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Review #1, by Nina A Multitude of Casualties

26th June 2010:
Yay he didn't die... But poor Emma.
I hope she meets Sirius soon.
And bo at Cedric for being a jerk.

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Review #2, by abigail! A Multitude of Casualties

26th June 2010:
Awh don't be too mean to him Emma.
He loves you :(

I loved your version of this. So glad Cedric didn't die, although he was quite selfish afterwards.

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Review #3, by Nina An Attempt To Tip The Scales

20th June 2010:
They kissed!
Ohlala that was hot.
But Cedric was too cute though,
although I can't believe she lost her virginity to him :o
I'm so confused.
I hope he doesn't die.
Can't wait for more !

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Review #4, by Taylor An Attempt To Tip The Scales

20th June 2010:
She's at the graveyard isn't she? Aargh
more please!

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Review #5, by wolverine83 Temporary Insanity

12th June 2010:
I'm Team Harry all the way and hope that Emma and Harry will hopefully get together in this story largely because I cannot stand Harry/Cho stories from some reason and always root for them not to last, as evil as that sounds. Anyways, I really like this story so far and cannot wait to read more. I hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Haha
I can see what you mean
I dont like Harry/Cho stories much
I think it's because she wasn't portrayed as too nice in the stories.
Thanks for your review. It means a lot :)

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Review #6, by lola Temporary Insanity

12th June 2010:
I totally love it.
I'm team Cedric at the moment :)
more soon please

Author's Response: Glad you like it.
And I love writing Cedric.

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Review #7, by Taylor Live Together, Stand Alone

3rd June 2010:
More soon please!
im addicted and I want Harry/Emma to get together already! sheesh

Author's Response: Haha.
Thank you for your feedback! ;)

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Review #8, by jazz Live Together, Stand Alone

3rd June 2010:
Im totally in love with this story. Cant wait for some more.

Just a question... Her mums not Lily is it?

Author's Response: Thanks.
And I can safely say her mother isn't Lily :)

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Review #9, by nina Live Together, Stand Alone

2nd June 2010:
Harry/Emma - I love the idea of this pair. I'm a sucker for the whole best friends who secretly love eachother storyline. They never get old. I just hope they come to their senses soon ort I may die of suspension.
Remus/Cedric - I love the banter between these two.
"Any plans for your anniversary? Candlelit supper, trip to Hogsmeade, quick fumble in Diagon Alley, fornication?"
- totally reminds me of something my father would say to my boyfriend. It's so adorable how he's taken on the fatherly role for her and I love flustered Cedric.
All in all it's perfect. You really know how to mix comedy with the right amount of drama.

Author's Response: Oh wow. Thank you for the detailed review :)
It made my day.

I do love writing Remus. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for him.

I'm glad you like it.

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Review #10, by joey Live Together, Stand Alone

2nd June 2010:
Me thinks Emma's mum was evil
Am I right?
More please. I'm addicted.

Author's Response: You'll have to wait and see, haha.
Thank you! :)

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Review #11, by sara Live Together, Stand Alone

2nd June 2010:
Their so adorable
More soon please

Author's Response: I love writing Emma/Cedric too.

The next chapter is going through validation at the point so it should be up soon.

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Review #12, by ginnypotter Live Together, Stand Alone

2nd June 2010:
Phew I've just read all chapters and I love it.
Gutted it ended there
now im intrigued...
how did moody know her mum?

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad your enjoying it.
You'll find out in a few chapters, but that's all I'm going to say.

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Review #13, by helena7654 Prologue

2nd May 2010:
Very interesting!! I like to guess stories, so Im gonna take a stab and say that Emma is actually Remus' child with his long lost love Susan... but the blood confirmation is throwing me off! Lol. Will be looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Haha thanks :) You'll have to wait and see. The next chapter should be up soon, it just needs to get through validation.
Thanks for reading, it means a lot :)

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Review #14, by Chantii Prologue

29th April 2010:
I love it keep going!

Author's Response: Thank you :)
The second chapter should be up soon.

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Review #15, by Hermione Granger 1981 Prologue

29th April 2010:
I love the Prologue and can' t wait to see what happen in the first chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review x

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Review #16, by seriously_lovin_sirius Prologue

26th April 2010:
huh...Seems interesting enough. Good start to what I'm sure will be an interesting story. Question, though, who's the girl in the beginning that Remus hugs? I'll definitely continue reading this FF. Please keep updating!

Author's Response: The girl in the beginning isn't hugging Remus. It's a couple meeting at the train station. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough... Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated :)

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Review #17, by Pamela Prologue

26th April 2010:
This is a very intriguing beginning. I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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