good; you're keeping me (as well as all the other winderful readers that you have) on their toes with your unexpectedness!

I particularly liked this chapter, mainly because there is nothing much to do with Rose's work and it's all about family. I think this was a nice turn for the chapter to take and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was wondering when we'd get an eyeful of how Ron's changed as a father and here we are! Typically trying to pull apart the two wondrous females who are so very alike - it must be such a hard job for poor Ron! (':
I liked how you've made him able to cope with the two women - it shows he's used to it and he's (amazingly) become the voice of reason instead of Hermione!
I simply adored the start of this chapter, how could you expect any less from Hermione who's always so worrisome and punctual!? Haha.

I also loved the bit where even though Ron's quite used to the Muggle world by now (as it seems because of Hermione's parents and blah blah blah) that he still managed to get the word 'airport' wrong - simply brilliant! :D

Just one thing I want to advise you on, when Rose comes in to work to do her usual paperwork I think although the detail was very thorough that it was still a bit rushed? Maybe referring to how Rose hasn't seen the time go by because of how busy she is that she realises when Hermione comes in that it's already time? That was just one thing that I thought really stood out to me but other than that it was absolutely fine! :)

I think the impression that you've given to us (the readers) is that Hugo is a slightly immature but very fun-loving and funny guy. Exactly what a brother should be like and I love how you've shown the steady relationship between him and Rose. He reminds me of a big teddy bear actually... (':

I love how Hermione's always so worried about her son - especially because of the mission he took up, it gives a new light to a Hermione we haven't seen and it was nice to see that! The little things you show of Hermione's character now is really important to see because of the books showing her more as a teenager than anything else.

I also liked the reference Ron had made about their own time at Hogwarts and relating it back to this situation - you don't really see that much, though it may be mentioned I've never seen any of the trio really mentioning what had happened in their school years or the big battle at Hogwarts. I think you've expanded Ron quite a bit as a well-practiced father but still containing that slightly clue-less part of him about Muggles and the fascination he holds - though not to huge extent like great old Arthur Weasley - of them and how they go around their lives without magic. (:

Lastly, you did not fail to make me laugh at the end of the chapter.

'...blindly collided right into her mother's parent's car. "I'm okay!" ... then made a beeline for the snack table...'

Absolutely brilliant.


Author's Response: Gracias...*tries and fails at formulating the rest of the sentence in Spanish*...for yet another fantastic review! I'm glad that you found this unexpected in a good way. :)

I'm thrilled you liked Ron and Hermione--I was nervous about writing them as parents, and you know, it didn't cross my mind about Ron being the reasonable one (stranger things have happened!), but you're totally right! I really wanted to write this chapter becuase I felt Rose's family--especially Hugo, who, up until this point has been absent in my fics...*blushes ashamedly*--needed to be developed more.

Oh, I'll definitely go back to that rushed part and see how I can fix it. :)

Like I said above, I haven't written Hugo before this, so I'm so incredibly happy that you like him, and he gave off the impression that I'd hoped he would. :D I like to think of Hermione as a milder version of Molly, so it immediately came to mind that she would of course mollycoddle her son. ;)

I'm glad that you noticed that bit with Ron--while most of that section of the chapter was humor, Hugo *did* take up a serious mission and He-Who-Is-Now-The-Voice-Of-Reason had to touch on that for Hermione's sake.

Ahaha, I'm happy that line made you laugh, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing that I added. :)

Thank you again for the great review! :)


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