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Review #1, by spreaddapoo93 Janus

8th September 2010:
Beautiful~! A few typos, but other than that, it was just STUNNING. The words were so sharp and well-placed; the language and imagery so astonishing and impressive... WOW. Well done.

Not too sure what to say about the different time presentations, but... I guess it IS different and no great author was known for following the rules...

Love, spreaddapoo!

Author's Response: Hi there!
Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review! It was really wonderful hearing from you. I'm so very glad you enjoyed this one-shot. And thanks for mentioning the typos. I'll certainly go back and look for them. ^_^ I hope you have a great week! Take care!


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Review #2, by legendaryy Janus

28th May 2010:
I think this was absolutely wonderful. I am a great fan of Consumed and Breathless, and now I love this little one-shot as well. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much, legendaryy! It was just great hearing from you. I'm so glad you've been enjoying my Freddy series. Take care and have a lovely weekend!


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Review #3, by soliloquy Janus

20th May 2010:
LEEE ANE, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. Okay, so I'm a little (COUGH. SUPER. COUGH.) late in leaving a review. .___. exams eat my soul, truly. but at least, THEY'RE OVER NOW! YAY.

Anyways. This is such a ael;krhe;alkrhea;okhrea amazing, beautiful piece of writing! As always, your characterization and description are FLAWLESS. You've turned Quirrell into this man that well, although we see his flaws -- he's so three-dimensional! You've turned this character that JK Rowling introduced in the first book (and sort of forgot about...) and just, turned him into a real person. A breathing. Talking. Moving. Person.

I like how he calls her Forbia, and not Freddy. It just demonstrates his character even more. It's so sad to see that, even though he loves her, he can't keep the darkness at bay.

The Quirrell shown in "Consumed" is kind and we can all see why Freddy's so deeply in love with him. This Quirrell, a different side to him -- we see that he's just as much in love with her...but, it seems like he loves this new power more.

I feel like if he loved her so much, he SHOULD HAVE said something to her. Talked to her. Offered an explanation. Apologized! But, he didn't. And that just makes me question his supposed love for her.

Ah, your Quirrell is truly one of my most favorite characters. You've done a;lerhe;lkrha. TERRIFIC. I was so happy when I saw this! You really didn't have to go and dedicate it to me. *blush* Thank so much, Lee Anne! This is marvelous and I'm honestly in love with it.

Author's Response: Tanya, my dear!
Oh, I'm so thrilled (and relieved) to hear that you liked this one-shot. I know you wanted me to write something more about Quirrell's past and although I was more than happy to oblige, I wasn't sure if this would be your cup of tea. This story turned out weirder than I expected, especially with the messed up chronology. ;)

I'm really glad you thought my tampering with Quirrell's characterization went well with what canon has already established. I didn't want to completely go against JKR, but I just had to flesh him out some. In my opinion, he's the most one-sided villain she ever wrote, which is a shame, considering both Voldemort and Snape are so complex.

And yeah, this Quirrell turned out MUCH darker than the one in "Consumed". I think he was just so poisoned by Voldemort's influence that he couldn't see past it. He would have given up a lot for Freddy, I think, but not everything. He's much too selfish for that.

And you really didn't have to review this, you know. You're such an awesome beta, I cannot thank you enough as it is! *hugs* Talk to you soon, Tanya! I hope you're well!

Lee Anne

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Review #4, by lia_2390 Janus

17th May 2010:

I absolutely love this. I think you did a great job in writing Quirrell here, a very interesting, yet underwritten character, to say the least.

I felt so sorry for Freddie but if only she knew his reasons. But then, I wonder if she'd think of him even less than she does now if she knew why. I found it interesting that she hated him here but welcomed his presence in her dreams in 'Breathless'.

I also thought comparing him to Janus was a nice touch along with the excerpt from the poem. It seems I have to go read Consumed now to see what's going on here.


Author's Response: Hello Lia!
Oh, I'm so very glad you enjoyed this fic! I wasn't quite sure about it...the backwards chronology gave me a bit of a headache, haha. ;)

You are certainly right about Quirrell keeping Freddy in the dark. I don't think she would sympathize with him as much as she does in "Breathless" if she knew what was really going on in his mind during the whole Voldemort-possession thing.

Thanks so much for the kind review, Lia! You really made my day. I do hope you have a pleasant week. Take care!


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Review #5, by Violet Gryfindor Janus

22nd April 2010:
This was excellent, Lee Anne! I know I say this about everything you write, but I think that this one is even better than anything else so far. It's highly complex, not only with the reverse-chronology, but also because of the heavily layered imagery and the fascinating psychological portrait you paint of Quirrell.

It's very interesting to see Quirrell's point of view on this scene in "Consumed" and to be removed from Freddy's consciousness to this extent. What most intrigues me about this story is that, even though Quirrell is always thinking about Freddy, she doesn't really have much of a presence in this story - she's a shadow in the background, while his thoughts take the forefront. It does, in a way, reveal Quirrell's selfishness. He makes other comments, like the one about "giving her" a family and a "pretty little cottage" that almost seem sarcastic, and I get the idea that he never loved her as much as she loved him. He tells himself that he loved her, but it's not particularly convincing. It adds to the image of Janus, emphasizing the two-faced nature of Quirrell.

The fact that the Janus image is both metaphorical and physical is brilliant. I did expect Voldemort to pop in, but that would have made things too messy and taken significantly away from Quirrell's voice, as, if I guess correctly, he would be too easily overpowered by Voldemort.

I also wanted to mention that the three poets you featured in each section were perfectly chosen - each of them having lived tragic lives and died young. I wasn't sure about Byron at first, but when you mentioned the vampiric life Quirrell was living, it made perfect sense.

Sorry for the monster-length review. There was way too much in this story I wanted to discuss about this story. It turned out amazingly and is a wonderful addition to your Freddy series. :D

Author's Response: Hi Susan!
Ah, thank you so much! You have no idea how worried I was about this piece. I don't really was a challenge to write. I'm sure reverse chronology is simple for many authors, but not for me, haha. I actually read the story through in the correct order before posting to make sure it made sense.

I'm so happy you enjoyed Quirrell's perspective. I know it's quite different from his rather whiny dialogue in "A Kind Word" and, to be honest, I was very hesitant to write him so cold and utterly evil. However, I honestly think he must have been very arrogant to accept Voldemort's "teachings". For a long, long time I perceived him as naive, easily misled and influenced, but now, after writing this one-shot, I see him as arrogant, a victim of his own, treacherous hubris. If that makes any sense, haha.

And you are quite right about him being selfish. The only reason he tries apologizes to Freddy is so that his conscience might be spared. At this stage, I think he only cares for himself.

Yeah, I don't know why I excluded Voldemort. I suppose I wanted this to be Quirrell's fic, a chance for him to explain himself and his actions without his master's influence. Though considering Voldemort was living in the back of skull, that might be impossible. ;)

Ah, the poets! You know, that wasn't planned at all. It was only after I was revising the first draft that I realized each scene had a poet. ^_^

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for the absolutely amazing review! I cherish feedback in all forms, monster-length or not.

I hope you have a terrific weekend, Susan! Take care!

Lee Anne

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