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Reading Reviews for Unlucky
9 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Jamie Consequences and Realizations

20th September 2011:
Your stories make me smile!

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Review #2, by micking Consequences and Realizations

12th June 2010:
Very enlightening short story. It was like reading the missing chapters. Very good and enjoyed reading it. Harry thinking before he just charges into things, was priceless. And carrying it over to Ron was cool too.

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Review #3, by alias093001 Consequences and Realizations

27th April 2010:
Good. Harry has learned his lesson. But, I can't help but wonder; will it last?

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Review #4, by Wanted Free7 Consequences and Realizations

27th April 2010:
Nice ending with Ron! He shouldn't walk, he might injure himself! At least Severus gives him some privacy, turning around when he's changing and things like that. I bet Krum was behind it too. I never really liked him. . . Amazing chapter! 10/10!

I might have a chapter of MLAS up soon. One reviewer helped me get motivated. . . Finally! Could you please read/review my story Dancing on the Edge of Madness, if you can find time? I understand if you can't, as we all have lives out side of HPFF.

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Review #5, by Liana Consequences and Realizations

26th April 2010:
I chuckled when Harry complained that he'd lost his privacy with Severus tailing him all over the place. I'm sure it wasn't a picnic for Severus either. I couldn't believe when Harry headed for the door to go after Krum. At least he took the time to think. I think Harry learned a valuable lesson that will help him when he goes into the next contest in the triwizard tournament. Great chapter.

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Review #6, by Wanted Free7 Snape's Wrath

25th April 2010:
Naughty Harry!!! *tsk tsk* You should never drink stuff if you don't know what it is. That's what parents teach their kids when their young, so they don't drink poison or strange chemicals, but as they turn into teens, they sometimes do stupid stuff! Great sequel!

I agree with Sev's punishment. . . except for the part with the bathroom. What if Sev had a daughter and she did that? She'd be mortified if her father came in the bathroom! I hope Harry survives the next week. . . 10/10!

Author's Response: Yes, they do. Alcohol is a poison.

Ah, well, then he wouldn't go in there. Believe me. LOL!

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Review #7, by alias093001 Snape's Wrath

23rd April 2010:
Did Harry really have to make things WORSE by lying? He might have gotten off easier had he told the truth. It should be an interesting week.

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Review #8, by the odd one Snape's Wrath

22nd April 2010:
Great story. You are very gifted.

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Review #9, by Liana Snape's Wrath

22nd April 2010:
Conversations that start with "Are you drunk?" are not good and usually don't end well. Not that I know, it's just what I've observed:D I approve of Severus letting Harry get over his hangover the human, old-fashioned way--just feeling awful. I thought that was nice of Severus to let Harry have some time to tell his friends. I also think it was good that he carried through, no matter what anyone thought or said, by making Harry sit with him at the staff table. It's going to be even worse when Severus has to stand outside of the loo when Harry's in there. What would Sarai say about her "son?" I think she would be sorely disappointed. I think she would tell him "don't trust the fae. Trust me." Great chapter.

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